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  1. That's not my preferred sight, but I must admit that some cocks do look very attractive when are pissing...
  2. BREAKING NEWS: I just finished a phone-call with that guy. After a long conversation, we agreed that tonight, after my usual dancing spree, I'll find him in order to be togheter is his taxi. I made very clear that I do not intend to have full sexual intercourse with him! What we might do is that, instead of going to my usual Discoteque, I'd enter a Club where I know that pretty girls, mainly University students, go to offer sexual services for money, and see if I find one interested in joining me for a hot and wet adventure... 😏
  3. It's possible, I cannot deny... But my feeling is that they were improvising, not seriously shooting sexy scenes...
  4. LATEST NEWS, just arrived: - That taxi-driver, not only is very very keen about me pissing in his car in the most outrageous ways, but he also would like ... TO FUCK ME! He thinks I'm an Escort and so he offered to pay enough for my sexual services... So I told him that I'm not attracted to men, that I'm not interested in that sort of arrangement, let's hope he understood well!
  5. Very hygienic and respectful towards the other guests.. I'm sorry to notice that!
  6. *UPDATE*: - Last night, after days of thought and reflection, I finally decided to ring him up! So, just after eleven o'clock, using a brand-new, untraceable, SIM, I called the number which is on the business-card of that famous taxi-driver. He responded immediately and recognized my voice! I didn't have to explain the reason why I was making contact, he prevented me, asking if I was thinking of peeing again in his car... And so a pretty weird conversation followed! I answered first that I was considering repeating the experience... and from his reaction I felt
  7. Very much so... the main reason is that they contain different metabolites of sexual hormones... and that's why a male dog who snifs human female urine (where progesterone's traces are present) can get quite turned on...
  8. This episode happened yesterday afternoon, just after three o'clock.. I was reading seated on a rock overlooking the Ocean, in proximity of a tiny sandy beach, totally deserted because the weather was rather awful, very cloudy and unpleasantly windy, menacing a storm, even though with mild atmospheric temperature... Then a loud barking noise attracted my attention, and, so, I noticed that, at about fifty meters from my position, three people and a huge dog had arrived. Nothing to get interested about, I thought... But, then, a few unusual details made me change my initial i
  9. Great comment this one of yours, I really appeciated it!! You certainly have understood how the situation developed... Believe me, it was incredibly exciting, much more than what I was forecasting, when I planned it... Things really got out-of-hand, not only for the little guy, but also for myself, who wasn't totally prepared at the time... Since that night, my memory is very often going back to recall every detail of what happened, and inevitably I get aroused just by thinking... So, getting to answer your logical question, I must admit it's more than likely that I will call him to see if he'
  10. It's NOT really *normal*, but does happen every now and again... What's more *normal* is that the driver seems quite sexually interested in you, and all his body~language reflects that attraction...
  11. Not really, I'm not a teenie any more, I well know now that men react that way to certain situations... In a certain way, it's even flattering.. hehe
  12. Frankly, I never pay much attention to the colour of the stuff I pee against... But, yeah, it's quite rewarding when yellow stains are left around..
  13. I'm not particularly brave, that episode happened without much thinking of mine, and was undoubtedly helped by the unusual circumstances and the intake of an excessive amount of alcoholic beverages... I suppose you're right about taxi-drivers and their behaviour during very late night-rides, that wasn't the first erected dick I saw in similar situations, probably because it's commonly thought that if a girl alone and attractively dressed goes around when everybody else is sleeping, she must be a prostitute and so everything goes..
  14. I promise to keep you all updated... That was for me a very unusual activity, never tried something in such an explicit manner before, neither in a taxi nor in any other public transport, even though on busses, trains, and even an hot-air-balloon, sneakily I did...
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