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  1. Saturdays event made me have this stuck in my head again. People may say what they want about Mr. TFury but this is an epic song, let alone for an entrance! Excellent.
  2. Hell no. I like my car clean and care about it too much. Besides that i think its much hotter if she just hops out of the car after i stop and leaves a nice puddle somewhere.
  3. Yes, i regularly piss in the drain of the communal laundry room of the house where all the washing machines are located. Collecting your clothes down there and casually taking your morning piss into the drain is a nice way to start the day. Sounds awesome. I hope you'll have lots of fun down there!
  4. This is awesome and reminds me of certain conversations with the exact same sometimes innocent seeming 'girl next door' type of girls when i least expected it. Though most of the times i wasn't as good or didn't try enough to keep the conversation on that topic. Now you had the initial ice breaker so that you'd be able to make some remarks IF there is any fitting situation. I hope this keeps going your way!
  5. An up and down is probably normal for anything. And kind of analog to food...if you eat your favourite meal everyday you will eventually get tired of it. No matter how much you loved it before, over indulging in anything will most likely flatten the heights you are experiencing. Another thing might be the stuff you choose to watch. I get its all personal preference. But some of those sites you mentioned, that i only know due to the usual leaked videos on different hosting sites, are kind of similar in a way. Mostly unpersonal stuff. Same way of filming, same fakeness, hardly any passion i
  6. Well if cameras don't bother you just go ahead and do it. Maybe if we are lucky some of those are running and we get a nice 'girl pisses inside walmart cctv' video on youtube out of it. But seriously, aren't some of those walmarts open 24h anyways? Just go during the later hours when its presumably empty, wear a hat, cap or some glasses to be unrecognizable and off you go. Wearing a dress, standing with legs apart acting like you are looking at something in the shelf and let it flow. I bet you the thrill will be unmatched.
  7. You should try to avoid things that can lower your testosterone levels like stress and start implementing things that can boost it into your everyday life. A good sleeping routine and enough quality sleep at night are crucial. Same goes for movement, workouts. This will not only increase your well being but can also boost testo levels depending on what excercises you are doing. Sprints are excellent for that. Whatever you do, start slow and according to your level. Next thing is eating habits. A good diet can make a huge difference. Doesn't even have to be too restricting. Its all about
  8. Thanks. It will all depend on my mood. Never planned the first one either. But on that day i was reading some stories of different users on here that inspired me and got me into a naughty 'pissy mood'. So when i knew i was going to this store where i often thought about it anyways plus it was one of the last 'wear your shorts' days it was kinda sealed for me 😅
  9. Nice, ive always thought about doing that and wondered if it will work. Peeing while walking no problem but this seems more difficult. But you did it flawless, well executed!
  10. I actually got the idea on how to do it from your discreet bench pee video. Wearing shorts and actually pulling one leg of the shorts up until 'he' has a clear line of fire. Just enough so you can actually pee without getting your shorts wet. Having a shopping cart in front of you may help aswell to provide cover. Even though it was just a little spurt it felt amazing and was completely stealth. Felt like an achievement.
  11. Amazing story and pictures. At least you learned that your pee posesses a certain destructive power. Makes you think how all the potted plants you peed on handled this. Welcome back! I once poured a bottle of pee onto some big leafs outside and the next time i came by those leafs also looked a bit affected by it. So i'm glad there are others whose pee has similar effects 😅 though yours was fresh right from the source.
  12. Fair enough and totally understandable. That time will come though. And i hope it will be as exciting as you imagine it to be.
  13. Depends highly on which kind of business and location. I once did it by just pulling one leg of my shorts up and going a bit on the floor in a large supermarket/ warehouse after finding a blindspot. It was just a little for the rush and to answer myself the question 'can i?'. Yes, i can. Flooding as you want to do it would have worked aswell since it was in the beverage section and people would assume something was spilled. If you look out for cctv and make sure no ones looking your way you are basically free to flood. Wearing a skirt will be practical for this purpose. If you want to squ
  14. Sometimes you are blessed with luck in the most unexpected moments. I guess you were quite impressed with her bravery. If you had to go at that moment, could you imagine yourself doing that aswell in front of your friends?
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