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    Cross dressing male with a big pee fetish! I lovw to hold my pee and wet myself. Holding and peeing in tights and thongs/panties is my favourite!

    I love to watch women hold, pee dancing and crotch grabbing is a big turn on! Real desperation is the best, nothing better than seeing a woman in public bursting to go! Also love to hear a woman say the word bursting, really does a lot for me!
    I do enjoy seeing women peeing too and I also love to see the after pee wiping, have a bit of a fetish for pee wipes!

    Given the chance, I love to drink pee direct from the source!

    Also have a menstrual fetish, can't get enough of period content!

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    Crotch grabbing and wiping
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    Seeing a friend bursting on a walk

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  1. Soaking wet after my pee! Guess I'm a bad boy for not holding it in
  2. I was a bad boy who peed himself so had to punish myself with a big wedgie! Wish someone was here to do that to me!
  3. Theres no chance of me getting out of these! Trying so hard to be a good boy and not peeing!
  4. Bladder is so full!! Some come hold it for me!!!
  5. It'll end the hold, the fire hose will be set loose! 😬😬
  6. I don't think I could stop it if I started 😬
  7. Another Saturday morning, another bursting bladder!
  8. Gotta love a bit of period blood in a pee! 😍😍
  9. Oh wow big bladder! 🔥 Kinda want to press on it!
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