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  1. CON2H4

    Anybody else peed in the sea?

    Am I really that naïve? This is why I put nothing under my hottest pee experience in my profile. I have nothing. I only ever pee in the toilet. Except on maybe six occasions where I had to use a bush, and today.
  2. Ok so I've been dragged of in a two day car journey to France to look around some boring palaces and shit. Thankfully though, I don't have to share a room with my brother. Unfortunately the gîte wi-fi blocks porn (thank God for VPN or else if never see you guys) Anyway, determined to get at least something out of this holiday, I went to the Mediterranean sea for a swim. Now the Mediterranean is usually a good deal warmer than, say, the Atlantic, but still quite cold. So I thought I'd warm it up by peeing. I was surprised how soon I could go expecting to have to be more desperate to let go, but found I was disappointed with the lack of warmth. Has anybody else peed in the sea? Did it feel any warmer?
  3. CON2H4

    The Hostel (A Kaymala Story)

    I feel the cigarette ruined it for me. I hate it when beautiful people smoke. Otherwise excellent
  4. CON2H4

    A Trip to the Pool

    Lol. So true. Also if you pretend intersex and trans people don't exist.
  5. CON2H4

    The Collaborative Pee Story

    I don't know, I feel I might have more to contribute as the story develops.
  6. CON2H4

    The Collaborative Pee Story

    Of course, her friends didn't exactly wear longer skirts, and they weren't prudish at all (far from it) it's just that few are as adventurous as Scarlett.
  7. Hey guys, sorry I haven't been working in much of late, but I have been busy failing at my studies. I have finished my studies for this year and am thus have more time to continue.

    But for now it's sleepy time. Goodnight folks

  8. CON2H4

    Peeing Inside a woman's pussy

    I'll tell you what, when I get back to writing, I might include that in one of my next stories.
  9. That's just because it's cropped.
  10. I said H4. And yes, it is for aesthetics. The CON part is a nod to something about me (CON doesn't mean fraud in this case don't worry) But also I use CON2H4 on other sites. (Reddit, literotica, maybe a few I forgot about).
  11. CON2H4

    Morning pee and more

    I've done that loads of times. Can't say I find it particularly exciting as it's still a toilet.
  12. CON2H4

    The Holiday Pt 7: The Final Day

    Wouldn't it be crazy if they were introduced to a "pee friendly" bar or something. Like a bar with so few/awful toilets that it just became a norm to pee anywhere.
  13. CON2H4

    Girl's Night 6

    Should have Cassie have sex with Evan at some point, that would be hot.
  14. CON2H4

    Dreams that involve pee

    I just had a weird dream. I was in this big room and in the corner it had a kind of small room inside the big room. It wasn't marked as a toilet, but there was one in there for some reason. Anyway, I was in this room and I sat down on the toilet, with my legs wide open to pee. Now I was in the room with a woman and I wanted to be a bit of an exhibitionist for her, despite not knowing her. She then commented on it in a matter of fact way, and not even offended like "quite the exhibitionist I see there" or something. Then I started getting erect and pushed my dick down as best I could.
  15. CON2H4

    A request

    I like it