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  1. It seems like there's some honesty about bodily needs that comes from working a job where you're often caught places without a toilet.
  2. Uh oh, sounds like Will is in the dog house! I guess he better learn to start peeing while lifting a leg... 😆
  3. That's interesting. Coupled with the fact that the more primitive squat "toilets" in Asia are a trench that people line up along, each facing the back/butt of the person in front of them, I wonder whether this implies that men and women regularly watched each other pee (and do the other function as well) in bathrooms. Or did unisex only start being the norm when stalls with individual squat fixtures became introduced?
  4. One of the difficult parts for those who squat has to be to find a foothold that can support your feet while you squat, yet that you don't depend on to not get slippery after you get it wet with your pee.
  5. All of my pants have flies, but some of my underwear doesn't. If I wore pants that didn't have a fly I'd do the same thing I do with the underwear, namely push the top down just enough for my dick to go over the top and still be able to point down at the toilet/urinal.
  6. It's great that you were able to start a conversation.
  7. Yeah that's definitely something I have enjoyed about living in my own apartment by myself--I can just try almost anything anytime without worrying that someone else might notice and find it weird. Want to stand in the bathtub in full clothing and drench it--I can go right ahead, when I feel I have a lot of pee in me, without wondering whether leaving my wet clothes on the floor will make it smell so a roommate (or family member, if living with them) will notice. The idea about putting towels down on the furniture is a good one. Maybe even put some plastic under the towel--though maybe th
  8. I only get a split stream if a loose hair manages to cling to the tip right across the opening.
  9. Well, that probably literally IS pee lol!
  10. I would explain it like this... being naked with a partner is sexual in part because we normally cover certain parts of our bodies with clothes, so having them uncovered is rare and exciting. In the rather unlikely chance your partner is a nudist and this doesn't ring true to them, you could say that touching someone's pelvic area or breasts is sexually exciting in part because we don't normally touch those parts of a random person's body--as far as I'm aware even nudists have boundaries around touch. So then it's not so much or a stretch that peeing, another activity that is commonly hidden (
  11. I don't have relationship experience, well not more than a month and a half or so. I do also have just a few experiences with friends I was close enough to to get naked and even pee together. So people with more experience can surely provide better answers. However, it's likely that the answer depends on whether the fetish is specifically for naughty peeing or pee sex, or for peeing in general (watching, being watched, etc.). In the former case, just peeing together in the bathroom is unlikely to be particularly sexy in any case. For people who like peeing in general, peeing itself is inh
  12. I actually haven't seen too many of those stories from him. In fact in the past year the only other one I can find is from a frat party. Frat parties are the sort of place things like this happen. What I do see are a quite a few discussions of babysitters' attitudes toward peeing in Europe, Asian vs. Western attitudes toward peeing (his wife is Asian), and just general sightings from when he was younger. I'm sure he will answer your question for the times it DID happen like that--but what I see is someone who fits in enough at parties that party girls feel comfortable around him. I've alw
  13. Ellegant lines... Yeah, the subtle shape of the fabric on your body is beautiful, and it's nice to be able to see exactly how the pee ran down...
  14. I must be one of a rare breed of guys who doesn't think blow jobs are a big deal. Like, if I just want to get off I can do that myself. I'd much rather touch and explore a woman's body, in ways I can only do with a woman I'm close to, than lie there with my dick in her mouth.
  15. Hi cute wetter, welcome to the forum!
  16. Hi Eazy. You might want to post in the "Introductions" section, that way more people will realize you're here. I'll second the fact that a better way to get started talking to people is to respond to threads that other people have started that you have thoughts on or can relate to. Then once you have posted a few responses in those threads, you can maybe start your own threads about experiences you've had or questions you've always wanted the answer to. People here are generally not too bashful about sharing their experiences "publicly" (of course under the anonymity this forum provides),
  17. If you stand to use them, It's probably more hygienic than sitting on a toilet seat, particularly in a messy restroom. For that you could use one of those urination devices ("pee funnels"), or you can spread your labia and aim with your hands. There are guides online for women to learn to pee standing. Our member "Eliminature" has very much perfected this technique. If you squat in front of the ones that go down to the floor, it's the same as squatting to pee outside. And it sounds like the position Vanessa was describing is like the high hover some women do when they don't want to sit on
  18. What do you mean by "bowl type"? Do you mean like the ones I linked from Karavan and Tegel Airport?
  19. Yeah Vanessa already said that. All urinals can be used by some women using some stance or another. My point was that there seem to be relatively few urinals that can be used the way that Vanessa said she used the one in the pub (back to the wall, sitting on the rim). For that, the bottom has to stick quite a ways out from the wall, unless you're a super skinny girl and even then you probably need a downward or even backward stream.
  20. I don't think that gldenwetgoose's comment was directed mainly at you.
  21. So another experience from the same group: I also met a woman through this group, who I later went hiking with several times just the two of us. She was a young to middle aged Asian woman, very easy to talk with but introverted and sensitive. We met on the very first hike I was ever on with that group, and coincidentally one of the first things I saw her do (before she and I had even begun chatting) was walk back along the trail with some other women to the parking lot where they had gone to pee before the rest of us arrived. I didn't at the time know if she was interested in me as just a
  22. Pretty much anything unnatural-seeming. Taking a top off to pee, rubbing herself (anywhere!) before peeing, in most cases spreading labia (except to direct the stream when standing, or to show a close up of the anatomy for a video that focuses on that), excessive moaning particularly when obviously NOT desperate, etc. Pee drinking is also kind of a turn-off in videos of strangers, though I imagine in real life with someone I actually know it COULD be a turn ON. I actually like toilet pees a lot, they're one of my favorite types because they're so natural. But I also like nature pees, bed
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