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  1. I think that 'peeing anywhere else than where you are supposed to = naughty' manifested itself during a certain memory at a very young age. And at around 12-13 i started off with secretly peeing in basement rooms and cabins in an apartment building. I liked the thrill and the arousal that came with this kind of naughty behaviour so it was clear that it was more than just a little fun. But back than i didn't know about kinks etc...it didn't even cross my mind that others could feel the same about this like friends that were peeing outside or other places. To me i was just weird and not normal.
  2. I like those! Sounds pretty interesting and its something i think about occasionally, i definitely want to do this.
  3. There is a poster laying on the street and falling apart and the motive looks kind of inviting...and somehow i always have to pee when i cross it. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I like to do that on rare occasions. It's kind of fun though it can me a little tricky at times. But with the right amount of pressure i can do that pretty well as i found out once again yesterday 😅
  5. Thats like the most unusual but yet one of the best birthday treats anyone ever awarded themselves with, i like that idea. Maybe something like this for inspiration: Entrances without cameras Hallways and staircases of appartment buildings where you could maybe pee down from the top floor and let it rain Doormats Under your hotel bed In those lounge areas in a hotel where they have a couch and a little table in each floor Public restrooms A little dressing room pee (clothes, floor,..) Just drink enough (water), be careful after all and have fun!
  6. It is absolutely the same for me. I'd gladly trade this and all the other more 'out of the ordinary' kinks i have in against something vanilla passion. In a heartbeat. But see it this way: you are not alone. Not at all if you look how many views those kind of videos have and how frequented certain places with this topic are. Plus there are so much way more bizarre kinks out there. Most people have certain kinks and special affections for something, whether they realize it or not. No matter your status. Some are more open about it and continue to exist aswell. Each one has different stuff
  7. Guilty because of the act of filming/ peeing itself or guilty because of not posting those? Yes i do. Sometimes i'm all for it which leads to more exciting forms of peeing which i usually film even though i don't intend to share. But sometimes i almost hate myself for this kink that i have and i try to ignore or at least not actively indulge in it myself which also means that openly publicly shared stuff that i can't control/delete would most likely bug the hell out of me. Often even posts like this one, difficult. So if you kind of feel that you would enjoy sharing some of you
  8. Nice, i like that combination of the necessity to go for a pee and the little(or rather huge) teasing you gave those guys just along the way without any overthinking. Great! Would definitely be a nice occurence during the break of a game and, if this happened regularly, a good reason for some guys to buy more tickets and visit the stadium more often. Sadly i never encountered something similar during any stadium visits across europe. BTW...The AFC Wrexham? Good job securing first place.
  9. Wow, that was amazing! The sheer amount of pee, i wish i had so much capacity!
  10. I did piss on a towel twice i think. I love the sound! Like a 'poor mans carpet' kind of. I was suprised and shocked back then how much it sprays everywhere when you put it on the floor and pee on it standing up. You might aswell pee on the tiles directly and have less spray 😄. The second time i peed on one i've done it while on all 4s due to a request. Still sprays a lot despite the reduced height.
  11. It all depends on the situation, the place i piss and how urgent/ relieving it feels. If everything fits i might be, rather unconciously, audible because it just feels good. Some other time in the same situation i might be silent, apart from the splashing. Most of the time i keep quiet though i think. And on video its hard to hear sometimes depending on where you hold the cam and the kind of ambient noises around you. I do know someone being audible on purpose for fun or because hes crazy anyways or whatever...he is making a complete scene out of it sometimes by almost shouting when out i
  12. Oftentimes yes, sometimes no. Depends on the situation. When i am too desperate for example i often don't because first priority is to get the pants out of the way. And when thats halfway done its often too late anyways or i just don't care anymore. This can lead to the pee spraying anywhere but the place you are aiming at 😄
  13. Try it somewhere besides a road or on a bridge where cars are passing by more quickly. No one will be able to stop and film you besides for a dashcam maybe. But if you position yourself right you will be exposed a little and people will know what you do while at the same time being unrecognized and unapproachable.
  14. If you want to try this on a less intense level you can choose some entrances, those that can be accessed by going a few stairs down which usually provide you some good cover aswell. Other than that i like to use those mats that sometimes can be found laying in front of stairs. So i understand your excitement for this kind of stuff, pretty hard to grasp but yet quite exhilerating.
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