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  1. This topic took me back to when I first started dating my now ex wife 32 years ago. Within a couple of weeks she knew about my pee interest and she wasn't shocked. She said peeing was a natural bodily function which had to be done when needed. One day and many days afterwards as well, and on our honeymoon, she was feeling very horny. This meant pulling down her nickers or lifting her skirt to expose her clitoris. Remember, I'm driving and finding it very difficult to look forwards and avoid a crash. So she's now got her feet up on the seat, pulled down the passenger vanity mirror saying she w
  2. If it was just family on the house the door would be open and if it was closed the question would be 'why did you close the door?'. The answer would be 'I'm having a shit and need to keep the smell in' otherwise my sisters would shout out bruv is having a wank....
  3. In the 80's Berlin was the place to see public pissing especially taxi drivers. They'd pull to the kerb whip out their cock and piss on the kerb. China is similar as is Nigeria. In Nigeria you'll see hand written words on a person's wall to their house that says 'Do not urinate here'. So what does everyone do? My driver would deliberately stop and join other men and women pissing on or next to the wall. I think once or twice my white pissing cock was appreciated.
  4. If you did that at my old school another boy would have walked up behind you grabbed your hips and thrust his cock into your crack. All done in the best possible taste.
  5. Bragger! If I stood at the urinal with a better endowed mate it would be 'you couldn't pop a balloon with that '
  6. You make me laugh. If you were at my old English boys school using the urinal before lunch you would piss yourself laughing. I remember one boy called Elsom (surname) who if he was at the wall everyone got wet. I'm nearly 60 but this thread has brought back some very happy memories. Even some of my friends who were gay we never judged them but sadly missed now. Great pissing times before lunch.
  7. I'm not gay but it was fun and because of my all boy school upbringing never suffered stage fright.
  8. You're the type that would wet my leg. At the boys school I went to going fir a piss was dangerous.
  9. Fantastic. All beauties and I think works of art. Thanks.
  10. Do you have any stories to share?
  11. Hello! Thanks for joining us.
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