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  1. I did this once with a partner. I think we were at a cafe or maybe a museum, some kind of a public place anyways. He needed a pee and I wanted to join him in the bathroom. It was a men's bathroom with no urinals but 2 or 3 cubicles. When we entered, no one else was there, so we both got into the cubicle. I stood behind or rather to his side with us both facing the toilet while he unzipped his jeans. I grabbed his penis and tried to sort of pull back the foreskin. He started pissing and it went a bit all over the place. I was aiming at the toilet - honest - but had never done this before.
  2. Funny, I cannot remember which exactly was my first time receiving a golden shower either (just like I couldn't remember if the one I wrote about giving was the first one or just one of the first), but this is one of the first: It was again with a man I met through a kinky site. This was summertime and we headed to his summer cottage. It was an old log cabin with a porch and a lovely yard leading down to a lake, complete with a typical small wooden pier that led into the lake. Oh and crucially, there were no sightlines from any neighbouring houses. Now, we spent several hours there,
  3. The first or one of the first times giving a golden shower was with a man I had met through a fetish site. He came to my apartment that had quite a small bathroom but just about large enough for a man to lay on the floor. So he lay down on the tiled floor, naked. I stood over him, one foot on each side of his body about at chest height. If memory serves, I was wearing a pink/red bra and pinkish cotton panties. The prospect of what I was about to do was quite exciting but also made me nervous , so I took a while to get going. Finally, I was able to release control, and my pee wet my
  4. All of you have such wild hotel stories, but I'll add mine despite it being more tame. A short while ago I stayed in a nice hotel room with its own small sauna and bathtub. I had been out for the day and came back to the hotel room in the early evening. Upon arriving, I almost used the toilet but then decided against it. Instead, I eyed my surroundings. The room was very pretty and I really didn't want to cause any lasting damage. But there was an interesting nook in the room, a bit like a walk-in closet, separated from the room by a curtain. The floor was hardwood. I pulled
  5. I suppose my attitude to being caught peeing in public is fairly standard: If the stranger was appalled, I would be mortified. If the stranger was excited by it, I would probably be happy to have them watch. Neither of these has happened, but fear of option 1 makes me very careful.
  6. Yes. Yes. And did I mention yes? 😃 For me, revenge is not a motivator, but pissing on floors and furniture without having to clean it up I would do in a heartbeat. Even better if I had friends to do it with.
  7. Some years ago, I had my own office for a while. Once, I was particularly bored and distracted and in need of something fun to do. People were starting to leave and the whole corridor was getting empty. I needed to go quite soon, so I decided to wait until everyone had left. Once I was alone in this part of the building, I looked around my room. It was quite large but with few items of furniture. My own desk and chair were out of bounds, but there was a light green guest chair in the room. It had a wooden frame and just a slightly padded seat. It would not do for a full release, b
  8. For taking part in, there are a lot of things I enjoy. For watching porn, I only watch piss-related porn.
  9. The interest was there and some essentially nonsexual incidents took place when I was about 5, but I only realised the appeal when I was in my late teens.
  10. The trouble with loading up a bit to prepare for pee fun, is that I usually have to go again pretty soon after. This time I was home from my walk and needed to pee fairly urgently. As my boyfriend would soon be home from the shops, I didn't really have enough time to change into the dress, go outside, tidy myself and be innocent-looking by the time he got back. So I decided to use the storage box on the balcony again. I had already noticed that releasing a full bladder into it was a problem as it would flow out from the bottom and I'd have to wash the floor again, conspicuously often.
  11. I was at home and needed a pee. It wasn't urgent yet, so I decided to drink some more water first. It being summer, I wanted to go and GO outside again, so I put on a dress and sneakers, no panties. It rained slightly, so pretty much everything outside was wet, which must mean free reign to go anywhere, right? This time I left our yard to go to a tiny wooded area nearby. It is a kind of strip of woods between two larger roads, nice for a small walk and quite popular with dog owners. Because of the rain, however, there were very few people around. Not wanting to waste my pee j
  12. Early on in our relationship, I told my boyfriend about my kink. He does not share it, unfortunately. He has peed on me twice in the shower, but rather reluctantly, which in turn made me feel a bit bad. Our sex life is not horribly active. Being a very practical person, I actually suggested a while back that we alternate: every other time we have vanilla sex and every other time we include my kink (probably just him pissing on me in the shower, nothing more extreme). He did not agree to this, so now we just have pretty infrequent vanilla sex. I would really love to have a partner who enjo
  13. The first time I saw someone pee was when I was about 4 or 5. It was my male cousin who peed on a pillow in a closet at a relative's house. (Possibly at my request, although I'm not sure about that anymore.) Before I could return the favour, we got caught. However, the relative catching us handled the situation somehow very well and I don't associate any particular shame or guilt with the situation. We just got caught which meant we didn't do it again. However, I got another request in only a little later, maybe when I was about 6. At preschool, during class, a boy told me he needed to p
  14. If I never use the toilets there again, she might start to wonder, but I'm not worried for now. We've been there many times before and sometimes I have used the toilets and other times I have not (as in I actually have not peed anywhere 😄) .
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