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  1. My mom forbade it even if it was an emergency. Said that only boys do that and never girls. Not ladylike.
  2. So this happened to me Thanksgiving weekend. My mom was doing thanksgiving dinner this year at her house and she lives over an hour away from us so we took a little road trip to see her. On the way, I decided to get a large hot coffee for the trip there. Long story short, about 10 minutes from her house, I thought I was gonna die because I had to pee so bad! I pulled into the next gas station, scooped up my daughter from her car seat and bee lined it to the bathroom as best I could so I didnt wet myself. Got into the bathroom, hiked up my dress and barely got my panties down before I
  3. Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great day so far! So, I have a question. What is the appeal to you personally (for those of you that enjoy it) of holding your pee to the point of dancing around and about to burst? I'm just curious about what everyone's thoughts are, being kinda new to this.
  4. 1. It is okay for boys to pee outdoors and is even a comedic meme. However, it is not for girls. Girls are expected to hold it and wait for a bathroom. 2. Announcing the need to pee is acceptable for girls, but not for boys. I know there are probably more, but these two were what came to mind and I wanted to see what other pee-minded friends though.
  5. Welcome to the site! So nice to see other girls here 🙂
  6. Well. One thing you could do is hold it while out and then have him come with you to the bathroom and then you wet yourself in the tub. Just a thought LOL
  7. So here’s a fun question. which Star Wars character or characters would you like to see in some kind of pee scenario?
  8. What are some of your funny pee memories that you would like to share?
  9. Does anyone else like or enjoy listening to other people peeing? I think its fascinating. Anyone else?
  10. It depends on how much I drink, but on average, 5 or 6 times give or take.
  11. I do this too. It feels so good to just hold it for a bit in the morning and then going to the bathroom, and letting go.
  12. 1. What do you feel when you first get the urge to to pee, and where do you feel the urge? 2. When it starts getting urgent, what do you feel and where do you feel it?
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