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  1. I am most likely to pee "in" something, like for instance into a bush/row of bushes or sometimes into a hole in a tree trunk. Peeing between two trees almost touching one another is also kind of "in something", although depending on how small the trees are, sometimes the stream would go straight through the gap into the open air on the other side--in those instances I'd tend to aim to hit one of the trees so as to have the stream flow to the ground. Peeing between slats of a bridge/fence is sort of similar. This gives good cover and also tends to avoid splashing and contain the mess. If I
  2. Would that make it an "openet"??
  3. I first heard about this a long time ago, and already thought it seemed like a silly idea. What looks weirder--to walk behind a tree or over to a fence, or to stand there in one place holding a golf club for a 20 or 30 seconds without swinging it and with a piece of cloth draped over it?
  4. After I posted in this thread, it prompted me to notice more clearly what I do when sitting down (which is usually either when also going #2 or during the night/soon after getting up). I don't always touch/hold my penis at all when doing so, but when I do hold it to help aim it down, I tend to give it the slightest tug which gently holds the foreskin back a tad. It's so much of a habit I don't even know I'm doing it, but I think I picked it up because it feels a bit "neater" and cleaner. The amount of pulling back, though, in that situation is less than when I'm standing, and even that is at t
  5. I do, unless I'm sitting down--with the rare exception of when I notice it's already slid back enough when I'm taking it out of my pants. I don't necessarily pull it back anywhere near as far as it possibly can go, however--it just needs to be away from the opening so I don't make a mess.
  6. Carb0nBased


    Thanks for sharing!
  7. It's not so much a forum as a site to post polls for people to vote in. There are sections about all kinds of topics , most of them not being sexual in any way (like food, hobbies, music, etc), but I bet the sexual ones get as many views as all the others combined lol. There are quite a few about things like "Where have you peed besides a toilet", "How do you pee", "Has anyone seen you pee", etc. Some of them get rather detailed in the questions they ask. While most of the questions are multiple choice, there are people who then discuss the polls and share experiences beyond what the questions
  8. I found it interesting to read that your discharge/natural wetness tends to get your vaginal area wetter most of the time than peeing does. From the way you wrote it, it sounds as if this happens not just when you're super turned on or just recently finished with sexual activity, but in general. I wouldn't have thought there were many women who produce enough wetness on a typical day that they need to wipe with extra toilet paper.
  9. I guess it depends on what is on the other side of the fence. I personally wouldn't pee through a fence unless there were less of a reason for people to be on the other side, or less of a need to protect what is on the other side from getting peed on. Like if it's the fence around a soccer field, and there are just woods on the other side, it's more likely that other people will be playing on the field and find it gross if it smells like pee, or if they know people pee there, than that anyone would care about the woods being peed on. Also, I am more likely to be at a soccer field if I'm there
  10. I'd say that "being in the right place at the right time" as you put it is your best bet in a place like that. It's not that there wouldn't be outdoor peeing going on in such a city--I used to go to bars with friends (all guys) in a town with about one-tenth the population of this city and they regularly peed outside, anywhere from parks to store parking lots, though they were also of the type that would also walk around to buy drinks at liquor stores before/after going to the bar. It's just that the "action" is likely to be very spread out. Since all the bars are within a small distance
  11. That's interesting about viewing even fancy cars as dirty, that definitely sounds like a cultural thing. Maybe it's the same in regards to the exterior walls of buildings, even if they are especially fancy buildings or contain a very upscale business. I could totally see wiping pee off interior surfaces in one's own home (easily cleaned surfaces, not absorbent ones like a rug or upholstery) without making a fuss, especially if the pee is rather dilute. It's sterile and only really gets unsanitary when it sits for a while. I could see that "frat boy pee", and pee left in downtown alleys at nigh
  12. Wow, she sounds like she doesn't care at all about making a mess anywhere. Most people would have at least some sense of decency and go in an out of the way corner or in some bushes.
  13. I don't get the top one. "You are" what?
  14. By "elongated" seats, do you mean the ones, commonly found in public bathrooms, that don't completely surround the hole, but have a "gap" in the front? They do look longer because the edges keep going forward in the front rather than curving inward. I've long wondered what the advantage is of that type of seat, given that it seems it would only make it more likely for people (mainly men, but also some especially forward-peeing women) to pee on the floor and make a mess. A bit of seat is much easier to clean than the floor. Maybe the idea is that then pee cannot splash off the front, that is al
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