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  1. I think about this all the time! At one point I thought it might be fun to create a custom Google map where people add spots that are well hidden or often used for peeing, but I doubt it would be able to stay up for long.
  2. This is basically exactly what I was talking about! I worded it a bit wrong when I said “central to the plot,” but the fact that this guy was peeing on the wall of the bar moves the plot forward in a specific way. Like, it’s not just a superfluous pee scene.
  3. Like many others who are into gaming, I’ve been playing the remake of Resident Evil 4 lately. One thing I found interesting right off the bat is how the remake handled an early scene. In the original game, after some initial exposition, one of the local police driving you to a remote village gets out of the car to pee on the side of the road. You see him from the point of view of some monster roaming the woods, he comments that it’s cold, and then he gets back in the car for you to continue on your way. Still sort of a funny inclusion, but nothing major—the whole plot could have existed
  4. Just this past week, I had to get creative in my house when a friend was showering and I was desperate. We were out for dinner and drinks a couple of days after a massive snowstorm. When we were walking home, she ended up slipping on some ice and falling into some snow that had gotten dirty from cars driving by and such. We got inside and she very understandably wanted to change and bathe ASAP. Of course, just my luck, while she’s still in the bathroom, I got very desperate to pee. I knew she would still be a while, so I had to think of another option. I decided to go to the laundry
  5. I wonder if that has to do with their attraction, though? I find it incredibly difficult to be platonically affectionate with straight women who I’m friends with, but that’s because I’m terrified of being seen as the stereotypical “predatory lesbian.” Or, even if people aren’t reading the behavior as predatory, that they might misconstrue the feelings anyway. But back in junior high/high school, before I was out (even out to myself 😂), I had no qualms about cuddling, hugging, sitting on laps of, holding hands, etc. with the girls I was friends with. I think it’s similar with fetish stuff
  6. Both! In the past I have purposely left locations like bars or pubs without peeing first, knowing that there is a chance I’ll have to stop on the way home. Sometimes I’ll even drink a lot of water and then go on a walk, even more intentionally trying to pee outside. And of course there are times when I’m not necessarily planning to pee outside, but it becomes necessary. Both can be turn ons, although the unexpected pees are usually just relieving and aren’t necessarily a turn on unless I’m reminiscing on them in a specifically erotic way.
  7. I love to pee anywhere I can see the puddle! I do prefer privacy but if it’s late at night and no one’s around, I’ll definitely squat on the sidewalk or in a parking lot.
  8. I feel like a fix for the wiping issue could be to straddle the sink while facing it, pee into it, and then use the faucet as a makeshift bidet (and just pat dry with a towel). Would be easier with a sink attached to a counter, but for standalone sinks, you could just put one leg up for leverage and stand on your toes on your other foot. I should try this and report back. 😂
  9. When it comes to people here, I think we’re going to be skewed towards being interested in it! I can really think of only one time that I was annoyed by seeing a man peeing outside, and that was less to do with the peeing and more how he was going about it—he was peeing in the mailbox of one of my neighbors and it just felt needlessly destructive. My guess is that a survey of a more diverse group of women would have a wide range of responses. I have had moments where I’m walking with friends and we walk past someone peeing and some friends have been more annoyed or put off by it whereas
  10. I used to be completely unable to pee in water. I have no idea why, but I’d stand in the water and really try, but nothing would come out. Maybe a mental block or something? Anyway, back during that time, I was on a beach with some friends and really had to pee after drinking water all day (it was super hot outside!). I tried going in the water, and that didn’t work, so I grumpily started walking back to the hotel room. It was a bit of a ways away, but I decided to look out for any bathrooms on the way. I ended up finding an area that was actually really blocked off well—there were some
  11. I’m not super into indoor peeing (it makes me too nervous), so for those questions I erred on the side of caution by saying I’d find a bathroom. However, for situations like the bar, I sometimes will intentionally leave a bar or pub without peeing, knowing I will likely have to stop somewhere on the way home and pee outside. When it comes to a movie or shopping, if I’m really feeling adventurous, I might try to wait and see if I can make it to the parking lot and pee outside of my car.
  12. I recently restarted a medication I was on for quite some time before an insurance snafu this summer. Because I was on it for so long, I had half-forgotten about some of the side effects that happen when your body is still getting used to having it in your system. One of those is getting dehydrated more easily, a problem which I’ve been solving by almost constantly drinking water. This evening I decided to have a bit more fun with my water drinking. I let myself get decently desperate and continued to drink water. I wanted to pee into a plastic cup from a takeout meal I had last night an
  13. Something you could do if you’re worried about them opening the package and asking about it is just say you bought them as a gag gift for a friend! Maybe stop at a convenience store and get a joke birthday card or something to add to the ruse.
  14. I have a bucket in my apartment that became my emergency toilet a couple of times. Once when my landlord was working on fixing a leak in the bathroom. I was too embarrassed to ask him to leave just so I could pee, so I went into the laundry room and peed into a bucket. Another time was when I had a family staying with me and they all showered back to back without telling me beforehand. I was absolutely bursting to pee so I used the same bucket as a toilet. Every now and then I think that I should maybe give myself a day where I only use the bucket to pee. Maybe I’ll try that tonight. 🙂
  15. Great video, thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to see any more that you might post in the future. 🙂
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