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    bi female
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    mid 20s
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    a kinky girl who loves all things pee related!

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    naughty peeing, wetting, and nonchalant are my favorites although im into just about everything related to pee!! i love watching and being watched, being told im a good girl whenever i dont use the toilet, however i dont have a partner to admire all my pee adventures so im hoping you all will 💛
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    -i frequently like to go to the beach fitting rooms and pee in different ways!! on the wall, the floor, the bench, etc its the best!
    -wetting my jeans while standing in my garage smoking
    -my diaper leaking one of the first times i tried it, and feeling the pee run down my leg when i wasnt expecting it was so hot
    -attempting to pee in a garbage can in a bathroom but i was a bit too short for it and it ended up running all down the front of the can into a puddle on the floor

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  1. id love to try sitting in the passenger seat, putting my feet up on the dash, and letting go!! id also love to try sitting in the middle seat in the back and seeing if i can reach the front
  2. mine is definitely on my knees/doggy, or laying on my side and gently letting it run down my bottom thigh
  3. personally i would love to try peeing in a car, both soaking a fabric seat and spraying into the windshield. i would also love to wet a bed, still have not due to my living situation!
  4. honestly, if i ever find a single room bathroom that does not have stalls i will almost evr se th toilet. floor drain, trash can, sink, all fair game to me. and if its already a mess?? im squatting everywhere
  5. ive leaked a few times into it so far!!
  6. just put a diaper on for the first time in quite a bit!
  7. definitely a dream i hope comes true one day!
  8. i personally slowly let it trickle out so that it can absorb some, while continuously drinking. i normally make this a movie marathon activity. at the end, when i feel that its about to burst, after teasing myself with spurts for awhile, i completely flood it knowing itll overflow!!
  9. i prefer to do the peeing, but i definitely like aiming a pissing cock at my nipples!
  10. i love doing this while diapered!!
  11. It is finally is getting nice outside!! I just lit a blunt and have been smoking out back on my patio set, wearing a skirt and crop top and no panties. I’ve just been casually peeing here whenever I need to, hearing it trickle onto the concrete and seeing the various stages of dryness have been so hot to me
  12. its a possibility but if i get caught my account gets suspended, i lose any money in my bank in there, and i lose my following
  13. i reallyyy had to pee but ive been on this kick of not using the toilet. i ended up taking my pants and panties off, kneeling in front of a mirror, and peeing into a bowl i placed underneath me. i peed for probably 45 seconds, and i was watching myself in the mirror while feeling my breasts and teasing my nipples, and my swollen clit was making my pee aim a little wonky so some got on my legs and ran down my thighs!!!
  14. the beach is my favorite. i can walk and pee, i can lay on my stomach and pee through my bikini, i can sit with my knees up and move over my bikini and get a nice arc into the sand. not to mention all the times ive peed all over the bathrooms there!! the beach is definitely my favorite
  15. ive considered it, especially because my body type/aesthetic is what a lot of people here talk about desiring and i already sell spicy content, but im too embarrassed to post pee stuff because i publicly advertise my content and i dont want my friends seeing that im into that lol. i would also need to change platforms bc OF doesnt allow piss content. definitely thought about making content and captioning it like “had a lot of requests for this one” or something though lol, and i bet i could charge more than standard content because its kink based
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