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  1. I did not think I had to pee that bad!
  2. Somehow I was able to just let out a bit more into my diaper. I guess I missed the warm feeling. Haha
  3. I just did! I stood up and pulled my diaper down about 4-5 inches and rested the cup on there. I fully let go expected some leakage but I perfectly filled the cup, hands-free! I almost overflowed it. The sound was lovely. I can’t wait to finally let go in the diaper.
  4. I think I am going to tuck a cup into my diaper and let go in a few minutes
  5. I have a couple of hours but I’m on my last diaper. I really have to pee a lot, I’ve been leaking, and I want to eventually flood the diaper. I feel like I might but I’m not ready yet! I was thinking about maybe peeing into a cup and so I can keep leaking some more and have a final big flood!
  6. Not sure- I’m on the live action thread !
  7. Yeah I could imagine that would be rough!
  8. I’ve been slowly leaking into a diaper for the past hour or so!
  9. I do somewhat frequently, I love the feeling of being able to let go anywhere and the warmth that stays on me
  10. Curious what you all like peeing in when youre not using the toilet or yourself! I usually prefer wetting, diapers, or the floor but sometimes like adventuring into other things. I really like being on all 4s and aiming into a long flat tupperwear (I’m a girl so small bottles are not as easy for me) I’m curious on what you all like to use?? I want some new, “rare” ideas! I want to try a cardboard box soon
  11. I occassionally do!! I am actually wearing one right now
  12. i prefer doing it doggie, or wetting except my pants are pulled down 4-5 inches so it drips into my panties and still warms my legs hehe
  13. id love to try sitting in the passenger seat, putting my feet up on the dash, and letting go!! id also love to try sitting in the middle seat in the back and seeing if i can reach the front
  14. mine is definitely on my knees/doggy, or laying on my side and gently letting it run down my bottom thigh
  15. personally i would love to try peeing in a car, both soaking a fabric seat and spraying into the windshield. i would also love to wet a bed, still have not due to my living situation!
  16. honestly, if i ever find a single room bathroom that does not have stalls i will almost evr se th toilet. floor drain, trash can, sink, all fair game to me. and if its already a mess?? im squatting everywhere
  17. ive leaked a few times into it so far!!
  18. just put a diaper on for the first time in quite a bit!
  19. definitely a dream i hope comes true one day!
  20. i personally slowly let it trickle out so that it can absorb some, while continuously drinking. i normally make this a movie marathon activity. at the end, when i feel that its about to burst, after teasing myself with spurts for awhile, i completely flood it knowing itll overflow!!
  21. i prefer to do the peeing, but i definitely like aiming a pissing cock at my nipples!
  22. i love doing this while diapered!!
  23. It is finally is getting nice outside!! I just lit a blunt and have been smoking out back on my patio set, wearing a skirt and crop top and no panties. I’ve just been casually peeing here whenever I need to, hearing it trickle onto the concrete and seeing the various stages of dryness have been so hot to me
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