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  1. i havent in a store because im a former retail worker and feel too guilty lol
  2. i also think itd be hot for the person to be like “are you peeing?” and peeking into my diaper and it ends up spurting out when they check it
  3. im very new into this aspect of a kink but i really like the thought of someone telling me to wet my diaper, or sitting on someones lap while wearing it and they casually feel their leg get heavier and warmer because im casually peeing!!
  4. i propped my legs up and spread my lips and aimed for my chest!! most of it ended up in my hair and face though
  5. i just finished showering after giving myself a golden shower!!
  6. i dont know im getting really close to having to make a decision!! im not too flexible i usually just prop my legs up on the wall and aim for my chest!!
  7. i might try a self golden, its been awhile since ive done that hah
  8. hey all! if youve been following me you know i decided i finally want to try diapers…and honestly theres no going back. i bought a 12 pack and they were gone in 48 hours….and ohhhh my god 😍 the first time i put one on and slowly leaked to get a feel for using it. i flooded quite a few times, and oh my god was it amazing!! feeling the heaviness between my legs and the diaper getting heavier as im letting go, the feeling of walking around with warm wetness all over me…the naughtiness of letting go slowly on my couch….wow 😍 even if youre not into baby play (im not) i cant suggest
  9. do you have any suggestions if its going up my back and leaking out my legs? how do i know its on properly?? trickling my pee out it can absorb a full bladder but the few times i held until i wet them, it flooded but the padding had a ton of untouched/unabsorbed spots!
  10. welcome!! cant wait to read!
  11. 30 if you add up what ive already done, more if you add in my fantasies!! i hope we all get sentenced to the same cell block and can flood it together 😈
  12. this one about an hour!! ive been letting a little bit out every roughly 10 mins. gonna see how long i can leak before i need to move off my couch!!
  13. my diaper is getting so warm and wet
  14. ooo that sounds nice to see!!! id also love to pee in a cup in the car but theres something about the thrill of spraying the dash and windshield!
  15. i think you should, thatd be really hot and im sure youll feel naughty
  16. i would loveeee someone to pee in my pants!! lucky girl!
  17. i wet a lil more into the diaper im trying to think about what i wanna pee in/on today
  18. yes, unfortunately!! if i really want an arc i cant think about what im gonna do or else ill get too turned on to get the stream i want!
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