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  1. Funnily enough I was accused of it when I was at school, by a one of my classmates. Called me gay and everything. 😞
  2. If only this wasn't fictional.
  3. Sorry I was just saying I couldn't write as well in French
  4. Si j'écris en français je ne pourrais pas si bien écrire.
  5. I really wanna see her succeed now. Also, I find the setting strangely interesting
  6. :et me try tidying it up "Clara, I need to go take a piss, where is the bathroom?" "Yeah, I forgot to tell you, we don't have a toilet at home, so we just piss on the floor." "Uh, I'm not sure I can do it ..." "Yes Alex, you can, there is nothing more normal, look" Clara undoes her jeans and brings them down to her knees, Alex notices Clara is not wearing panties under her jeans. Clara starts to pee in the most normal way, right next to her bed, on the carpet "Okay, my turn" said Alex He in turn undoes his jeans and takes out his penis, he then begins to urinate right there, on the
  7. I hope you enjoy yourself. Let us know how it goes. (I so wanna try it).
  8. Sorry, is there a problem? What do you mean I'm peeing? What else am I supposed to do? Hold it?
  9. Damn @wetwulf is on fire!!🔥🔥🔥
  10. A friend of mine said this in a conversation and I thought it would be good here. "....today is practically impossible to see a woman not peeing during their ultrasound visit while pregnant, while in the past it happened only to 15% of women, now it happens to 95% of them. Usually it will happen during the medical examination. Professionals suggests to let it happen naturally as it's a sign of good kidney health. Not cleaning your medical office may benefit it, as a faint smell of pee from other women, may stimulate your next client to give up on their control..."
  11. Excuse me, Do you know if there is a toilet nearby? No, but there is an art piece about societal attitudes to peeing that is looking for volunteers to pee on it. I'll show you.
  12. remember; you don't need a toilet to pee- just your anatomy.
  13. As I have said before, the site loads well on my windows 10 laptop. But on my android 6 phone, it keeps closing down my browser and taking down background processed like my VPN and blue light filter.
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