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    See my girlfriend completly soaking an expensive rental BMW dashboard and seat with a strong stream of yellow piss

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  1. She is at her 9th or 10th rental car soaked, so you can open your own rental car compagny if you buy all 😂
  2. In France, we had a website where we sold vids few monthes ago. I can share you the link if it is allowed ? 😉 There are some good pee vids, in hotels even in hallways or stairwells for instance 🙂
  3. I cleaned the windshield and the window indeed 😉
  4. Hello all, I often travel for work, so I also often sleep in hotels. Each time I think about pissing in but I don't do it... I don't know, I am more in women pissing. It tried some times but I am blocked. I am actually in an hotel room this evening. Perhaps you can share me some ideas where to pee or even tell me about your experiences ? Man or woman ! It will perphaps help me to show you some naughty pictures 😅
  5. Hello all ! Yes, a new one from yesterday :) I actually have a little Clio for rent. Before leaving home for my business trip journey, my girlfriend decided to completly flood the passenger place. I don't have picture during the act, but I can show you the dry result ! (On the windshield and the window, it is not some outside dirt but I confirm it is inside dry pee ;) )
  6. I take videos of her during those moments but I don't want to share it bevause we can see her face or personal elements 🙂
  7. Just let it dry 😉 I had the same car attributed for my new business trip. The seats were dry, but the car wasn't only smelling the new this time, but also a nice small smell of pee 😶
  8. New one 😉 Hope you will enjoy !
  9. I rent a car on wednesday, what should we do next ? 😉
  10. Hello all, For my work, I usually rent cars. Yesterday, even I was alone, the rental compagny gave me a big brend new Nissan SUV. A lot of space, what a waste if not used ! I needed to make it profitable. So I phoned my girlfriend in order to know if, perhaps, she had an idea... I take her home to go to the supermarket and here are pictures of her way to use a brend new car with too much space :
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