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    Been secretly turned on by desperation and pee games forever

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    Desperate holding
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    Having a customer desperate to pee and letting me play with the hot stream of pee in her garden

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  1. Was desperate on way to another job so decided to pull into lay-by and let go onto van floor, felt so good to just be pissing as the cars drove by!
  2. Showing my age here but yes many a happy piss in the old phone box, well the did smell of piss before I got there!!
  3. I often masturbate in public if I'm really struggling to hold in a big piss, not only does it help to hold but it is a really good feeling 😊
  4. Thankfully caught on camera for us all to enjoy 😉
  5. Hi and welcome to the friendliest site ever! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun 😊
  6. Yeah really enjoyed it, love the feeling of just letting go momentarily whilst they are completely oblivious found it such a turn on!
  7. Sounds like you really enjoyed that piss. You must have been desperate
  8. So today I decided I'd take a risk, just to see how it felt and just for the sheer excitement. So whilst chatting with a customer about some additional work I (for no apparent reason) thought it would be exciting to let out a 5 sec spurt of pee whilst we were talking. My mind was racing and my bladder although full was controlled. It was amazing, they are completely unaware and although my underwear was damp it didn't show. Definitely found it to be such a turn on!
  9. Paulp73


    Made me smile like a 'Cheshire cat'
  10. Hi and welcome, hope you enjoy the site!
  11. @Naughtypisswife you are so sexy! You get all us boys going xx
  12. Paulp73


    Welcome from the uk! Hope you have a great time
  13. I'm dying for a wee, bursting to pee, im about to wet myself are the 3 I use the most!
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