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  1. Thanks! It might be awhile but I'll get it done eventually
  2. All characters are over the age of 18. Lexie Canora - Daughter Mandy Canora - Mom Ella, Dani, and Brinn - Lexies friends Lexie woke up to the sounds of her mom vacuuming right outside her door. "Its too early for this", she grumbled. Lexie had gone out with her friends to the bar for her belated 18th birthday party, and due to the amount of alcohol she drank, had a considerable headache and a very full bladder. When she went out of her room to go pee, her mom saw her and came to give her a hug and ask how her night was. After telling a toned down story of the night she told her mom that she needed to pee really bad. Lexie noticed that the house was feeling quite chilly this particular morning and asked her mom why. Mandy got an uneasy look on her face and told her that it had gotten so cold the furnace couldn't keep up, and the water pipes had frozen. "Well I really have to pee. What am I gonna do?", Lexie asked. "I'm going to let you in on a secret I've had for a long time now, and have tried incredibly hard to keep from you so you didn't think of me as a freak", Mandy said. "I've enjoyed peeing in unorthodox places since I was your age, and I kept doing it up until I moved in with your dad", Lexies mom said "and since he didn't leave us with much after the divorce, I've gotten back into my naughty pleasure." Now Lexie was really confused and still had to pee, squeezing her legs together and holding her crotch through her pyjama pants. "What do you mean by naughty pleasure mom? Like do you get turned on by peeing?" Blushing and hoping her daughter wasn't disgusted with her, she decided to just get it all out. "Since our house is not the nicest place, I've been peeing on the floors and carpets when I'm home alone after work or on the weekends" she said "Usually its just in my room because I know you don't go in there ever, but sometimes I like to hang my butt over the edge of the couch and let go while I'm watching TV or a movie. And the point I'm getting to, is that while our water isn't working, you can just pee on the floor or carpet." Noticing that Lexie had a look of total disbelief, and a hand clutched onto her pussy to try and stop from peeing herself, Mandy just decided to go for it. "I know you have to pee, and are definitely having some weird thoughts, so I figured I should probably just show you what I mean. I've had to pee since I got up, but have been waiting for you so I could show you that I'm not pranking you or anything. I'm gonna pee right here on the carpet", Mandy said, as she pulled her jeans and panties down and off. "Lexie, you might want to pull your pants off before you wet them", she said gently, as she squatted above the hallway carpet in front of her daughter. As soon as Mandy squatted down, she started peeing a strong golden stream of hot piss with such force it was splashing onto her feet and legs, and up to her clean shaven vagina. When her mom started peeing, Lexie smiled now that she knew it was okay, and proceeded to drop her pants and panties down, and pulled them off as fast as she could. She lost her balance and fell onto her butt, thankful for the padding from her countless days at the gym. The shock of suddenly being on the floor made her release her pent up piss in an impressive stream, directly onto the carpet. Lexies quickly spreading wet patch was now under her butt and it felt surprisingly good! "Wow mom, you should've told me about this sooner, it feels so good to just let it out on the carpet!", she said totally entranced my the sight of her hairless mound and spread lips pissing full force onto the carpet under her. Lexies flow slowed down and eventually stopped, and only then did she notice how aroused she was, and how big of a wet patch she had made. She also noticed that her mom had also sat down, and had been quietly rubbing her pussy. Mandy had finished peeing much before her daughter, and was so turned on from her naughty pee that she had to bring herself to orgasm, totally forgetting that she was sitting across from Lexie. Mandy started to moan and rubbed harder, spreading her legs wide and leaning back into her puddle, wiggling in the still warm piss and feeling it start to soak the back of her shirt. As she reached climax, Mandy moaned much louder and shuddered as the blissful post-orgasm feelings coursed through her body. Not thinking, she put both hands in her pee patch and brought one to her mouth to taste it, and the other to rub some piss over her firm tits, still hidden under her shirt. Lexie spoke up, "Wow mom that was really hot, theres no question on if you liked the pee thing or not." Realizing that she had just masturbated in front of her daughter, Mandy blushed furiously and sat up, embarrassed that Lexie had watched her. "I'm sorry you had to see that Lex, but I couldn't help myself", Mandy said, still blushing. "Don't worry mom, no harm done", Lexie said with a smile "I think I enjoyed it almost as much as you." Lexie had an idea, and seeing how much her mom enjoyed it, she stuck her hand in her wet patch and brought it up to her mouth. To her surprise, the piss tasted sweet like the coconut rum she was drinking the night before and not very salty, so she decided to get her other hand wet as well, licking all the pee off that hand as well. "From the looks of things, I'd say it wasn't too bad", Mandy said, grateful that this situation went the way it did "but we best get up and carry on with the day, I have a couple things planned because I felt bad about missing your birthday last week". Mandy got up and walked towards the kitchen, turning around to face Lexie, who had just stood up. It had been long enough that Lexie had to pee again, and simply parted her legs and released a small stream onto the already wet carpet, sighing in relief that her bladder was empty once again. She then followed her mom to the kitchen and grabbed some water, to help take aspirin for her hangover headache. After filling the glass, and quickly drinking it all, Lexie turned around to see her mom holding a small cake with happy birthday written in icing. "Awe thanks mom! It looks delicious!" Lexie said. "I'll get a knife and we can go watch a chick flick on TV and eat it". As Mandy was cutting the cake the doorbell rang, and Lexie rushed to see who it was, forgetting she was still naked from the waist down. As she looked through the window she saw her friends Ella, Dani, and Brinn shivering in the cold. Opening the door, Lexie invited them in, happy that they came to see her. Once inside, the girls noticed that Lexie was half naked, seemingly oblivious. Brinn spoke up "Hey Lex, wheres your pants??" Lexie quickly covered her mound, and blushed, apologizing for flashing them. At that moment, Mandy came to see what the noise was. All 3 girls turned to see Mandy, all smiling, "Hi Ms Canora!", they said. "Why aren't you wearing pants either? And why is your shirt wet?", asked Ella, really confused as to why her best friend and her mom are both half naked. End of part one. This was really fun to write, and it was my first fictional story, so its probably lacking in a few things. Let me know what y'all think and if theres things I could do better please let me know 🙂

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