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  1. Is that your cute bum sophie?
  2. I came across this site of Japanese comic porn but quite a bit of toilet. https://www.hentai.name/search/toilet-man/
  3. Hey all, well my self, kate and emma went on a get together to go and see the new ghostbusters flim. Whilst I order some items to take in with us into the flim, both girls went to the ladies, to safe going through the flim. We were at the back row and it was quite in there which was a surprise, thinking it would be busy. Anyway as we were watching the flim, emma nudge me and whisper into my ear she had wet herself due to jumping due to the sound of the flim and asked me could I feel it wet around her, I checked and said no. We waited till the half way mark on the flim, lights came on could see
  4. Yesterday me and kate went to one of our local pubs to watch the Wales vs France match which despite not being a brilliant match, it was still a great time out. The pub was full of fans and not much room to move about but the toilets were very busy. Kate told me after one trip to the toilets, she thought of slip into the men's due to the line but never got the chance to. During the 2nd half of the match I went to the toilet which were down end of corridor and making sure no one was about or looking, slipped into the ladies toilet, into the nearest stall. Whilst peeing, it was not long be
  5. Hey all, yesterday I had to go to the hospital to see a ear specialist as I keep having trouble with my ears. So after spending an hour driving around the car park to find a space, I felt the urge to pee but put it off until I had seen the specialist. Was kept waiting to be called, was really in the need to go but tried to put it out of my mind, as I knew if I went before I was called I would end up being missed. So after a 45 minutes check and was told to come back for another look and maybe a scan, I was able to go and find a toilet. As I made my way, the corridors were very quiet for late a
  6. Hi all, over this weekend myself and kate have built a a fake toilet stall in a spare room at her place. As we are getting more into water sports and expand to try with other. We decided to build a fake toilet stall we'll two actually with a fake toilet in both that can go over people's head, there is toilet roll holders and holes in the wall and door for extra fun. There no working water but a sounds flushing toilet and sounds of other women peeing. The floor is waterproof with tiles. Hopefully will be able to keep updated on fun. We already have christen it with kate pretending t
  7. They do smell of wee in Tesco, Asda, tk marks.
  8. Hey all, the other day me and my gf kate went on a shopping trip, poor kate wet her self in public changing room. How it happened was kate was drinking lots of water and was going through at least 3 small bottles of water, felt like she didn't need a toilet break. We went from shop to shop with no sign of kate wanting a break despite wanting to have a break and a chat. We went into marks and Spencer as kate loves to get most of her undies from there. Kate started to pick out a few things and I was holding things for her, it was not long before she wanted to go and try things and headed
  9. I saw one on a late night haul to new York, I was sitting at the back and was just dozing when I heard someone rushing to use the toilet. I heard the door slam shut and a huge sigh of relief, I pretend to be a sleep when I heard the flush and saw one of the flight attendants coming out of toilet, with toilet paper stuck to her shoe's.
  10. Earlier today, kate my gf hosted a baby shower for her best friend Holly who is expecting twins but not sure what sex they are going to be. Kate had asked me to collect a few party item's like balloons, foods etc. Kate asked me to make my self scares for a few hours and would tell me what happen later. I got back to her place at 6pm and had bought takeaway food to save us and especially kate further hassle with the dishwasher which is waiting for a new hose as it blew and made the palace wetter than when the pair of us play watersports. Anyway she told me that the bathroom was busy with
  11. I have been able to find 5 mins to tell you about me and kate wet weekend. It was to celebrate valentine weekend but also explore some more of our kinky sides. After our walk in the woods, we came back and enjoyed a warm shower together but also kate had me to lick her clean but also to drink her golden nectar but I also rimmed her ass and she was squealing like a pig. After she had shaken from a orgasm from playing with her ass and pussy she collapsed onto the floor of the shower and I hose her down with my cock all over her sexy body and especially spending time over her her tits. Kat
  12. Myself and gf Kate are having a weekend away at a local caravan place in Wales. We arrived early today before the roads came a mess with protesting farmers. We had planned for a fully wet weekend with Kate wanting to wear nappies /diapers. Anyway we decided to go for a walk in the woods, with pack lunch and hope to find a quite spot for Kate to try out her shewee device which she been dieing to try out in public. We found a quiet spot for lunch and Kate drank a lot of water as she wanted to make sure a good lot came out of her. We started back and after an hour Kate was desperate to pee, we we
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