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  1. On New years 2 years back i drove with friends to a city in a beloved neighbor country of Belgium. So when we were walking around i had to pee so bad but there were people everywhere as it was just a few hours before the new year. So we grabed some food first. There was a snack bar with a roof over it where you could order your food and there were rooms with tables next to it on each side. I thought they must have a place to pee. But as we entered i did see no sign. Just a door at the back of the room where casually some people went in. Boys and girls. So after a while i thought well lets see
  2. Probably the excitement of trying not to get caught while at the same time making it obvious of what happened. Maybe as some sort of silly juvenile outlet that allows me to embrace a 'fuck it' attitude. Since peeing always had something dirty to it for me and from early on doing it somewhere other than a toilet was something 'you just don't do' and kind of a bit gross in my own mind so that made this path all more exciting for me to explore.
  3. I have to say you have a huge talent for writing. Reading this (or any other story of yours) almost makes me feel like i was in your shoes. Lovely story, i love the mindset behind it that made you have a little dose of public naughtiness and on top of it you could share it with your loved one in that moment. That must be a great feeling for sure, pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing this!
  4. Don't really have favorites but the places always worth a go would be dirty restrooms, staircases in general, elevators. And out of necessity i found out a train seat is also quite fun when the rare opportunity arises. Do this stuff outside of your daily routine, you know? Don't use the elevator or the carpark you frequent daily while going to work for example. If you are in the CCTV dense city center find a place a bit more outside where less cameras are around even that means a little detour. Wear some atypical clothes for you. Maybe a spare jacket in your car that you dont normally
  5. I have to be honest and say that is also quite a turn on for me. Girls just being reckless and not giving a fuck.
  6. Depends on the club. Some clubs have a cleaning person sitting next to the sinks. Also in very small bathrooms. I usually use the urinal or maybe hold it until after the club if i am close to leaving. What you can often witness on crowded days like carnaval is that girls queue in the mens room to enter a cubicle because the ladies room is full. And in small bathrooms this means close contact. So one time i was getting in the mens room and it was full with guys and girls. Just 4 urinals and 3 cubicals. Really small space. Had to push myself through to get to the urinal once one was free. E
  7. Haha wow that is amazing. I love it when the urgency to pee forces you to become naughty. Just being convenient for yourself while making a little mess at the same time. With you using it two times more did it even dry in time before you had to give the van back? Especially since you can pee a lot. I guess its always nice to think about someone using your pee paper to wrap some of their stuff. If a seller used this they could charge a little extra fee for that haha! And on here they'd certainly find people willing to pay it.
  8. Yes to the second one.
  9. I like to think i am not for almost all the time. I'm ok with someone going 70 on a rural road where the limit is 100 for a short distance. Some speed limits here are plain stupid. 50, 70, 100 for 400 metres just to go back to 50. Why go up for this short distance just to have to brake again in a few? Just to be standing on the same red street light so in that situation people taking risks to overtake someone bother me waaaay more. Like you are saving no time at all. I'm also mostly ok when on rural roads someone drives just the exact limit or a bit under. Makes you a rolling traffic stop
  10. Save the money i'd spend for script, actors, set and stuff just to go to a random college to find the "craziest" girls there and sponsor them alcohol and a dorm party for the permission to film.
  11. Thats a good spirit. Always moving foward, learning new things and doing what you like to do. That keeps one sane especially in those times. Best of luck to you 💪😊 Oh yea nice picture! Quite convenient having such a chair...and a girl using it like that. I'd happily watch her playing games 😊
  12. I think you worded it quite well there in every aspect. I recently peed on a mat in an appartment building. Its infront of the stairs to the basement. 3 times over the course of 2 weeks maybe. I like the thought that someone will notice one way or another and think of who did this and maybe throw it away. So i love the way you think, really hot. For my own actions its also highly dependable on the mood but i could listen to girls stories or watch clips of that anyday really. Sometimes this will even get myself in the right mood.
  13. I sometimes did it for fun, just to try it out. Worked out actually ok. Though without actually much pressure so the results may have been different if i was more desperate. And once i did it out of necessity. I was peeing in a kind of underpass with some stairs that lead up to a flat tier followed by another set of steps. I was really desperate and started peeing against the wall while suddenly i heard someone coming from the path behind me walking up the stairs. Since there were only a few steps he or she must have been very close. I couldn't stop that fast so i walked a few metres whil
  14. I have a thing for this aswell. Its probably the risk, the feeling of being naughty...what makes it so hot to think about. And i certainly love hearing, reading or seeing girls doing it or fantasizing about it. The attitude behind that is so hot. I can't really put it into words.
  15. Used to read american car mags as a kid and everytime i found a manual car for sale in those classified ads i was happy. In germany its the same. Lots of manuals but the automatic transmissions are gaining popularity. Also because certain versions/ engines of models won't be offered with a manual. Which is sad. Manual is still the standart though and basically everyone knows how to drive one. You do your (extensive and expensive) license on a manual car. If you choose to do an automatic license (which is also offered in lots of driving schools) you are only allowed to drive automatic
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