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  1. I am a female bodied person, but had a male coworker I’d piss with a lot at an old job. We would sneak out back on cigarettes breaks and pee next to the building, the parking lot or the shed. When no one else was there we would piss in rooms of the building. On carpet usually. I watched him hose down an office corner one night, soaking the floor and wall.
  2. I like peeing on the roots of an old tree peaking out of the ground. I like to squat over them and go for a piss.
  3. Do you prefer to hide behind a bush to pee, or water the trunk of a tree?
  4. I haven’t, but I’d love to. I’d pee on ants or any bug crawling outside.
  5. Went pee in a hotel room, moved the chair and pissed and moved it back.
  6. I went to an outdoor wedding recently and the reception was in the back of this large park. There was a pavilion overhead but people wandered around a lot. The bathrooms were a bit of a walk. I would resort to finding somewhere there weren’t a lot of people and squatting. I went two or three times that night. Behind a car, behind a bush and off the edge of a bench. I had one indoor wedding experience pee. It was at a hotel, and on my way up to my room I took the stairs and squatted on the first floor behind the stairs. I pissed all over the cement. Another outdoor pee was a
  7. I think mine is really cute when it’s trimmed. I like it hairy too, but I love pussies that are chubby with big clits
  8. I was smoking a cigarette in my car late at night and needed to piss. I had a robe and underwear on, I pulled the underwear down and moved the robe and pissed into the cloth seat and let it spill over the edge
  9. I prefer peeing beside the bed. If I need to pee while in bed and don’t wanna go far I’ll take my pants off and pee off the edge of the bed. But that being said if I’m reaaaally lazy and have an extra blanket heavy I’ll bunch it up under my pussy and pee into the blanket
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