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  1. It's interesting that even though you were so overfull it still trickled a lot of the time, rather than being a continuous hard flow for a minute and a half or something. For me when I'm full, if I let go and don't hold it in, it all comes out in one "go".
  2. In an already filthy place with lots of trash around I wouldn't want to touch a tissue though, and would probably find even a pee puddle a bit gross. It's always nice when there's pee in a spot that's otherwise nice and fresh.
  3. The mention of dogging makes me think of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u4hAxi5b6o . I forget what forum I was on where someone linked to that, but it's a funny video...
  4. I just looked at some videos of those--I'm surprised how instant the color change is. I thought they would slowly change color over 5-10 seconds or so. Seeing as the ads say they change color because of temperature, I wonder if pee wouldn't work as well--as it leaves the body at body temperature. It cools off out in the air, but the color change due to that might not be as dramatic.
  5. Did he show any interest in you peeing? Did you want him to? As far as your question at the end--in terms of "what would make the world a better place" I'd prefer if people didn't leave dirty tissues strewn around in the bushes, whether used for peeing or for any other purpose. Littering ruins the beauty of a place really fast. On the other hand, if I find a possible pee puddle while walking out in the bushes, it's always exciting to find a tissue next to it, as first it confirms that it almost certainly IS a (human) pee puddle (and not a spilled drink, a puddle left from last week's rain
  6. As many adults pee in the shower, I don't disagree that a decent number of adults still pee in the bathtub as well (though certainly fewer, as in the shower everything washes away while in the bath you continue to sit in the same water). What I meant was the idea of aiming upward and trying to make a big fountain. I don't think many adults make a game out of peeing--most of them probably don't even think about the act OR the sensations of it much more than they think about drinking a glass of water or tying their shoes, except to the extent of noticing when they are away from a toilet an
  7. It's interesting that we both remember this rather specific and unusual video. Maybe we were reading the same forum post where it was mentioned. I tried searching the web if there were any references to it, and didn't find any mention of that video, but I did find this video about a robotics lab that has built robots that run on pee (not from the force of it flowing, but based on bacteria generating energy when they break down the waste): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYYkKygU_XY. In the video it mentions them using synthetic urine to test them, but I wonder if anyone in the lab ever ha
  8. Sounds like a nice way to let out all the tension from the stresses and demands of the day! I'm guessing most people who take baths haven't done that since maybe when they were kids...
  9. Back many years ago when this Sarah McLachlan song was popular, I thought it would be funny to take the part of the first verse where she says "I'll try to hold it in" and rewrite the part around it to be about peeing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDmPcSWE0WU. The tone of her singing is even a bit like moaning in desperation so it would work. It might be fun to listen to while actually desperate to pee and hold with her haha...
  10. Someone way long ago on an old board (I don't even remember which now) posted a link to an Asian video called something like "pee power" that was exactly like this, i.e. ladies peed down a marble run-type ramp that turned wheels and powered small gizmos. What's funny about it is that somehow I associate that video in my mind with another Japanese show often involving things going down ramps, called Pitagora Suicchi (Pythagoras' Switch). The latter, as far as I know, is intended primarily as educational entertainment for kids, so I can't believe the two actually have anything to do with each ot
  11. Yes, at the age these are intended for, the unfortunate thought if anything would be much more likely "I don't want to hurt the poor cute elephant by peeing in its nose!" than anything naughty.
  12. There are definitely some of these "travel pee bottles" that are intended for people of any age to use, provided the container is large enough to hold a bladder's worth. Of course the ones intended for all ages don't look so silly.
  13. What, meeting up with people from here is against the site rules?
  14. Sounds like a great place to live, was there a sorority house just across the block or something?
  15. Something like these (more like the second one) has been tried at least once--there once (I don't know if you can still get one somewhere...) was something called the Stadium Pal, made for guys who didn't want to have to leave their seats in the middle of a game to wait in line for a restroom. It had a condom-type attachment that led through a tube to a leg bag. At one point they even offered a female version called the Stadium Gal, I'm not sure how that one was held against the body. From what I heard people say, the Stadium Pal had definite drawbacks, namely that in order for the condom
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