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    I'm just an average looking male, who happened to find not one, but two pee girls. I've married one of them and the other one lives with us both. We are all very happy together.

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    Golden Showers, the sheer sexiness of it.
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    The day I met my wife, lol. She showed me everything and we have never stopped since.

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  1. Scot_Lover


    I know, but the question was the fastest man made object, lol. That's what I responded to, ISS is currently the fastest thing we've made that carries passengers. All bets are off when someone goes to Mars, though.
  2. Scot_Lover

    Let's get to know each other better :)

    Yeah, I'll be in too. Male 52, married. Favorite movies - Dances with wolves, Total Recall, Braveheart, Mad Max (all of them), Saving Private Ryan, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Star Wars (all of them) Favorite TV shows - Star Trek, Outlander (I don't watch much tv) Favorite foods - KFC, MacDonalds, Local Chinese and Local hotels. Maigh can cook a few things we like, Lamb Shanks, Roast Pork Favorite bands - Pink Floyd, The Angels, Midnight Oil, Marilyn Manson Favorite snack - Shapes, biscuits we have here, Hobbies - Computers, internet, PS4, music and woodworking Pets - Wee little doggo we 'inherited', her name is Matilda Favorite Holiday - Christmas through to New year, the whole week is dead. Easter is pretty good too. Greatest achievement - Forming an Internet company, branching out to programming, selling before the internet bubble burst. Typical day - Coffee with Maigh, then pretty much decide on what to do with the day. PS4 takes care of some of that, PC, xbox, gardening. Some days are pretty hard to kill. Traits I value in a friend - Loyalty, mostly. Fun loving, sense of humor, a good person to have around.
  3. Scot_Lover

    Jesus Christ, whatever next!

    I don't know if it was a myth or not, but basically, i was taught everything I know based on the King James Bible. This was commissioned in 1535, based on the original Greek and Hebrew texts, 1500 years after he reportedly died. I can't find any reference to the original texts, not sure of the historical significance of them after the Bible was published in 1611. Why the gap of 1500 years? Was there any mention of Jesus in history prior to the Bible? I've read a few historical novels, and I know that they are novels, but there is little reference made to the Church prior to this time period. After the bible came into widespread circulation (this took a long time, believe me) the general population accepted and attended the churches that sprouted up everywhere. I bought an old Bible, it was from a decommissioned church (the poor old priest died in the thing, wasn't discovered until 4 or 5 days later, so sad). This book was a monster, full of paintings, and it must have weighed 20kg, written in Latin. It cost me $300 I kept it for a while, and I later sold it for $800, I couldn't get anything useful from it.
  4. Scot_Lover


    ISS? Admittedly, it has the aerodynamics of a brick, but it still manages 24,000 kph, completes an orbit of our planet every 90 min.
  5. Scot_Lover

    Mouth pissing question

    Yes, to nearly all of them, lol. I've not paid anyone, not been with anyone else, for a long time there were 3 of us that we're into it, but sadly, one of us moved on. We both kneel, there is no squatting as such, I'll kneel down in front of Maigh, sometimes touching, other times, leaning back, then it happens. She still has some surprising force behind her, splatters all over the place, and most times, she is clean, tastes neutral, like a fine mineral water. Due to the way she is, Maigh will have a go at mine anytime of the day, even if I'm strong enough to dissolve sheet metal, she will gamely try. The more disgusting it is, the more she likes it, but it does have a detrimental affect, I hate seeing her sick from it, even though she tells me she loves it. Most times though, I'm clean as well, we hydrate liberally, spring water from the supermarket comes out clean and tasteless.
  6. Scot_Lover

    In the beginning.

    Procreation is something we share with everyone on the planet, wolves in a forest care nothing but where the next meal is coming from, still make baby wolves. Kangaroos that bounce around our native land, still have a belly full of arms and legs. Koalas that bark all night, still make little koalas. Sheep and cows still make tiny copies of themselves, they all do this, so do humans. No higher intelligence takes up a big chunk of their lives and they are doing fine. We share 99.2% of the DNA of every animal on this planet. That 0.8% that we have that's different enables us to create society, build incredible things or go to war over religion. I can't make a connection, it just doesn't work for me, Maigh either.
  7. Scot_Lover

    In the beginning.

    I don't disagree with the idea of A Big Bang, who knows what happens to matter when it's compressed down to a point. The point is pretty liberal here, it still may have been several light years across when it popped. I dont, however, believe that some higher entity caused this to happen. What if the 2 were never related at all, and the 'idea' of a supreme being was a man made thing all along? Think of all the religions we've had here on the planet, all of them were separated by distance, some for thousands of years, but all of them had the same basic premise, that there was something out there, something that caused the thunder in the sky, someone who could be blamed if your day turned to crap. When I was a child, I was dragged along to church by a family friend, not by my parents, someone outside of the family. I was eventually kicked out, I asked too many questions, too many wrong questions. On thinking about this, it seemed my parents never believed in any kind of religion, neither did I, yet other people did. Why? Was it a switch in my brain that wasn't turned on? Maigh and I have had some fun with the this, well, a lively discussion at any rate. We were tossing around an idea for a book, a light hearted science fiction thing. We've not done anything about it yet, but a OneNote file is full of ideas and references.
  8. Scot_Lover

    Girls pissing in each other's mouths

    These are so hot, I don't think it matters who does it, lol. And that look on her face ........
  9. Scot_Lover

    I wish more people used chat.

    It did work, for a while.
  10. Scot_Lover

    I wish more people used chat.

    The mod team has been looking at some of the issues in the chat room, you may have noticed some changes. I liked the idea of the daily chat theme, everyone met up at a particular time.
  11. Scot_Lover

    The awesome grandeur of nature

    Local flooding only, supermarket got inundated, no damage though. We were out driving when we saw it coming, got home before it started. Was pretty intense for a while.
  12. Scot_Lover

    The awesome grandeur of nature

    This storm blew through last night, dumped a months rain in 30 min, killed our power until this morning. Up on the mountain, Maigh said it all with a fitting "Something Wicked This Way Comes".
  13. Scot_Lover

    Conspiracy Reality

    Got it, Matthew Alper: there is a pdf online. The God Part of the Brain Maigh and I were talking about alien civilizations, and the possibility of someone visiting our backward planet. How would the church (all of them) react to an alien saying "What is this God thing? There is no God, just an endless universe" and so forth. Would this unfortunate alien be murdered where he stood? Would the clergy demand to be taken with the alien, to spread the word of god to the universe? How would the universe react to the teachings of god? We didn't think it would go down well ....... lol.
  14. Scot_Lover

    Conspiracy Reality

    Maigh and I have been fighting with some flat earth fool, according to his doctrine, Australia doesn't exist, and everyone who says they live there is under the employ of NASA. (I, for one, is waiting on 52 years of back pay, lol) I mean in this day and age, can you believe people still think the earth is flat? At 40,000ft in an airliner, you can see the earth has a nice curve to it: no, gravity apparently bends the light waves, it just looks that way. I've been to Antartica, on a cruise ship that anyone can buy a ticket for, only to be told that I couldn't have, it's a secret militarized NASA base that is closed to everyone. Oh, and the 6 or 7 bases that were run by Japanese, Russian and Chilean (who are stoked to see a cruise ship) are just elaborate plots to protect 'the edge of the earth' We love feeding these bottom dwelling trolls, their stupidity levels are a wondrous thing.
  15. Scot_Lover

    Omg like this is really happening!

    Peeing outside in 45c evaporates before it hits the ground, lol. Oh, and wet jeans are dry in minutes. Peeing in Antarctica is a complicated process, you have to wriggle into a large plastic bag that you pull over your head, usually with 2 other people. Then you have to get all your layers off, do your thing into a plastic baggie which you leave outside the tent thing. (You have to pick it up when your done, nothing is left behind). This is only done when your out walking across the ice, when you crash for the night you set up your own private tent.