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  1. As a female lorry driver (well sometime) i can assure you that most of us will pee in public too but their not many off us, some days i will make 6-8 layby stops
  2. Most day , prob easier to count the pee’s in toilet ! last one was between the cab and truck at the yard before leaving for the night
  3. Is that not what the corner of the car park miles away from the attachly build for ? lost track the no of times I have done that 🙂
  4. I always take the dog for a pee first and have one myself while Im their kills two birds with one stone then 🙂 and avoids going into the service too
  5. Thank you so much for sharing looking forward to more from the trip
  6. Sounds like a great idea and one i def would be up to using
  7. I never do a just in case wee before leaving the house however will always do a just in case wee at the last layby before leaving the motorway
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