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  1. From a male perspective...Well my own opinion... The fascination with the breast, nipple is much more than a sexual thing, in that as you say it is a warm and intimate connection thing. Following on from that, yes, I think it is a kinda regression thing, but more commonplace than is obvious at first glance. Yes! Guys like tits, playing with them and suckling them, they are very reassuring 🙂 . That reassurance ( I think) is a semi maternal path back to or regression thing which we live as part of what we are and need as humans. Apologies if I have hijacked the role play aspect of your thr
  2. A splendid member both sheathed and unsheathed! Most pleasing Many thanks for sharing, I'm sure many others will appreciate as well xx
  3. Would really love to see the next shot where that beautiful & appetising foreskin is pulled back... pretty please 🙂 Euro xx
  4. Hello All Peefans Been wondering.... Pee, being a savoury thing by nature, is there general preference or inclination for food & beverage wise for for sweet or savoury? Me personally, I am inclined toward savoury food & beverage .... Quite like sweet in the right place and time, but, slightly bitter-savoury-round is my thing... Mostly. Anyone have comments. Just interesting to know what Y'all like? Euro xx .... ?
  5. Pretty sub need Wee Wee ? Pissing near those sexy little pink toes Ooohhh. Anticipation? xx
  6. Wow, tough critic! 😉 "Not bad" means quite something else in context.... Not tough :), quite a ++compliment xx Euro
  7. Really love that tail 🙂 Mmmm and the pretty skirt
  8. WRT to the OP & all Politeness & desperation are kinda at odds with each other, add in a bit of audacity, so ye'h I agree with other comments, Esp Emilaze and some... A bit of audacity has risks & rewards When you have to do what you have to do???
  9. I rather like both, from slick smooth, to dense jungle. Yes the public advertising thing has taken up an interest, what with body hair and all sorts of stuff to spray, anoint, apply, smear Etc... They spent Millions of £$ etc on promotion to make y'all feel ? I would advocate... Do what is good for you! If it feels and looks good for you, then go for it. Sort of a self trust - confidence thing. Sooooo Best be a first class original personal self, rather than a 3rd class look alike. Ignore media & advertising thing Just my...?? Euro xx
  10. Well, ... I have a few nom de plumes... and feathers are quite pleasing used with skill. I guess a few fun pseudonyms may include, ,, F. Christmas, Miss Ann Thrope, Sir Loin, Miss Demeanour, Richard Head, Mike Hunt ( a lost person?) ... etc Guess we all do the anonymity thing, perhaps with humour, or not . A bit of word play is fun. pseudonyms are comfortable in a stressful world My own pen name here is Euro, stating the obvious, bit fun- play, bit anonamo mouse.... Doh... Lost the plot... xx 🙂...
  11. I have just enjoyed one of the most zany movies on BBC 2 UK . Saw it a couple of years back, but enjoyed even more again... !! ... 🙂 Wild artistic allusions to American Gothic picture by Grant Wood 'effin wonderful !!... Its one of those films-movies that is timeless & brilliant Sexy, crazy, bizarre, curious, generally a must experience Well worth a Very good look ... Enjoy if you have not seen it, or really enjoy again if you have BBC IPlayer link... https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m001mwmc/the-rocky-horror-picture-show xx Euro
  12. Refresh for the lovers of elegant lingerie with a nice bulge.... 🙂 I love generous ladies... And also a nice handful of guy bits in sexy lace
  13. I have never had a partner who was "Really! " into the pee thing, some indulgence, but,,,,so the pee during sex thing has not ever happened for me. I have had lots of masturbatory pee fun at times ... 🙂 Edging, , , , interspersed with pee squirts is bloody good !!! Sort of a mixture of pee and pre cum, sort of drools and squirts. Has an exciting taste and aroma which I find highly sexy in a self masturbatory way.
  14. I too have no clue why I like the pee thing.. 🙂 I also just do. It's just a thing I believe I have had for as long as I can remember. Interestingly .... My partners (luckily) past and present have accepted my kink as being a thing that I'm into, but have not found it abhorrent.. Mostly have been happy to indulge me, even if they are not into it themselves. My heart goes out to those who have a partner that they love and care for, but really don't like the pee thing.
  15. Euro

    Men's butt

    Yeh, That's quite a pleasure centre for all, I've often wondered why, what with it being what it is 🙂 Bottoms are really pleasing places. Having some help to assist in the pleasure is always V welcome. Thanks for sharing your pleasing self indulgence 🙂 Euro xx
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