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  1. I wish I could say it was entirely out of willpower/out of commitment to holding, but it was more so because I noticed he was wearing letters for a fraternity on campus that is known to not exactly have the best track record for issues pertaining to consent. I didn’t feel like taking the gamble, to be honest!
  2. For scenario one, I’d be sort of sitting on the edge of the chair and trying to lean back a bit to get the angle right. I might still try that tonight! I’ll see what piques my interest.
  3. I lurked here a couple of weeks before creating a profile, and then lurked a few more months (over a year I believe, actually!) before actually joining in conversation (what can I say, I’m shy😅). I discovered the forum while searching videos during a solo play session. I really enjoyed reading people’s stories and seeing any pictures or videos they felt comfortable sharing. In terms of actually joining in myself, part of what made it easier is how friendly everyone on the site seems. I also very much appreciate that the community here doesn’t tolerate harassment. This has been some
  4. Last night I decided I felt like having some fun, so I sat outside with lots of wine and water and let myself get filled up so I could pee outside. Unfortunately, it was raining a bit last night so I couldn’t get any good pics but I’m hoping to change that tonight! For now I thought I’d maybe share the story of my manufactured desperation. 😅 The place I’m staying at right now has a pretty large backyard, most of it grassy, so it’s often excellent to have an outdoor pee in when I’m under circumstances where I don’t want others to know. Sometimes this will happen if I’m sitting out back wit
  5. Most of the time if I’m peeing outside it’s out of some sense of need, even if I could technically wait. Usually it’s at a point where I’m getting uncomfortable and am genuinely wondering if I’d make it to a toilet so I’ll go somewhere when I find a place that’s suitable even before it’s actual bursting need. That way I know I can go somewhat privately and won’t be bursting with nowhere reasonable to go. However, about two years ago I was leaving a friend’s house to walk home after having a few glasses of wine. I knew I wanted to pee outside that night so I didn’t use my friend’s bathroom
  6. Today I decided to go to a beach that’s on a lake. It’s been a bit since I’ve been to a beach, and the last time I went to one I wasn’t really able to pee in the water because I felt a sort of mental block (I think the reverse water pressure had something to do with it). This time I tried to relax as much as possible since I really needed to pee at one point but didn’t want to leave the water. I was finally able to pee, and damn, you guys weren’t lying at all, it feels AMAZING to pee in the water. I ended up peeing twice more in the water and it was so fun knowing I was peeing into my bikini w
  7. My favorite videos are ones that feel natural. I tend to not be interested in people using extreme poses, getting completely naked, or just in general doing anything out of the ordinary. I say “tend to” because sometimes those videos can also be very fun, but in general I’m way more interested in a video where it feels like someone is genuinely desperate for a piss and goes somewhere in a way that most people would. I also like to see the puddle being made, so POV videos are always fun to see as well.
  8. The last few times I’ve peed outside it was in a more natural area so I didn’t have to worry. When it comes to cameras, I just will go into an area and casually look around (and up!) to see if I can find any. I don’t care about windows or anything, I could care less if someone sees me from there. But I don’t want to get fined. 😅 Sometimes if I’m out and I can’t be absolutely certain there’s no cameras but I need to go badly enough, I’ll put on my face mask and maybe even some sunglasses if I have them (even though it’s usually night). I’m happy enough obscuring my face in an emergency.
  9. I hope this is the right section for a question like this! I’ve been back in my college town (the one almost all of my stories have taken place in) for the summer. It’s a place I feel more comfortable peeing outside in because I have more of a sense of where there are and aren’t cameras, where the best hiding spots are, etc. I also have the house to myself tonight and am planning on having some fun with peeing outdoors, definitely in the backyard and maybe even going on a walk to intentionally have a “desperation” pee somewhere. I guess my question is what kind of suggestions peopl
  10. Finally back with another pee experience! This is another “throwback” experience as I unfortunately haven’t been able to have much pee fun lately. This story was about 9 years ago and took place at a house party back in college. The party was actually also a basement live show with about three local bands performing. It was totally packed in the basement and the upstairs was fairly full too. This was also a very old house with just one bathroom. It was sort of an unwritten rule that out of courtesy, men would pee in the large backyard. The women would often go to the bathroom in groups,
  11. I rent an apartment in a large house where each apartment is basically just one floor of the house. I’m on the second floor so I don’t have much of a yard (and either way, the yard the house has is not fenced and facing a major street, so the yard itself isn’t exactly most people’s pick to have a pee in). However we do have some tall bushes and a secluded trash can area, as well as a shared driveway with some privacy. Whenever the downstairs neighbors have parties I will overhear people peeing in the driveway and sometimes the trash can area, and that never bothers me (quite the opposite!). Bu
  12. I’ve had a few times where I almost didn’t make it. The most recent was a couple weeks ago after catching a late flight back to my city. I had a hard time finding a cab, and was getting desperate outside of the airport. I couldn’t get back inside and there were too many people around and cameras in place, so I couldn’t exactly nip into the parking lot. I just held on as much as I could until I finally got a cab. It was about a 15 minute drive to my apartment, which at the time felt doable. But every inch closer felt like more pressure on my bladder! Something about the anticipation I think.
  13. Sort of a boring answer, but I’ve been dying to go anywhere outside again! It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity.
  14. Super fun questions. I also have been in the position of needing to pee during a walking event. I was with a friend and we tried to make it to a checkpoint with portable toilets but ended up just ducking behind a building and squatting. A man walked in while we were both going; luckily he had the same idea! in terms of a hotel room I’d probably use the tub or sink. in a pub I’d theoretically love to use the carpet under the table, but would realistically use the alley. finally, late at night is another scenario I’ve been in countless times. I always just
  15. I actually surprised myself with it—normally I don’t wait quite that long. I always tell myself I want to wait until I am completely at my limit just to measure just how much I can hold, but I feel like I can never truly gauge what the limit is.
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