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  1. For me, peeing in the toilet always feels like a missed chance to do something more creative
  2. That all depends on how smelly your room can become. I can leave it there for a while, since nobody is judging
  3. Now that it's warm, I am almost constantly naked at home. I live alone. This goes to a level where wearing clothes, especially when hanging around at home, feels obstructing and unpleasant to me
  4. I don't own any sex toys, but I like the idea!
  5. So we can say that basically, it's all Santa's fault, can't we? 😄
  6. Yes, you should go ahead and just give it a try. You will notice if it is likeable after a few times, or if it's just not for you
  7. Yes, I can sleep with a pretty full bladder. I just usually... don't. 😉 I wake up when I finally need to empty my bladder, although I made serveral attempts on sleeping through the night and waking up in a wet bed. Some of them are documented in some threads here. If I get your third question right: The number of pees from a full bladder is very inconstant for me. I mean, I can release it all at once, or release it in multiple portions...
  8. @NaughtyLena Do you remember what you wore during your challenge weekend? So did you pull down your bottom half clothes / pee naked? Or did your clothes also catch some of the pee that didn't actually go into the mattress?
  9. I want to get a new matress protector soon. Maybe you have some advice for me. So to those who pee in a protected bed: What protector do you use and are you happy with it?
  10. Yes, public wetting is one of the things that would take the most getting used to. About the bed wetting: I love doing it tucked into the covers, but I also like it "in the open". That's not much of a difference to me
  11. Agreed, and I lost this self control by now to some extent. Not that I could not stay dry throughout the night, but when I notice I need to pee, I semi-automatically choose not to
  12. Over the day, I peed into the sink multiple times, along with my bed and wetting my boxers. Now, I am gaming and I have a bucket under the desk which is already filled with some piss, which will be added to throughout the evening
  13. I don't have a special kind of pee sheets, but I have a matress protector underneath. Gonna change that for a more effective one soon, though
  14. I have indeed, but I am not convinced. Especially when you intend to hide your towel diapers in your pants, a real diaper works better, since it holds more fluid at a certain thickness of the diaper. With my bladder volume, I always overflow towel diapers
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