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  1. Agreed.. nothing better than when a vagina finishes up peeing and there are droplets of pee falling from the piss-wet strands of pussy hair stuck together.. the best
  2. So one thing I’ve been wondering more and more about is in regards to older female family members and/or relatives peeing in front or young boys in their families, whether it be a son, nephew, or even a younger cousin. in my personal experience, both my mother and my aunt would pee on the toilet in front of me regularly growing up. This lasted into my prepubescent years, and so I am certain these memories played a role in the development of my fetish today. However, I’ve never had the opportunity to ask around and see if this was the norm for other mothers and aunts with their sons and
  3. No it’s just an expression for any woman peeing really.. what do you think about all that though?
  4. When it came to opposite sex bathroom use, both my mother and my aunt (her sister) would pop a squat right in my plain site on a regular basis. This lasted from the time I was walking all the way up until preteen/prepubescent ages. There clearly wasn’t much thought put into it from their ends. To them it was no different from me seeing them wash their hands or brush their teeth. The biggest difference between the two of them was the fact that my mother always kept herself well concealed when she was peeing by leaning forward and tightly keeping her legs together. My aunt on the other hand
  5. Dude I’m right there with you.. haven’t seen many others who’ve mentioned it which is a little surprising but I think it’s the best.. it’s sexy and tranquil.. what do you think made you like this sound? do you know?
  6. Oh you better believe it lol it’s worth every penny and more lol
  7. Yes this is exactly my problem especially at country music concerts during the outdoor tailgates.. I try not too every time, but when the venues have enough wooded area’s surrounding the parking lots I’ll ditch the tailgate and spend the whole time in the woods where I’ll catch multiple glimpses of heaven.. well worth all the great sightings though
  8. Yes I got to do this not too long ago for the first time.. leading up to it, I sat there with my face right up to her vagina the whole time she was peeing in the toilet.. I also put my fingers and tongue under her stream. When I wiped her vagina she told me it “tickled”.. It was pretty cool moment to say the least..
  9. I’ve had my fair share of time in the ladies’ bathrooms. I’ll be happy to share my stories in detail to anyone interested through my personal messenger. In the meantime I will share one here, which happens to be my first time doing this. I was in a hotel and was bored and had time to kill, and clearly must’ve been feeling kinda horny. I went to the lobby and sat down somewhere I was facing the corridor to the bathrooms. After a few minutes without seeing any women walking in or out, I was sure enough the ladies room was vacant, so I walked straight in and went right into a stall. There w
  10. That is flippin unbelievable!! You must’ve been pretty hidden for her to be that close to you while facing you and not even see you!.. how old were you at the time?
  11. Hi all! I’ve made a few recent posts but I’ll finally let it all out.. I’ve been into watching girls pee and all things related from a young age.. my theory is that the curiosity and interest started from watching my mother pee in front of me during all my young years, which evolved into a way bigger thing clearly.. It’s taboo but it is what it is.. so that being said, my favorite thing about peeing is seeing women on the toilet.. many aspects of it turn me on.. like the sounds of tinkle and hissing, seeing pee coming out of the vagina and hitting the water, and most specially the wipe a
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