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    Cross dressing male with a big pee fetish! I lovw to hold my pee and wet myself. Holding and peeing in tights and thongs/panties is my favourite!

    I love to watch women hold, pee dancing and crotch grabbing is a big turn on! Real desperation is the best, nothing better than seeing a woman in public bursting to go! Also love to hear a woman say the word bursting, really does a lot for me!
    I do enjoy seeing women peeing too and I also love to see the after pee wiping, have a bit of a fetish for pee wipes!

    Given the chance, I love to drink pee direct from the source!

    Also have a menstrual fetish, can't get enough of period content!

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    Crotch grabbing and wiping
  • Hottest Pee Experience
    Seeing a friend bursting on a walk

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  1. Time for a fap in my yellow thong!
  2. Oh no! My bladder burst, I'm going potty in my diaper like a bad boy!
  3. This little leak still doesn't mean I need to go!! 😬😬
  4. JimboDingle


    Omg I love it! So brave and so hot!
  5. My bladder burst and I went potty in my diaper! Can someone come change me now?
  6. And then later rocking the bralette, white thong and nude tights, very comfy!
  7. Going for the tights and leotard look with a peek of blue thong showing too
  8. Videos of the hold and then losing it! It was so hard to hold but was also so much fun! Personal best holding for 15 hours and 7 minutes! Never skipped my morning pee before so was always going to be a challenge but my god was it good! The relief when I lost it was freaking amazing! 🥵🥵 https://x.com/JimboDingle/status/1783824795311755595 https://x.com/JimboDingle/status/1783827480773796258 https://x.com/JimboDingle/status/1783843977285820724 https://x.com/JimboDingle/status/1783856123025432831 https://x.com/JimboDingle/status/17838590
  9. 15 hours, 7 minutes and I lost it! New personal best! Wowzer! What a relief, that was insane! So wet with pee! I'll copy the video links from Twitter later.
  10. I last peed at 23:43, its not 14:10.... Its so bad! Help me please!!!!!
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