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  1. WRT to the OP & all Politeness & desperation are kinda at odds with each other, add in a bit of audacity, so ye'h I agree with other comments, Esp Emilaze and some... A bit of audacity has risks & rewards When you have to do what you have to do???
  2. I rather like both, from slick smooth, to dense jungle. Yes the public advertising thing has taken up an interest, what with body hair and all sorts of stuff to spray, anoint, apply, smear Etc... They spent Millions of £$ etc on promotion to make y'all feel ? I would advocate... Do what is good for you! If it feels and looks good for you, then go for it. Sort of a self trust - confidence thing. Sooooo Best be a first class original personal self, rather than a 3rd class look alike. Ignore media & advertising thing Just my...?? Euro xx
  3. Well, ... I have a few nom de plumes... and feathers are quite pleasing used with skill. I guess a few fun pseudonyms may include, ,, F. Christmas, Miss Ann Thrope, Sir Loin, Miss Demeanour, Richard Head, Mike Hunt ( a lost person?) ... etc Guess we all do the anonymity thing, perhaps with humour, or not . A bit of word play is fun. pseudonyms are comfortable in a stressful world My own pen name here is Euro, stating the obvious, bit fun- play, bit anonamo mouse.... Doh... Lost the plot... xx 🙂...
  4. This thread got me wondering if any "famous person/celebrities" are already using this site and in a loose way, we are being friendly with them, but not knowing?
  5. I have just enjoyed one of the most zany movies on BBC 2 UK . Saw it a couple of years back, but enjoyed even more again... !! ... 🙂 Wild artistic allusions to American Gothic picture by Grant Wood 'effin wonderful !!... Its one of those films-movies that is timeless & brilliant Sexy, crazy, bizarre, curious, generally a must experience Well worth a Very good look ... Enjoy if you have not seen it, or really enjoy again if you have BBC IPlayer link... https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m001mwmc/the-rocky-horror-picture-show xx Euro
  6. Refresh for the lovers of elegant lingerie with a nice bulge.... 🙂 I love generous ladies... And also a nice handful of guy bits in sexy lace
  7. I have never had a partner who was "Really! " into the pee thing, some indulgence, but,,,,so the pee during sex thing has not ever happened for me. I have had lots of masturbatory pee fun at times ... 🙂 Edging, , , , interspersed with pee squirts is bloody good !!! Sort of a mixture of pee and pre cum, sort of drools and squirts. Has an exciting taste and aroma which I find highly sexy in a self masturbatory way.
  8. I too have no clue why I like the pee thing.. 🙂 I also just do. It's just a thing I believe I have had for as long as I can remember. Interestingly .... My partners (luckily) past and present have accepted my kink as being a thing that I'm into, but have not found it abhorrent.. Mostly have been happy to indulge me, even if they are not into it themselves. My heart goes out to those who have a partner that they love and care for, but really don't like the pee thing.
  9. With respect to all, Inc Mods comments Etc... Specifically to Admin, but failing? I'm offering free money donation to support this site Bacardi is trying, but failing to get a response for Gold membership to support this site.... Is there any User to Admin feedback going on? ? I'd like to help but???? Euro xx
  10. Euro

    Men's butt

    Yeh, That's quite a pleasure centre for all, I've often wondered why, what with it being what it is 🙂 Bottoms are really pleasing places. Having some help to assist in the pleasure is always V welcome. Thanks for sharing your pleasing self indulgence 🙂 Euro xx
  11. Regardless of whether you shake or wipe..... (I shake- squeeze - tease the last ish BTW) The last drop(s) often go unaccounted for. 🙂
  12. I don't think there be a need for a contradiction. There is a social need for mutual respect in the busy and confined society in which we all coexist. Eg I love the pee thing. I respect others may find the idea rather unpleasant to say the least. I'm NOT into Scat. Wouldn't want Poo smeared all over the place. Some might, but not me and prob not most employers. There are any number of other fetishes that are not in harmony within the social arena of ones work environment or general behavioural expectations. So yeah, we all can do what ever we please, but actions have consequenc
  13. BushBabies.... They pee on their hands and feet and generally smear it about all over the place. Having remarked about other animals, back to humans. I read an article about free nuts & such available on Pub bars. Someone did some research on same and discovered that there were traces of some tens of different urine types both on the nut bowl and the nuts. Urine traces have a habit of getting all over the place if not by conscience intent , then by inadvertent action. There's a lot of it about 🙂
  14. I'm not sure it is an "Evolution" thing, but perhaps more a social adjustment thing. Esp given that we 'umans are higher mammals and can think through how we interact with our close folk or our other more public image.. Much of the whole "civilizational" thing is playing to a rule set that is-was invented by whom??? Or??? Don't have to go back too far in time before toilets Etc were largely non existent. I rather think that the human condition has not changed much." We Here" who like the pee thing, prob a minority, all the rest, well its a functional day to day thing. I do rather
  15. Euro

    Men's butt

    There is an old saying that to knock in a large nail you need a big hammer... 🙂 xx Euro
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