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  1. Seems like you have a good stock for a single delivery @chubbylittleseal 😉 are there any other diaper types with a larger capacity you could try?
  2. Do you ever wet the bed (by accident / on purpose)?
  3. I'm sorry if it sounded like I was talking you into something @peecurious94 . Not intended! I just wanted to give my point of view 🙂
  4. Hello everyone! I was wondering how you go about your bathroom door when peeing (at least the ones of you who happen to pee somewhere in the bathroom 😜). When I was a kid, my family had a strict closed-door policy. Anyways, as soon as I moved out, I stopped caring about whether the door is open or closed, given that I live alone. How do you deal with the bathroom door when pissing (- where in the bathroom do you piss, then?)? Do you live alone or share your home with family/roomies/...? Do you behave differently if you have guests over?
  5. on the other hand, on holiday, chances are nobody knows you anyways. so who cares?
  6. If you are a smoker, and they allow you to smoke in the Air BnB, this might also cover up some smells
  7. I am a bit ambiguous about peeing in my car. I would love to, in general, but I do not like getting my car interiour dirty... My car means more to me than for example the furniture in my appartment
  8. I have no problems with peeing in front of my friends, regardless of their gender. If anybody is not cool with peeing in my sight or seeing me peeing, I respect that, though.
  9. Interesting, I didn't know anybody wearing football shorts as underwear. Thank you for sharing with us 🙂
  10. What keeps you from starting to tick some of the easier ones? 😉
  11. I didn't know about htese @Alfresco . Interesting!
  12. There was one day during my holidays about 5 years ago, when I still lived with my parents, but they were gone for a long weekend. I wore the same boxers for about a day, so about 18 hours, rewetting them over and over
  13. Why don't you go commando in our world, then? @GenericUsername
  14. Sorry, not a native speaker of British, American or any kind of English 😉 these are the small errors I still make. Glad you know what I meant
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