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    Been secretly turned on by desperation and pee games forever

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    Desperate holding
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    Having a customer desperate to pee and letting me play with the hot stream of pee in her garden

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  1. As a gardener ive pissed in everyone of my customers gardens!!
  2. Paulp73


    Super sexy as always 🥰🥰
  3. Welcome to a friendly place...look forward to hearing more xx
  4. Paulp73


    Non hairy! Shows the wetness better😋
  5. Paulp73


    Great slit!
  6. Just how id like to go! Desperate yet?
  7. Love how absolutly full of pee you look
  8. Its not just hubby being teased...so hot❤️‍🔥
  9. Thats it... Flood gates open=nostopping you now your hooked!!! Well done and great puddle ❤️
  10. A warm and wet welcome Zee! Hope you have fun xx
  11. Paulp73


    Hi and welcome
  12. Big welcome to the site..youll find it a friendly safe place to be amongst like minded no judging people xx
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