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  1. I get what you mean. But its often depending on the person and how they decide to pee. Some girls tinkle peacefully to be as discreet as possible. While others create a waterfall! Pee is the neutral form in my opinion. And let me tell you, on certain occasions i can definitely PISS 😅
  2. Just today at some sort of viewpoint on the lake. A nice belated morning piss on a wooden wall, aiming high and watching it drip down before some people came by on their bikes a few seconds after.
  3. How did you realize you were into pee?
  4. At a job i decided to challenge myself and pee into one of those little trash boxes next to the toilet and see how much i could fill it up over the course of a day. Since there was a cover on it it wasn't visible to anyone who wasn't looking directly into it. But i somehow think it wasn't my best day in terms of needing to pee despite drinking a lot.
  5. All the best and all the strenght in the world for your recovery!
  6. Amazing. Especially the fact that the large puddle was just a 'leftover' piss 😮 Sometimes the bladder can be deceiving. I like that you decided to go outside!
  7. I think its awesome that you both can just casually pee in a situation like this without the other being suprised, making any remarks or being in disbelief. Just going on with the conversation like its the most ordinary thing in the world, i really like that!
  8. I usually don't pee on my own stuff. As for marking things i try to restrain myself to things that are somewhat public. Staircases, elevators, basement entrances of apartment buildings, a little excavator and so on. I somehow get a bit of joy out of the thought of people finding the piss puddle and knowing what it is. Peeing in the drain in the basement is also nice especially when there are laundry baskets with dirty laundry with it nearby. Not that i pee directly into the laundry basket (neighbors are too nice) but as the pee sprays a lot when i aim for the drain i like the thought of
  9. As already mentioned if you decide to use dating or dating apps maybe you should find some that are more specific for people with the attributes you wrote down in your posts. If such apps exist. Sure using dating apps where you try to 'judge' if people match with you based on a few carefully selected photos and a few sentences that will let you know their favourite food can work out. But the chances of seemingly wasted time (which it isn't!) and disappointment are definitely there and you need to be aware of that. So maybe jump to such a dating app or try other forms of dating just with t
  10. Awesome story! Especially this part could be from a book or a novel. Describing the aftermath of a public pee in such a strong colorful way. I don't know if writing is your profession already but it surely is a huge talent of yours!
  11. Haha, if you don't fear it will get noticed ok. Maybe don't aim for the dashboard or any electronic stuff. And try to be well hydrated. I think its pretty intriguing, probably because this specific car thing is something i personally wouldn't do nor encourage it initially...but the thought of a girl doing this is hot i have to admit maybe just because of that. Is this kind of public peeing something you do often or are you just going to be more daring because you will be far away from home where no one knows you?
  12. Depending on the kind of hotel the staircases, especially in those less frequented upper floors. Maybe find a bucket somewhere. Under your bed could be an option but don't overdo it there. A little pee here, a little there. A few little spots are better than one large puddle. Be mindful. Since everything is booked by your employer the last thing you want is them getting a complaint because they found a large piss puddle in your room or a wet seat in your rental.
  13. This looks like a fun trip with all those different places you pissed in such a short time. Like a secret vacation in a vacation.
  14. Maybe your own perceptions are hindering you a bit. If you constantly think about how people would negatively view you it will manifest itself. And everytime you have a sighting or just want to go you have those negative thoughts in your head. Of course they could let a woman get away with it when the guys do the same. Police was probably just there to ensure everything stays peaceful with those fans so they didn't care. Thats what i'm guessing with certain kinds of police here in germany surrounding those football fans. Look up those festival peeing/ street carnival peeing videos whe
  15. You can minimize the risk to a great extend by just being cautious. And maybe one day the opportunity presents itself without you looking for it.
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