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    bi female
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    mid 20s
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    a kinky girl who loves all things pee related!

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    naughty peeing, wetting, and nonchalant are my favorites although im into just about everything related to pee!! i love watching and being watched, being told im a good girl whenever i dont use the toilet, however i dont have a partner to admire all my pee adventures so im hoping you all will 💛
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    -i frequently like to go to the beach fitting rooms and pee in different ways!! on the wall, the floor, the bench, etc its the best!
    -wetting my jeans while standing in my garage smoking
    -my diaper leaking one of the first times i tried it, and feeling the pee run down my leg when i wasnt expecting it was so hot
    -attempting to pee in a garbage can in a bathroom but i was a bit too short for it and it ended up running all down the front of the can into a puddle on the floor

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  1. I would love to have a guy spread my lips to aim my pee definitely a fantasy of mine!
  2. I would love to wet a bed i have so many fantasies about what ways id do it, and also want to pee all over the inside of a car! Spraying the dash, soaking in a seat…one day hopefully!
  3. I love the wet feeling! Whether im sitting down and peeing into a puddle, wetting my pants, feeling it run down my bare leg…and also seeing the mess
  4. Curious what type of pants you like to wet! I personally love jeans because of how they absorb the pee, rather than just drip out. But I’ve been wanting to wet for some time now and I’m curious if theres a different material I am missing out on!
  5. Fully gender neutral where anybody could walk in? I dont think I could. However I love finding the private gender neutral bathrooms. I always use the urinal, and always miss but thats part of the fun haha
  6. How hot!!! I havent done diaper play in awhile either but this is making me want to pick up another pack.
  7. Somehow I was able to just let out a bit more into my diaper. I guess I missed the warm feeling. Haha
  8. I just did! I stood up and pulled my diaper down about 4-5 inches and rested the cup on there. I fully let go expected some leakage but I perfectly filled the cup, hands-free! I almost overflowed it. The sound was lovely. I can’t wait to finally let go in the diaper.
  9. I think I am going to tuck a cup into my diaper and let go in a few minutes
  10. I have a couple of hours but I’m on my last diaper. I really have to pee a lot, I’ve been leaking, and I want to eventually flood the diaper. I feel like I might but I’m not ready yet! I was thinking about maybe peeing into a cup and so I can keep leaking some more and have a final big flood!
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