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    Naughty pissing. And what really turns me on about naughty pissing is piss vandalism.
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    Maybe when I tried on jeans in a fitting room and watched in the mirror as I soaked the jeans with my piss.

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  1. So fucking hot! Would have loved to join you in a little piss vandalism.
  2. @oliver2 and @Bigpiss89: Your comments about not wanting your parents to see your teenage dicks remind me that when I was 15 years old, I had surgery, and my father had to give me baths. Surprisingly, in a way I enjoyed it. I was proud of my bush, and I wanted my dad to see it. I wasn't that happy with the size of my flaccid penis, but one evening when my dad was drying me, he called me "stud," so maybe I did have a man-sized cock, after all.
  3. I can't let the revival of this post go by without commenting. This video is so hot! It's a distillation of everything that makes being a piss vandal so thrilling and pleasurable. And from now on I'm definitely going to check out soap dispensers. I want to be at least as naughty as you!
  4. Speedy, you're naughtier than I initially thought. Love it!
  5. As a naughty pisser, my greatest pleasure comes from going into a common area, unbuttoning my Levis, pulling out my cock, and soaking a chair with my piss. It's quiet on the campus right now, and I'm having a little fun before the Christmas close down:
  6. I like the pictures not because they show the "skid steer," but because they show your good-looking cock!
  7. Hearing someone piss can be hot, but when I started puberty, I didn't want anyone to hear me when I was taking a piss. I' m still the same way, though sometimes when I'm using a restroom, I like to make a little noise.
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