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    Male who loves to piss anywhere he can like women watching men pee and love to see women squat hope to have fun

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    Love seeing people exposed and peeing for people to see
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    A very good friend of mine encouraged me to whip it out and pee in a drain by a skip on a main road after a night out

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  1. Sorry guys yesterday didn’t happen wasn’t an great day but will do it today
  2. Ahh I see.. haha good on him for the porn mags did you catch him doing that? Ahh ok well glad you look back on it in a good way nown
  3. Yeah I agree with that that’s why I love alleyways
  4. Wow that’s really cool to hear.. did she ever find it ok or was she always annoyed at him? Did you say anything to him?
  5. Nice.. silly question but does it all come out smelling fresh
  6. So looking to do something new and naughty. Who thinks that this pile of washing should get my pee before it goes in?
  7. Not odd at all if that’s how you were brought up then that’s perfectly fine..
  8. So hot again you are really pulling out all the hot ones 👌🏻
  9. How was it? Did you leave a stain on the wall?
  10. Yes I think they can be best friends I have a lot of female friends that I am close to and a number have seen me pee and I have seen them pee one knew I was into it all and the others it was because we both needed it
  11. That’s great to know abs it hasn’t seem to be an issues since I posted the pic so that’s good
  12. I know what you mean but I learnt it wasn’t a huge shock for them reallt haha
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