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  1. So I just logged onto here to ho check chat and since I usually chat either by scrolling down on the main page or opening the dedicated chat page, I did just that. But it seems like both of the options are broken currently? The main page site looks like this: And dedicated site chat like this: Whenever I type a message, I don't see it appear. However, if I open the chatbox thing down at the bottom and go into the main room, it is just fine (and I see the previous messages I've sent but didn't see appear). So did something go wrong with it? Or am I the only one experi
  2. I'm experiencing this every 20 to 60 minutes now and don't remember it being that much of a problem a year back. The site is generally fast, but then becomes unreachable for up to three minutes.
  3. I have had a long standing issue on this forum with links not working when I try to share them. Everyone else's links work fine for me but I cannot post my own. They just don't work on this site for me and have not done so for a long time, though links work fine for me everywhere else on the internet. This is a weird on because everyone else's links seem to work fine here and my own work fine everywhere else. Might be a browser issue because I tend to use Microsoft edge just because that is where all my favourite sites happen to be bookmarked. When I try to post a link, all that happens i
  4. Hi. I'm currently using peefans on a laptop touchpad on windows 10 and the firefox browser. For some reason, in order to log in, I must right click the log in button, and open in new tab, rather than just left click
  5. I've noticed something lately. Most of the times, when using the live chat, I turn the sound notifications on and keep the browser minimised, while doing whetever else. Then I go away from the computer to lie down in my bed but I still wanna continue chatting. So when I log into the same account as the one I'm logged into on the computer, whenever I send a message from my phone, I hear the bell from the browser on my computer. My understanding is that the logic behind the sound playing is device specific, not account specific, which is probably not ideal. I know this is such an edge
  6. When I login to PeeFans I am met with an error. I am still signed in and once returning to the homepage everything is fine so it is a minor inconvenience at worst. Chrome on my Android tablet. Tried in incognito mode also with the same issue / error code. Have not tried on desktop yet. This is from the homepage so it is not like I am trying to access somewhere I do not have permission to.
  7. Recently my browser has began to flag Peefans as unsecure. I wasn't able to read the full notice but it said something about the site's license expiring. Is this something any other users have encountered, and should it be something myself or anyone else should be concerned about?
  8. Every time I use this site I get randomly logged out at some point. Especially when I've just spent a long time on a response or contribution. Why is this happening? How do I stop it? Thank you.
  9. Hi. Strange one this. One of my regular private chat correspondents has disappeared from my list in the 'conversations' chat window, though I can search for that person and open the window for that chat. It's just that the person is not in my list. This is happening in desktop (Chrome) and mobile (Android) versions of the site. Any ideas? I have logged out and back in but the issue persists.
  10. Why every single post have images posted twice. I run on win10, Firefox 92.0.1 (64-bit)
  11. G'day Strange error when logging on using my password manager. Everything loads ok when I close this error message.
  12. Hi Admin Sorry to repeat the post, wasn't to sure if it would flag. My message tab seems to of disappeared without deleting it. Can it be put back by myself, sorry and thanks again.
  13. This is an issue I have noticed previously but I haven't had the opportunity to share a screenshot for various reasons. When things have been copied and then pasted with the default rich text (instead of selecting paste as plain text) they retain their font colours. That's not an issue except for when using the dark theme. The font keeps it's default black colour but it is on a dark background so it's incredibly difficult to read. and here you can see Cheekyfe11a has copied and pasted non-Euclidean geometry (I don't blame him it's hard to spell!) https://peefans.com
  14. @Admin Another chat box bug report from me... The chatbox is visible but blank, both on the homepage and on https://peefans.com/chatbox/. The little live chat in the corner still works. @Kuparis reporting the same issue so it isn't isolated to just me and my device.
  15. If you write a message and then edit it, anything after the & gets removed. For example, I can write "M&S" it will show fine, but if I then edit the message nothing after the M will be saved Edit - if I type "M+S" instead I get "M S" everything after is still there this time but the + is replaced by a space Edit edit - <> is broken too. Could this be related to XSS prevention and &lt/&gt? Edit edit edit - %^~|[] {} @#*- =()_£"':;/ all work fine, I've only found issues with <>& and +
  16. I click the "Click to choose files" below the text box and navigate to a photo. The little uploading box at the bottom appears and I get the usual progress bar but once it is complete I get a pop up with the exclamation point and ok button saying nothing but "-200". The upload box then says "upload failed" I have tried different images with various file sizes. Links still automatically embed fine. @Kupar is also reporting the same error but I am unsure how they are uploading files. Ps - while I am on the topic, who has access to the upload feature? I think I was asked to help test
  17. I keep getting locked out of my account when browsing on my tablet in incognito mode, I'm not entirely sure what is causing it and it is hard to troubleshoot when I'm locked out for 15 minutes at a time. What I think triggers it is signing out, but I cannot reproduce it reliably. I always enter my username and password correctly so it's not like I've hit a timeout for too many failed attempts. It first happened last week (the day I asked you about the chat reappearing) and I didn't report it, dismissing it as a one time glitch but it has happened again. One thing I noticed when it happen
  18. Private messages you sent or received within the last 24 hours have likely been lost due to a technical error. I recently made a post explaining how due to coronavirus, gold membership rates had dropped, and asked if anyone was able to either donate or upgrade to help support the site. One person came forward (who was already a gold member!) and a huge thank you to them... however the lack of interest meant we downgraded our backup settings slightly since we cannot afford the 'best' any more. This means that when this most recent error happened, we had to reset things 24 hours.
  19. Is there anything that can be done with the smiley list? My tablet crawls to a halt whenever I open it because it has to load all the images. I feel like most aren't even used so it could be cut down significantly.
  20. I have been getting this error message for the last week or so. Clicking the button always fixes it and I keep forgetting to screenshot it.
  21. When following multiple topics is mentioned on a profile, the 'and' is written twice. Should be an easy fix!
  22. Not really a major issue but the professional theme is my favourite to look at but it seems to mess up the content of profiles, I remember you saying some time ago that there were some issues with it, is that still the case?
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