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    bi female
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    mid 20s
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    a kinky girl who loves all things pee related!

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    naughty peeing, wetting, and nonchalant are my favorites although im into just about everything related to pee!! i love watching and being watched, being told im a good girl whenever i dont use the toilet, however i dont have a partner to admire all my pee adventures so im hoping you all will 💛
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    -i frequently like to go to the beach fitting rooms and pee in different ways!! on the wall, the floor, the bench, etc its the best!
    -wetting my jeans while standing in my garage smoking
    -my diaper leaking one of the first times i tried it, and feeling the pee run down my leg when i wasnt expecting it was so hot
    -attempting to pee in a garbage can in a bathroom but i was a bit too short for it and it ended up running all down the front of the can into a puddle on the floor

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  1. I want to wait til its dark to fully release but im so desperate I’ll need to come up with something soon to let go of some of the pressure
  2. Im waiting for it to get a bit darker out. Hopefully the next 15-20 mins. I really have to go
  3. My diaper is very full. I also have to pee very bad. I decided to put a skirt on & I will be either walking around the block or just on my porch, skirt only and no panties and will be trying to sneaky pee standing up!
  4. My diaper is starting to get a bit full. Deciding on if i should let it leak or not
  5. I wish i had the courage to pee around the house. A huge fantasy of mine is getting a hotel and covering it.
  6. I almost filled it all the way up!! It was so hot I am very turned on now. I wish i had to pee more. I just drank more water
  7. I just moved the diaper over and used my go girl to fill up a water bottle. Ive never tried that before!!!
  8. I havent decided yet! Im currently drinking some water, i have a few hours until dark. I plan on filling up and peeing a couple of times the next few hours. I need a few ideas where to pee haha
  9. Ive been leaking a bit every time i feel the urge. The warmth is definitely making me wet.
  10. Ive been kinda leaking a bit into a diaper. Once the sun starts to set I think I want to put on a pair of shorts and stand on my porch and pee. I’ve never done that! I’m also considering putting a skirt or pants on and peeing into my diaper while taking a walk.
  11. Can I just thank this thread for encouraging me to use my tub more haha
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