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  1. I was just working at my desk in my home office when I felt the urge to pee. Wearing only boxer briefs, I decided to wet my pants. Some time after that, I was putting laundry into the washing machine. Since needed to pee again, I let go into the laundry basket. I also threw my pissy boxers into the washing machine, after I had worn it for more than an hour after wetting it
  2. As I said, I pee almost everywhere, so usually no need to change places. But yes, since it is so easy to piss anywhere, I am always well hydrated when I go swimming
  3. in the pool? regularily on a lounger? (padded beach lounger) probably also yes, unless we don't have these at my local pool on a lawn in a outdoor pool? yes next to the pool? (with concrete or plate floor) yes on the slide did that at least sometimes before on the ladder for the slide? only when there is noone climbing up behind me, but yes on a staircase to the slide? yes in the restaurant/snack bar? this is in the tiled area and meant to be used in your swimwear at my local pool, so... can you guess? of course I pis
  4. very cool, I use to do that, too. During the summer I am naked most of the time, so this is easy. Are you gaming naked, too, @ABBYPEEGODDESS ?
  5. Great to have you back online here @NaughtyLena! And very cool stories 🙂
  6. Not too spectacular... in the shower while showering
  7. 4 or 5 nights I think. Maybe I will just get one up on my record soon, just to be sure ^^
  8. My further pees today were in another laundry basket, on my balcony and into the shower while showering. I think I will have to go once more when going to bed, which could be into the sink, on the floor or something like this. Probably not gonna pee my bed today since I just washed the sheets. I guess I will stop handling it so gently by tomorrow, then 😉
  9. I just got up and did my morning pee in a laundry basket
  10. How did you get into that conversation with the mentioned lady?
  11. looking forward to your stories, once you find the time!
  12. My most recent place was while showering
  13. I feel sorry for your health issues @GenericUsername. Hoping the best for you! Also, enjoy your "you" time during having the house to yourself! What do you plan in detail?
  14. I prefer cotton boxer briefs for wetting, when it comes to underwear
  15. I would love if any of my neighbors were open enough. Not particularily because I want to spy on them, but I love seeing people being at ease with their body and nature. I have a neighbor who, during the summer, lies on a deck chair and sits in a pool a lot with a short bikini on, but haven't seen them do it in the nude yet
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