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  1. I stand and aim my piss over the side of the bath, so my stream ends up going into the bath.
  2. I know that when I was younger according to my mum I struggled with potty training. As I spent most of my first school pissing myself.
  3. Yesterday I took a break from work and had fun with someone on here, which wound up with me needing somewhere to piss. Without thinking about it, I headed over to my desk chair stood and pissed my thick yellow stream onto it. Then I took care of another desperation, but fuck I needed to go.
  4. First post from me in a while. Been really busy. Last Sunday night, I was sat watching the TV getting increasingly desperate to piss. I was really horny too, as my clit was aching. Then, I remembered I needed to take the bins down to the front of the house, by this point I was squirming, so I pulled my jeans down and squatted to release a really long piss. I came back inside and had to take care of the other release hahaha 🤣
  5. I can vividly remember pissing myself allot in primary school, either because I was shy when it came to asking to go to the loo or because I didn’t have time. Let’s just say I created a lot of puddles. To be fair not much has changed…
  6. All over the taps on the bath. Got quite a nice arch going to be fair 😉😈
  7. Reading all your masturbatory habits got me wet and well…
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