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  1. "Excuse me, but when I asked where the bathroom was, I wasn't asking to take a bath" "Well then say which room you need insteadof speaking in your strange code." "Well, it's awkward..." "You need to take a piss don't you?" "Urm, can I ask you not be so vulgar? But yes." "Jesus Christ! Just go in the bath".
  2. Don't then. There are other EVs that are less likely to kill you in a fire.
  3. I did hear a story of a kinky dinner party where they decanted wine in a man's bladder
  4. Oh gosh! I forget how weird Britain is for celebrating Mother's day early.
  5. Pretty sure it's discrimination to fire someone for having an onlyfans account.
  6. true. Even the Romans didn't segregate facilities. Peeing on front of other people was just normal.
  7. Clearly he's gay, or asexual, and also, he never learned the no you didn't rule. Did you see something that doesn't concern you? No you didn't.
  8. Speculative evolution is the art of imagining how life could have developed differently. What if we were marsupials? What if we had feathers instead of fur? What if spider monkeys had a trunk as well as their four limbs and a tail for extra mobility. So with that in mind, what if something about our evolution changed peeing in some fundamental way. Like if humans evolved to mark their territory like wolves, or if humans evolved more to attract mates through peeing. Even more interesting is to observe what other animals do, some of which is truly fascinating. For example, bluebirds li
  9. Maybe we should start a thread for speculative evolution of peeing. That could be interesting.
  10. Actually, I've been into spec evolution for a while, but it's quite interesting what real traits actually exist in nature, for example, there are legitimately birds whose waste products are essentially bagged inside their body, so when they expel the waste in a bag, it could be just chucked out to avoid messing the nest. Just something this thread is reminding me of.
  11. Probably outside, but maybe anywhere outside. it gets a bit more taboo when you have paths, and high foot traffic, but before then, it wouldn't really matter.
  12. Meanwhile in reality, the noise and or smell, would alert the deer.
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