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  1. Nothing but Mcafee security and duckduckgo privacy add on. I know it's not the latter because it works fine on the duckduckgobrowser
  2. There is such a thing as an ejaculating dildo, so maybe that holds some clues
  3. Hi. I'm currently using peefans on a laptop touchpad on windows 10 and the firefox browser. For some reason, in order to log in, I must right click the log in button, and open in new tab, rather than just left click
  4. You don't need facilities to breastfeed.
  5. I was on the bus yesterday, and the girls in the back were sitting on top of the backrests because there was vomit on the floor. So, I really don't get what the newspaper is complaining about. Besides, it's not as if there are any facilities on the bus.
  6. This is reminding me of how DiPetsa designed a bunch of women's wear to look wet. Though hers was supposed to be a feminist statement that I do not understand.
  7. This is why you shouldn't lie to your children. Just say you were doing grown up things that shouldn't be talked about in polite company.
  8. One thing that wasn't mentioned was the risks associated with consuming.
  9. Sorry to be blunt, but my browser was throwing me warnings about the security risks. Should we really be logging into an http website? Can I suggest, that if you want us to read your stories, you post them on a more modern website than that one.
  10. I also gather that arranging the rose petals on the bed to spell "Puta" is also a really sweet gesture
  11. Apparently ketamine makes you incontinent. Who knew? Don't do drugs kids https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-bristol-68826392
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