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  1. What are your thoughts and feelings when you piss or are asked to piss on a cock?
  2. Keep going and have lots of fun. My ex did this many times for me. Its a very intimate and loving connection.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to write these stories. As a sapiophile this really hits the spot so to speak. Your stories aren't too far off the truth from my side because my slightly older sister did behave like this towards me when I was between 12 and 16 years old. When I read your stories that feeling of being humiliated and getting really angry is overwhelmed by a very strong sexual urge that turned me on. Loved it really.
  4. It looks like the sort of place at night gets very busy with men and women. Stains on the wall mostly guys but if a woman can stand and piss and she's got clothes that will touch the ground if she squats will stand and aim at the wall I'm sure
  5. I always piss in the sink with the door open always unless its a number 2. Many a time my now ex would complain if I closed hhe door because she would assume I was having a wank.
  6. More fictional stories about girls naughty pissing - house parties, cars, etc More mature women pissing photos.
  7. How long to first rain and not the golden one....
  8. With hundreds of girls and possibly guys pissing on the street it must have been drenched in piss which people would have had to walk in. Not very nice. And it must have wreaked as well. I hope they washed the streets like they did or do in the west end of London on a Sunday morning.
  9. Respecting your other half is vital. They're not objects but people with feelings.
  10. Firstly, you're not a pervert. You're a man with a high sex drive and an interest in pissing. My ex wasn't into it but I had an adult conversation at the beginning of our relationship and we discussed things that turned us on. She loved doggy style sex and sex in a car or in the countryside. She also enjoyed giving as many hand jobs she could get her hands on and I never refused. My ex and I are saphiophile so talking intelligently about erotica really got her and me going. So I listened to all she wanted from the relationship and marriage up front. She also preferred receiving oral sex as muc
  11. Hello Hayley! Enjoy being with like minded folk.
  12. Hey wetpantyprincess. Tell us about some naughty pees you've done.
  13. I know this is fictional but I'm wondering would any girls or guys do this if this type of party happened?
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