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    Been secretly turned on by desperation and pee games forever

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    Having a customer desperate to pee and letting me play with the hot stream of pee in her garden

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  1. Hi sophie, You may have been asked before but here goes, which is the better feeling, the feeling of holding right up to the point of not being able to any longer, or the feeling at the point of lose of control?
  2. Fantastic to hear of some real life desperation...i can only imagine the great relief xx
  3. Hi and big welcome from the south of uk!!
  4. Paulp73

    Pee sites

    100% here!!...best by miles
  5. Paulp73


    Hi becky, huge welcome and hoping you enjoy this great friendly site xx
  6. Hi and big welcome. All the weirdos are on the outside of this fantastic group!!
  7. Drink a lot of lemon barley water!
  8. A big hi and welcome from the uk, you sound like a very lucky man!!. Hope you enjoy the site
  9. Hi and huge welcome from the uk
  10. @Sophie this is pure and amazing porn...fantastic xx
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