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  1. For me, The most evocative senses are both smell & taste. They tend to stay in the memory for a V long time. All sorts of stuff, like, Places of work, Home, School, B-or-G friends, Food, Sheds, Shops, Streets, all sorts of places and things.... The triggers that set the memory off are so very V subtle. Don't quite know why, but a trigger clicked this eve that reminded me of a GF of my mid teens ( a good while back) that had a particular smell. A Very pleasing one at that.. Her name was Helen.. Well that narrows it down to a few Million on the planet. There really are
  2. Perhaps try a "Kids inflatable paddling pool" with a bit of carpet in the bottom. I've tried the paddle pool thing and thought it fun when it got V wet and squidgy. Depends what bit of the Carpet piss you like most. Can be disposed of quickly when needed....
  3. Sound like you are well on the way... 🙂 Hope you both enjoy the "movie"
  4. Doesn't sound weird, just a pleasing kinky angle on the pee thing 🙂 Might appear like a contradiction... But I guess your GF needs to be trained to be a Dom (ish) to suit... For what it is worth. I'm Switch-Neutral so enjoy both sides. I think there is a bit of both in all of us. Sometimes the "Dom" needs some encouragement and confidence building to enable it to be released. Say, a bit like "Acting" in a Play.
  5. Thank you ladies for for so much sensual activity on this Male Peeing Topic area. We do rather like to be wanted and desired ( as if that needed to be said ) 💗 in a sensual, sexy ,warm way as well.... And as well as downright sexy indulgence doing kinky stuff to each other 🙂 🙂
  6. Thanks for the responses. I was a little unsure what the reactions to my OP would be after I had written it. I would love to hear more on the matter, but respect it is a difficult subject. To continue a previous fun remark... I wonder if there is an explanation, scientific or otherwise for the rings around Uranus.... 🙂 ... Nooo don't go off topic...
  7. Yeh, discovered quite quickly that mind body & cock need to be highly focused on the mission 🙂 . Guess I need more practice and preparation and yes it was a whole lot of fun trying ! Thanks for a wonderful new idea of pee expression. Perhaps a butt plug with a tail might make for an interesting finishing touch....
  8. OK. So I had a sort of test run at this. Yes, the doggy style leg lift does need some kind of tie to the lift leg to get any side direction effect. The all fours pony style needs a semi or more to get any spray about with a wiggle. The "Elk" style. Well that'll take some work and practice to get up to the required standard 🙂 Yeh, it was a pretty good new experience. Sort of sexy, zany, primeval, weird in a good sort of way
  9. Must be an extraordinarily sexy and empowering feeling going out somewhere with a generous outie protruding from your lingerie, say underneath a long evening dress. You could dribble little scent marks all over the place quite anonymously as and if you choose.......
  10. Yes a part 2 would be much wanted 🙂
  11. Sure is ! A fair bit of pressure to spray that far too. Rather looked like he was enjoying himself. I've always felt there is an earthy primeval dimension to the whole pee - piss thing which is kinda hard wired into the back of our brains from the dim and distant past....
  12. My imagination runs wild... A anonymous selfie of you somewhere in the collection...... 🙂 Recommend a V good book, mostly pictures https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=gPtwQgAACAAJ&source=gbs_book_other_versions
  13. Thanks for a most pleasing week of posts of V sexy lingerie, ladies with generous yummy cunts doing thirst quenching piss in most exciting ways. Really liked the "chair corner" vid with the dribbles.. Cheers!! , You have found some of the most sexy pics that really hit my spot in a good while.. 🙂 Please keep up the good work xx Euro
  14. Sort of just about on topic with all fours, interesting that self pee on all fours as a pre sex thing for us humans is also an animal thing... A V interesting read 🙂 A related farming info link ( BTW I'm not into goats 🙂 )... https://modernfarmer.com/2017/06/goat-sex/
  15. I have done the reclining backwards self pee thing. Depending on mood and stuff, can get a good spray arc quite high ish. The all fours (or three?) thing has def got me thinking... I like the frivolous in parallel with the sexy Perhaps tomorrow... 🙂
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