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  1. It isn't. This misconception needs to die already. Urine contains usually benign species of E coli in the bladder. Make sure your partner is tested for all STIs and trustworthy. The other risk is PH imbalance. Drink plenty of water to reduce this risk, and introduce this kind of play gradually. If you experience any discomfort, consult a doctor, as this is not medical advice.
  2. I met someone who said this was something she wanted to do sometime. The problem is, infections.
  3. Funnily enough, I asked her for some of her stories on another site because I don't like how Amazon spies on us. Apparently she had to agree to publish that story exclusively on Amazon, and nowhere else. Pretty sure such a clause is illegal, but it's litigating it in court that's the problem.
  4. Have you considered therapy? It might help to have a non judgemental person to talk to.
  5. It isn't sterile. Anyway in answer to @Moore007's question. I'd get a doctor's appointment. Make sure there's no underlying medical issue.
  6. So does that mean I can go whoring withot drugs?
  7. Ok, so this was just a random thought thrown out there. But did you know you can buy powdered lubes? Basically, you have a powder, and to make it a lube, you just add water. I can certainly think of some "water" I'd like to use for such a product.
  8. Archive of our own is a good site for fanfic. There are already plenty of works there. The only caution I would make is that it does allow underage characters, and while most people who do that apply warnings so you don't have to read that, I can't guarantee you won't be scarred.
  9. I am glad I went back on my notifications, otherwise I'd have missed this.
  10. As an engineer, this was painful to see. Also, reminds me of a story my mother told of a freezing cold office she worked at, where the incompetent inspector held the thermometer bulb in his hand and declared the office wasn't too cold.
  11. I found this randomly websearching Warning, unencrypted protocol http://m.quickmeme.com/meme/354zwj
  12. Not Indian myself, but it's clearly just porn. You can find American people doing the same thing if you look hard enough. Most Indians either have a toilet, or go outside. Sadly, a lot of social problems arise from the latter.
  13. So far, probably slightly with girls, but that might just be that I'm more comfortable around them in general.
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