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    See my girlfriend completly soaking an expensive rental BMW dashboard and seat with a strong stream of yellow piss

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  1. I take videos of her during those moments but I don't want to share it bevause we can see her face or personal elements 🙂
  2. Just let it dry 😉 I had the same car attributed for my new business trip. The seats were dry, but the car wasn't only smelling the new this time, but also a nice small smell of pee 😶
  3. New one 😉 Hope you will enjoy !
  4. I rent a car on wednesday, what should we do next ? 😉
  5. Hello all, For my work, I usually rent cars. Yesterday, even I was alone, the rental compagny gave me a big brend new Nissan SUV. A lot of space, what a waste if not used ! I needed to make it profitable. So I phoned my girlfriend in order to know if, perhaps, she had an idea... I take her home to go to the supermarket and here are pictures of her way to use a brend new car with too much space :
  6. Hello everyone ! Another victim of my girlfriend pee desires. We went out for the afternoon, 4-5h without peeing. She was really happy to come back home to mark again her territory ! Their is approximatly 20-25s seconds of full pressure piss on this couch. What a lovely puddle no ? 😊
  7. The picture corresponding to the previous message !
  8. The bed room is upstairs, whereas all the other rooms are downstairs. It's not practical to go down in the night... She always piss at least one time during the night. I had the pleasure to discover that she made a corner of the room her night toilets !
  9. Hi everyone ! We decided to practice but with limits ! No pee in the coffee machine (or other cooking devices), no pee on electronic devices, no pee in the drawers with clothes or personal stuffs and no pee on bed pillows. But in order to make it fun, also no pee in shower or in toilets 😊 There is a room which we don't have the use, which can be easily ventilated. It's going to be my girlfriend favorite pee room. Their is a couch, a chair and a storage cabinet. So here is a little extract of her first pee, on the chair !
  10. Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I are renting a place for new year in an english city. In this type of situation, my girlfriend always pees on/in multiple stuffs ! For my greatest pleasure of course... Couch, books, carpet, mattress... Even the coffee machine when there is one ! But this time, we are not renting a simple rental apartment, it's the place where lives the owner. It's his leaving apartment. So I would like to have opinions about it... I love when my girlfriend makes naughty pees, but I have remorse for this person who trusts us by renting us his own house.
  11. Hello ! I'm a little frenchy, so please excuse my english if it isn't gramaticaly perfect ! I don't really know what to say 😂 I love public piss. And especially what could be called piss vandalism. I don't practice, I tried 2 or 3 times (in public toilets and in changing room) but it was not for me 😅 But watching a women doing that type of thing makes me really hard ! I have the chance to have a very comprehensive girlfriend, which is not really into piss fetish but who loves realise my desires. She often "marks her territory" in public toilets, public transports,
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