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  1. I'm reminded of when Victoria Coren-Mitchell was on a panel show and the conversation of what to call lady bits came up, and she said she didn't like any of them. Maybe, suggested one of the other guests, that that's because of what it is. Maybe We'll never find a suitable word until we de-stigmatise the glorious bits. As for the word cunt. I'm told it used to be the correct term until it got stigmatised by misogynists. But interestingly enough, it's etymological roots extend far. Perhaps to words like queen, cuneiform and gynaecology. But the truth is uncertain. https://www.ety
  2. By the way, here's how to not combine them. type into an excel spreadsheet cell: =CONCATENATE("C",UNICHAR(8204),":") then copy the resulting cell into the website. C‌:
  3. this needs breaking up into paragraphs Stevie goes out to the parking lot, still in complete shock at what she's about to do. Then, she sees Charise. "Charise!", says Stevie. "Stevieee! I've been so excited all the day that I could barely wait. I almost wet myself twice today just thinking about it. The 2nd time, I couldn't even hold it. I had to rush out to the parking lot between class periods to go pee between some cars." "You couldn't have used the bathroom?", said Stevie. "Hell no. The bathrooms here are nasty. That time I got dared to pee in the sink was one of the b
  4. seriously though, why is it that when you quote me it turns into an emoji, even though it didn't when I posted the original comment?
  5. Welcome to heaven. I am the one true deity. Now to answer some common questions Yes, I'm female. you honestly didn't expect a bunch of patriarchal bigots to get it right did you? Yes, you can have sex in heaven. In fact the amount it's repressed on earth, I kinda wouldn't mind if you did some catching up. And as I'm omnipresent, I am available if you have nobody else. Yes you do need to "go to the bathroom", but not necessarily in an actual bathroom per se.
  6. By the way @Peevert Where did you read about said bars? I'd be interested in learning more.
  7. Closed also due to societal prejudice? Like "Oh no! The gays are doing perverted sex act *ignores the fact that straight people do it and pretends like it's any of their business*"
  8. Hi all. So I was in the Reddit group r/dirtywritingprompts in which I asked for prompts along the following lines "Give me a situation that's normally considered embarrassing/humiliating and I'll see if I can write a wholesome story about positive acceptance." And I received the following prompt "She had been in her cubicle staring at the ladies room door for a while now. Every one in the building seemed to be occupied and locked but someone had to come out soon right? She kept telling herself that even as the pressure got to be too much and she felt the first wet trickles of pi
  9. This is almost a Dixie Comet clip.
  10. Having to scroll the text constantly is annoying. Otherwise. Intriguing story. I have to find out what happens next.
  11. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO PEEING ON THE FLOOR!? WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF ESTABLISHMENT IS THIS?" "Madam, I suggest you calm down, we still have restrooms you could use." "DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! FIX THIS PROBLEM OR ELSE I'M NOT COMING BACK." "Well that was unexpected, how are the rest of my guests?" "Actually we think she's right; we're leaving."
  12. Hi! I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your contributions to Reddit.
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