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  1. O What would that relationship be like for you?
  2. if someone approached you at the nude beach to ask for directions and started pissing during the explanation, would you mind?
  3. in my opinion it makes no sense to have to hide to pee when you are naked
  4. He could just crouch down next to you to explain about a plant and just pee during the explanation and no one would care.
  5. Tell your experiences. Situation where people just didn't care about pee
  6. it is always important for a pee exhibitionist that others can see all the details. It would be very interesting if he crouched down and looked very closely
  7. I don't know if you would come closer to feel the water getting hot. But you would normally talk to him even realizing the detail
  8. what would you think or react to if while talking to a man at the pool he was peeing?
  9. Othe contents of nonchalant pee without really small I would say that it is an underexplored market
  10. if your friends accepted you getting wet in front of them
  11. You can't miss the movie it simply should be normalized
  12. Imagine the waiter comes to your table and he starts pissing while taking your order and you are completely indifferent about it.
  13. did your friends have a reaction? Or were they just indifferent about it?
  14. an outdoor meeting would be interesting where everyone could pee without caring
  15. I already did while walking around the house
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