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  1. (1) Naked (2) Must be some swimming pool, and equally some beach area (3) Some lookout point in a nearby tourist area I guess (4) shot glass (5) rahter not (6) can't really tell
  2. I would highly appreciate an experience report somewhere around the forum 😉
  3. @Wetling I understand why the thought of being incontinent / having accidents discomforts you. On the other hand, some will like the thrill - "Will I be fine this time?" Some will like to play around with the necessary precautions, like diapers. In the end, it's also fascinating to wake up and have pissed the bed without noticing previously. So basically, I get both sides here!
  4. sounds... artistic... anyways, @lildick1023 😄
  5. How did that happen?
  6. How did you do that? Were you driving yourself or was it somebody else and you were in the passenger seat?
  7. I pee in the shower about every time I take a shower. Sometimes, I like to mess around with my pee, e.g. pee on myself while the water still isn't running, then showering afterwards, or seeing how high a fountain of my piss can go when I aim straight up. Most of the time, I just empty my bladder on the shower floor or walls, though, without any fuss about it
  8. I don't want to differentiate between places within my flat, so I think this is gonna be my answer: The most lazy way I pee is just letting loose where I am, wearing (or not wearing) what I do...
  9. Same for me. From a rational perspective, it might be dumb, but you know... people aren't always rational, and I am neither.
  10. 32 years already... might as well attempt to bump it up to the half century, right?
  11. I am too picky about my car to pee in it. It's one of the few places I hesitate to pee in. So I mostly stop and pee at the side of the road, a parking lot, a public toilet (which, in case of the highway, mainly means the floor beside it...)...
  12. The less she wears, the happier she looks
  13. @pop-a-squat Thank you so much for all your stories, pics and vids. You rule!
  14. Many houses in my area have dirt basement floors. The only uncomfortable thing to piss there is that the ceiling height is just below 1.5 meters, so you have to crouch to where you wanna pee
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