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    Lover of pee fun since the late 1970s when a student. Clothed and naked, giving and receiving.

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    See clothes change colour and drip
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    Then wife peeing her pants and tights outdoors on a walk.

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  1. Uk male train drivers often use a bottle. Often discarded on the track. Known as "Driver's Tizer" due to the colour.
  2. Hi there Nick. Nice to read your invitations to pee fun. Is it a thing in NL? I read that about 4% of men and women like it in the UK but there seem a goodly number interested in NL. Interestingly a lady I know, now in the UK but from NL once randomly started talking to me about a pee wee tube and how she used it when hiking. I was too surprised to reply at the time. And too embarrassed since to raise the subject. Did I miss something I wonder?!! Mark
  3. Apparently my ex's 1st husband asked her to describe the sounds of other women peeing in public toilets. Never thought of that before and it's not yet doing anything for me. A new kink. Interesting to read that others do it.
  4. A couple of times a week these days.
  5. I had a peeing fetish before I met my first wife. Initially convinced her to pee her knickers on the loo and some time after she was sitting on the floor at her house when I asked her. She just lifted her skirt and peed her knickers and sheer tights. Left a massive damp patch on the carpet. Next morning her dad said he could smell pee qnd presumed it was the female dog they had. We sympathised with him.
  6. No problem. I'm new here, not sure I hadn't found you before. But am just finding my way around.
  7. Male 63yo divorced from NW UK. I've been having pee fun since the 70s when I found mu then gf peed when showering. I then asked her to pee her knickers qnd it developed from there when I heard Picc Radio interview a girl saying her client asked for it.
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