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  1. I had to look up those waterfalls. The area around there reminds me very much of the kinds of places I used to hike when I was studying in North Carolina. I must say, I found waterfalls I saw in that area almost invariably disappointing compared to what can be found in other parts of the country (though I never visited Asheville, apparently there are some rather epic ones up there)--but I didn't have a hiking pee buddy with me to create her own beautiful waterfall along the way. That might have changed things a bit ;-).
  2. How I wish I was one of your friends LOL! 😀
  3. So much beautiful variety in this thread...
  4. I like your stories, unlike some of the more fanciful ones here I have no problem believing them. I hope you and your friends get up to many more adventures!
  5. Peesearch used to have audio recordings, and there was one member in particular, I think it was "The Wee Watcher" but I could be confusing two members, who frequently recorded friends in his bathroom in exactly the way you're describing. I haven't seen any here, I don't think there's a section for them the way there is for pictures and audio (there was over at PS). I imagine some of the female members here like making these kind of recordings and might be interested in sharing, the question is where they would put them. Since this site doesn't seem to host sound clips, people would need to upl
  6. I never have enough residual pee to soak through both my underwear and my pants and create a dark spot visible from the outside.
  7. It depends partly on what you eventually want to get to, but even more on where you are now. Does she let you be in the bathroom ever while she pees? Does she ever leave the door open when it's just the two of you around? Do YOU ever leave the door open when YOU are peeing, when it's only the two of you around, as does she not seem bothered by that? Is she open with you, verbally, telling stories about times she was out places and desperate to pee? You probably first want to get there with her, and only after that try to bring it into the bedroom, so to speak. It doesn't mean you need to
  8. Welcome Hayley to this fun and friendly site!
  9. I doubt this fact is unique to Norwegian athletes, even if the study was conducted in Norway. And though weightlifters in general seem to have the most odd-looking, sometimes even bordering on grotesque, bodies among female athletes, Tine is really cute and it's fun to imagine her peeing during training. And it happens to gymnasts too as the study shows. As I recall, there was once a viral pic of a gymnast leaking some years ago that was posted either here or on Peesearch.
  10. I'll start with a TL;DR in case anyone does remember, but doesn't want to take the time to read this whole post: Does anyone remember a really old, primitive forum dedicated to sharing found sexy pictures from elsewhere on the web, where peeing pictures were nicknamed "Kuffours"? I was listening to a podcast where someone was talking about some terms that originated on Usenet back when it was popular. There are lots of them--I believe that "TL;DR" itself is one, and things such as RTFM, the whole "Leet/1337" thing, etc. It got me thinking about when I used to occasionally go on Usenet, ba
  11. It had been going downhill for a long time. In fact it already was when I first found this site, and within a few months I had basically switched over. Contrary to what wettingman said, I thought it had plenty of stories in the late 2000s through the 2010s, though I'm not nearly as interested in wetting stories as in regular peeing stories ("regular" as in "unobstructed by clothes", not necessarily in ordinary locations), and more in true and/or realistic stories than in fictional ones that strain plausibility. It also had a section for members' own videos that, while less active than the stor
  12. Not to totally derail this thread, but when reading the title, I imagined a version of "Genie In A Bottle" by Christina Aguilera but where instead of "I'm a genie in a bottle..." she sings "I am peeing in a bottle..." lol. Maybe the rest of it is "If you wanna game with me, and I've been holding all day, I am peeing in a bottle, you gotta hold it the right way".
  13. Yes, the lack of humanity shown here is appalling!
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