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    Been secretly turned on by desperation and pee games forever

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    Desperate holding
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    Having a customer desperate to pee and letting me play with the hot stream of pee in her garden

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  1. Paulp73


    Hi, welcome to the site.
  2. For me the best was when at work in a customers garden, it was a cloudy winters day and i had waterproof trousers on over some work trousers. Anyway id been holding for ages and just as i was thinking about releasing against a tree the customer comes out to walk the grounds and discuss future works etc...so im a full 10 desperate but trying not to show it to my customer. Then i realised tge waterproof trousers would hide my leaks. Slowly i realised spurt after spurt..felt so good, so horny, they had no idea...the feeling of hot piss running diwn my leg was amazing.
  3. Hiya, me and my partner have taken to daring each other to be out together whilst holding, so we both know each other are getting fuller and teasing each other without people around us knowing
  4. Hi emma, welcome to the site..im sure youll be glad you came out xx
  5. Hi and big welcome to a great site
  6. Hi amy, welcome to this wonderful site
  7. Anybody out there...im bursting and desperatley holding
  8. Welcome to a fantastic site
  9. Wow what an exciting story...im looking forward to hearing more adventures!!
  10. Welcome @zoe468, im sure youll love the site..its great
  11. Hi and huge welcome from the uk!!
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