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    Long Island NU
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    360lb. Loved by chubby chasers.. been into pee fun since my teens but have mostly watched it In porn. I had a few experiences when younger that got me interested but I have only done pee play a handful of times and not for many yeard.

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    Watching the facial expressions of women when they pee on camera or in person. The real thing is hot and can't be faked by a stripper.or porn star.
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    My first
    Watching a peep show model piss for me in a 1on1 booth at Times Square when I was 18. I still get off to that memory to this day.

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  1. Finding out someone I know has an OF account. Then signing up anonymously and tipping them to pee on cam in a private show.
  2. There us a couple I hook up with male and female. Hubby is into watching her do stuff with me or any guy. Eventually he joins in. We. Had discussed having her drink my piss on a future visit but I was sick and by the time I was able to they moved. They may cone back to visit family. Although I've pissed on others I never did it in the mouth. I want to. My biggest turn on is watching someone master bare either in person or on cam
  3. When you drank from his erect penis was there any spillage ? I would have watched you masturbate instead of going back to sleep. Did he ever drink your urine or at.least let you piss on him ?
  4. A previous girlfriend told me when she was younger she was a girlscout. They were having a trip which included hiking. The leader had to show the girls how to pee outside. She had tights on and then panties and then jeans. This allowed her to demonstrate while still now showing and pussy. Although most of the girls already knew from their mothers they did the demonstration anyway just in case one didn't know.
  5. Did this ever lead to other Sexual situations with either the girls or guys? When the girls peed did they ever get Undressed or waa it always a pants down squat?
  6. Wow great memories. My friends would never admitted to maturating, even in private. We had girls whi stripped for us and us feel and finger them but peeing was never mentioned.
  7. Change the password box so the user can see what their typing if they cheese. Usually an EYE symbol allows it.
  8. 35 years of marriage and not once have either one of us seen the other pee. That was my request when we first moved in together. I believe somethings should be private. Peeing as a function turns me off but peeing in sexual situations I find hot.
  9. I love the smell of piss in the morning. Smells like fun.
  10. I just started with flingster this week. Someone here recommended it. So far no pee play. Are you into being watched on cam or being a voyeur?
  11. Did I read that right ? You master acted with guys and girls?
  12. Moore007 Please tell us more about your friend. How did you perking him and pee play happen? Who asked who first? I've never done a dick to dick pee. It's sound incredible
  13. Hot story.. I just mistreated while reading it.
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