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  1. What a lucky taxi driver! Your story makes me want to switch careers and become a taxi driver my self. What a lucky man! If I was a taxi driver I'd make sure my car had CLOTH seats ONLY though. Then I would just pray that one day I had a patron like you! Amazing story!
  2. Hi Collette! Nice to meet you! Thanks for reaching out and sharing your experiences with us all here! We all need to give back to the community when we can because there certainly doesn't seem to be enough of us to go around in normal life. Lol
  3. I'd be in! That sounds like a great vacation idea!
  4. It's so good to see people who use hotel rooms properly. Looks like it got well marked! Very sexy!
  5. I always piss in the corners. I just alternate around the room clockwise.
  6. Like many others here I was also encouraged to pee in the pool at a young age. I remember it being so conflicting and I truly believe that the conflict I experience at a young age has fueled my lust and desire for naughty peeing and marking to this day. I vaguely remember being potty trained and being told that the only place to pee was the toilet...period. Then, when my mom started taking me to swimming lessons it all changed. I remember asking her to take me to the bathroom to pee. At first she would take me but the sensation of being in the water made me feel like I had to pee regularl
  7. I agree! Everyone pees. Why is it such a big deal? If some one has to be they shouldn't be punished or shamed for it! It's not right!
  8. I wish we lived in a society where it was acceptable for people to just pee where they needed too when they needed too
  9. I love it when you piss in your bedroom! Your one of a kind! So very very sexy!
  10. d19841


    Probably 2800 - 3500 dollars per month in Canada. Average rent is $2000.00 per month, electricity is around $200 per month. Car payments are probably around $200 - $400 per month. Insurance is probably $150 per month. It all depends on the person's income and lifestyle.
  11. You should have pissed right into his carpet, then he wouldn't have been so worried about your shoes lol
  12. The struggle is real for sure! I've had that same problem too. I mean sometimes we just get that urge. Sometimes it could be once a month, other times once a day or more. Sometime we need to give in, other times you need to hold back. I try to set limits. I pee where I want when I want in my own house when I want to because I'm only affecting my self. I don't see in other people's houses. Hotel rooms are free game and I soak them as much as possible. If I'm in public places and have the urge I will piss somewhere or on something I shouldn't if think I can get away with it or if no one
  13. I used to just whip my Dick out when standing right infront of the bar ordering drinks or shots. It was always dark, and generally packed shoulder to shoulder. I would just lean up against the front of the bar and piss right against it. There was no way anyone beside or behind you could see a thing. Lol. It was always my secret move for pissing undetected.
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