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  1. CON2H4

    In My Room

    Destroying his stuff is too mean.
  2. CON2H4

    Old story reposted for Holiday.

    My only concern is that one of the characters is a bit young.
  3. I also get aroused looking at erect penises. Then again, I'm not exactly straight myself. ;)
  4. It sounds like you are straight to me. One of the main points of porn is that you are supposed to imagine yourself in the position of one of the characters. In this case the guy. You are probably imaging yourself getting hard for that woman and having sex with her. Which is about as heterosexual as you can get.
  5. So I've been busy (in theory) with university work doing a postgraduate degree. But i still found the time to write on chyoa.com. The story starts with a young lady named Zoë getting frozen in time after an accident skiing in the Alps. You can read what's been written so far here. Culture shock from the future. I deliberately left the story open to allow pretty much any fetish to be included in the various alternate scenarios that the second chapters could depict. This does include pee. So the question is, what does Zoë see? I may one day write more myself. But I think it may be fun to put it out to you guys.
  6. CON2H4

    The Piss Empire - Part VI

    Good to see you back.
  7. CON2H4

    Morning (Kaymala pt 5)

    It's writers like you who make this place awesome! Of course we care
  8. CON2H4

    Favourite surface to pee on?

    I am going to be boring and come up with a half acceptable answer. in a bush.
  9. CON2H4

    Dreams that involve pee

    Same here.
  10. CON2H4

    Erectile Function

  11. CON2H4

    Erectile Function

    I used to be able to pee just before orgasm, which felt weirdly pleasurable. Now I just can't. I stopped doing it because of the mess. I yearn for the feeling of having my orgasm triggered while I'm peeing.
  12. Hi all, so I've had this idea around my head for some time, but I discovered Choose your own adventure dot com and was intrigued by the works of some of the authors there. The website is basically an erotic fiction site where you write a story chapter at a time and can have multiple chapter, diverging story lines, for the reader to choose from. I feel it would be a great idea to write a pee themed story there. there are a few others already, but they don't get nearly as much attention as I think they deserve. So here is my idea I want to start with a second person POV story that starts with you being told in a dream that you are about to be introduced to a world where the rules around peeing are very different, and then you choose what those rules should be and find yourself in said world. Idk guys, what do you think?
  13. CON2H4

    Dreams that involve pee

    Weird. I was just thinking about the line "If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends" line, and how wise it is.
  14. CON2H4

    Dreams that involve pee

    OK, so this morning I woke up from a dream that I was at somebody else's house having dinner, then I was to stay the night in a tent outside on the pavement (sort of placed in the sort of position a parked car might be) with some friends. Anyway there was also some helper/mentor type person with us (female) who helped us set up. I asked her what we should do if we needed the bathroom in the middle of the night. She then got out to the pavement and lowered her leggings, squatted and pissed right there as if explaining by way of demonstration. The dream was then ruined a bit, by a child coming out of another house at the moment the "helper" finished her wee. The child asked what she was doing with her leggings around her ankles, to which she responded that she was just doing a wee. For some reason the child was fine with this and went on her merry way. Still it was kinda hot that the helper just pissed on the pavement as if of course this was what we were supposed to do. I think this might be inspiration for a story I could write.
  15. CON2H4


    There was a woman from Japan Who needed to be fetched a bedpan the nurse wasn't there so she peed everywhere And for clean-up she had no plan