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  1. Hot as always @puddyls. This looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  2. Truly a great picture. Love it, and as @gldenwetgoose already said, you're far too good for us.
  3. Gorgious. 🤤 Love how free you are with your beautiful body. Keep it up ☺️
  4. Sounds like all you girls had fun at the trampoline park 🙂 I really love the fact that you and your mother are so open about naughty peeing. Really looking forward to your next experiences. 🙂
  5. Must be really fun, working with you. Love them all 🙂
  6. Lovely photos. You look great. I know this is a piggy, I wouldn't eat :)
  7. Lovely pics. You have a beautiful body. Really like what you are showing us.
  8. These are truly hot stories. Can't wait until you post another one. Must be awesome to have such a 'thing' with your mom and husband. Keep (the stories) coming 😇☺️
  9. Great story. Loved it very much
  10. Thanks for sharing. Love the sound of a nice piss. Really great video.
  11. Awesome pictures. You have a hot body. I love how dating you are with your peeing. Have they found out eventually? And if so, what was their response?
  12. Hello all, This will be my first post here. I had a fun little experience, just a couple of minutes ago. I was cleaning the bathroom tiles and was standing naked in the bath. I always do that, because that way I don't get any (water) wet clothes. While I was cleaning, I felt the urge to pee. Since I was already naked and in bath, I figured to just let it go. The thought made my dick a bit bigger and stiffer. So, while I was cleaning and was sitting on my knees, I just pissed. It felt really good and a bit naughty. I'm by means as adventurous as some other people on this f
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