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    Been secretly turned on by desperation and pee games forever

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    Desperate holding
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    Having a customer desperate to pee and letting me play with the hot stream of pee in her garden

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  1. If I want to make myself pee, monster does it every time!!
  2. Such sexy pictures...thanks for showing it off
  3. I have a wet spot, not visible but making it harder to hold on
  4. Love to know how they work out when put to the test
  5. Energy drink downed, pressure building
  6. I'm about 3 hours in, so becoming more interesting!
  7. Just wondering if/who is out there holding it in atm? I know I am getting desperate!!
  8. Pace yourself, and enjoy it! 4 hours in How's it going?
  9. Pace yourself, and enjoy it! 4 hours in How's it going?
  10. Not often and usually when it's raining, being a landscape garderener and wearing waterproof trousers doesn't mean I stay dry 😊
  11. I love holding it all day at work and making a dash for the shower, I try to hold it as long as possible then let the warm flow out over my stomach and down my legs before turning the shower on.
  12. Totally agree its so addictive!! I find it becomes like game of dare, daring myself to keep holding and hoping I don't Totally wet.
  13. Thanks for the welcome, unfortunately I can't send you a pm as I've not been a member for long enough! I have to say I'm jiggling around in my seat a fair bit now thou
  14. Unfortunately my partner doesn't share my pee passion, but I do often pee in the side alley, I do pee in the back of the work van often, usually I park in the middle of the local shop car park and get a real buss hearing people near the van as I'm in the back desperately trying to pee quietly lol
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