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  1. Thanks for sharing. Love the sound of a nice piss. Really great video.
  2. Awesome pictures. You have a hot body. I love how dating you are with your peeing. Have they found out eventually? And if so, what was their response?
  3. Really nice pictures😍, makes my dick stand up straight. 😜
  4. Hello all, This will be my first post here. I had a fun little experience, just a couple of minutes ago. I was cleaning the bathroom tiles and was standing naked in the bath. I always do that, because that way I don't get any (water) wet clothes. While I was cleaning, I felt the urge to pee. Since I was already naked and in bath, I figured to just let it go. The thought made my dick a bit bigger and stiffer. So, while I was cleaning and was sitting on my knees, I just pissed. It felt really good and a bit naughty. I'm by means as adventurous as some other people on this f
  5. These are truly great stories and pictures you post. I think it is truly wonderful that your parents are also into your kink (more or less). Keep up the 'wet' work, I would say. 🙂
  6. I love to read some of the fantasies you all wrote. My pee fantasy is watching a woman wetting her jeans. Or she wets her jeans while I have my hand on her crotch. Other fantasies include: Pee while we fuck. I pee in her pussy and she pees over my dick. Pee over a woman, and let her pee over me (just not drinking it, I'm not into that). Just pee in my underwear. I did that a couple of times, when I was a teenager You know, the usual things. There is also a simple fantasy, which I did and that was, pee on the ground while I was laying in bed. That was fu
  7. I used to pee in the bathroom sink when I was younger. It was the ideal height for me. Usually I just hanged my dick on the edge and just let the flow go. I always felt naughty when I did this.
  8. Great, great photos again. You are so lucky with a roommate that also enjoys pissing. Is she also a member of this forum now? 😇 Also, do you have plans to make a video of you pissing, and share it here?
  9. You are a girl to my heart. You have no shame when it comes to peeing and you let us all enjoy your fun by making absolutely gorgious photos of your pussy while you pee. Absolutely stunning again. Big fan of your stories and photos.
  10. Awesome story. Must be great to let it all flow, and your parents joining the fun.
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