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  1. A game where you conquer your territory by marking it. The deeper you are in your enemies territory the more volume you need to succesfully mark a spot and therefore move your own borders up further. The one with the largest kingdom after a certain time wins.
  2. That is really fucked up behaviour, way too many lines were crossed. A-hole move. Respect and empathy is important, especially in situations like this. Drunk, horny, no excuse for that. If you walk to a secluded spot and walk in on someone that you didn't notice before you apologize, turn around, step back and wait until its done. If you notice beforehand you just wait in a respecful manner and distance until its time to change the shift. A swift "sorry for waiting here, i have to pee too" or something like that on her way out and the situation is clear. There is a lack of empathy i
  3. Actually a good idea but i think most people would take a long time to fill that up all alone. By the time thats full most of it has expired its best before date and can only be used to kill weeds. You could make that a community project however where several people add their pee to it to create some kind of secret super formula that (in theory) makes a jungle grow out of deadwood 😅
  4. Awesome story, the contemplating of yours if you should do it and how etc made it even better. I always like when you get a glimpse of the thought process that went into creating such a mess.
  5. I noticed just now that in the basement here there is a room full with potted plants from one of the neighbors and i instantly thought i should make it my duty to water some of those soon. Some look like they are having a rough time. So instead of occasionally peeing in the drain down there i'm thinking of choosing a few to be my project and see if a little pee makes a difference over time. 😇😅
  6. As mentioned, its highly dependend on the location. In some old decaying industrial building or in an old hospital with graffity all over chances that someone would care are smaller. But in an abandoned house that might not be the case because those, despite seemingly falling apart, are often still in someones possesion...I follow some of those urbexing people and some do occasionally get caught for trespassing in various places. But thats actually one of the first things i thought about when i dived a bit deeper into this...where do they pee? 😅 And how fun it would be...that always comes
  7. In this case when standing i'd probably aim for top of F5. Least spray and least noise IF i want to be discreet.
  8. Remi

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for the explanation. I wasn't sure how they handle things there. When the occasion arised in a crowded city i somehow didn't want to try my luck that day 😅
  9. Remi

    Hi everyone

    Hello there! I often wonder how strict it is in Belgium concerning public peeing and if the people would care enough to make a deal out of it? Overall the people there seem to be more laid back than in germany. Everything is more 'easy going', at least that what it always seemed to me.
  10. It a double edged sword for me. I usually always made sure i would be sneaky enough to not be seen. But the thought of being seen is in some ways exciting as well and the fasciniation grew on me. For example once i had to pee while walking on the sidewalk and next to it there were bushes and trees until you'd face a wall. I wanted to go there and i saw a nice girl was walking towards me but still far in the distance. I made sure no one else was around but i somehow hoped that she would see me entering the bushes knowing what i'm going to do so i waited a bit longer before i entered
  11. 1. Do you feel, act, and look your age? Can people guess your age? I often 'feel' no different than i did with 18. Some worries and perspectives have changed but overall i feel the same though i sometimes think that just means i am stuck. The acting your age thing is something i think i often fail at and will continue to fail at in the future, at least when i think back to how i imagined my own future and how it should be when i was a kidd. And this is something i get reminded of regularly when i catch me comparing myself to other people or rediscover those that i used to know from the
  12. Thank you so much for sharing that story and the pictures. I really like how dedicated you were once you spotted the plant. You immediately knew what you wanted to do and took action. Very mindful.
  13. I think that 'peeing anywhere else than where you are supposed to = naughty' manifested itself during a certain memory at a very young age. And at around 12-13 i started off with secretly peeing in basement rooms and cabins in an apartment building. I liked the thrill and the arousal that came with this kind of naughty behaviour so it was clear that it was more than just a little fun. But back than i didn't know about kinks etc...it didn't even cross my mind that others could feel the same about this like friends that were peeing outside or other places. To me i was just weird and not normal.
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