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  1. If you plan to visit the Roskilde festival be sure to buy tickets well in advance - the festival is always sold out.
  2. Vanessa, I will be happy to have a pee together with you at the Orange stage urinals in 2024 - maybe you can help me put up the "unisex urinal room" signs?
  3. At the Roskilde Festival in June 2023 it was easy to observe hundreds of girls peeing. Many of them urinated openly without taking care to cover themselves while others tried to find something to hide behind. Quite often I could have a glimpse of their pussies. I was only in the festival area itself and didn't make any trips to the giant camping area where there must also have been a lot of peeing but I am completely satisfied with the range I was able to take part in. I used to believe that most young girls nowadays shave their pussies, but judging by the 50 to 100 pussies I saw over the
  4. About 100,000 people visit the Roskilde Festival every year. Half of them are girls and most of the visitors drink a lot of beer. In front of the largest outdoor stage "the Orange Stage", several tens of thousands of people gather when a band plays there. There are quite a few toilets but since many are in need to pee, a lot of interesting things happen before, during and after each artist's performance. Right before and after the concerts, there are always too few toilets. The queues quickly become long and people therefore instead pee somewhere near the toilets; near some bushes, a
  5. The Roskilde Festival is the best place I've found (so far) where you can always be sure that there are a lot of people peeing in the open - both boys and girls. Danish boys and girls seem to find it natural to pee outdoors without necessarily covering themselves. The Roskilde Festival is a large music festival that lasts a week (concerts over four days) and is held in June every year. I've been there five or six times and I've been just as happy every year. Every year you hope that the weather will be good because a lot of rain is not conducive to those of us who appreciate the open peeing.
  6. I would recommend you to visit the big Roskilde festival in Denmark. Everybody's peeing everywhere there - guys and girls! And nobody cares...
  7. Which festivals have you visited and did you pee outside when you were there?
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