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    I'm just an average looking male, who happened to find not one, but two pee girls. I've married one of them and the other one lives with us both. We are all very happy together.

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    Golden Showers, the sheer sexiness of it.
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    The day I met my wife, lol. She showed me everything and we have never stopped since.

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  1. Scot_Lover


    @greedyneedygirl What a brilliant piece of writing, loved every word. We have those creeps here, tiny cameras in the toe of a shoe, or the more blatant mobile phone under a skirt of someone who is just going home on the subway. The ugliest one that made headlines was someone taking pics of school girls. These were the ones who were caught and dealt with by the law, considerable jail time too, if I remember. Another one that I heard of was warned off so sternly, he needed stitches and a couple of plaster casts, possible blood transfusions too with his share of blood he left on the floor. No charges were ever laid, but the police did remind the population to let them do their job. @spywareonya I can also understand your point of view too, my ladies have been bare under long dresses at The Melbourne Cup, the freedom they felt, the daring of it, and the knowledge of doing it in a crowd of 100,000 people. The fact that they also sashayed along the grass, tinkling as they went, was never mentioned, lol. Doing it in a controlled manner, in a place you can control is no problem, as you said, zombies came after you in one of your places, someone 'stealing' pictures of you, without your knowledge or permission is just wrong. Having those pics shared to anyone is also just wrong. 1 pic can easily be seen by 100,000 people in a night, such is the power of the Internet.
  2. Scot_Lover

    Lessons in magick #2 The Gods

    Wow, I'll get back to you on this. Do you think the Gods are the reason we have LSD, peyote (mescaline) and other mind altering chemicals?
  3. Scot_Lover

    Hi from holly from England

    Welcome to the site, Missholly, we are glad to have you here.
  4. Scot_Lover

    Hi from holly from England

    Geez fw, you could have welcomed the girl instead of calling her out over some minor detail. Maybe the locale setting on her PC is incorrect, and she is not aware of it.
  5. Scot_Lover

    Do any songs arouse you?

    I love the possible Pee references that only Shirley Manson of Garbage can impose. When I Grow Up Only Happy When It Rains
  6. These girls are tough.
  7. Scot_Lover

    Gallery of The Gods

    @spywareonya Wow, faces to the names, these look incredible, you can almost feel the power of them, hidden in the image. Fantastic but forbidding, thank you.
  8. Scot_Lover

    It is official :-)

    Happy Birthday, Sephora, glad you had a great day
  9. Don't throw the controller, lol. Really, I knew someone who had broken 3 PS4 controllers, and smashed a $2,000 tv, just because he lost a game. He sold the PS4 and his PC because of it, which was a good thing, I was tired of fixing things.
  10. Scot_Lover

    Anybody else peed in the sea?

    We do it in a wetsuit while surfing, warms you up quicker than waiting for the layer of water to warm up. You do need to vent it though, after a couple of hours, you can smell rather bad, lol.
  11. Scot_Lover

    Could anybody be interested?

    Yes, I know. How many people don't recognise it when it happens to them? They either fail to see it totally, never pick up on the signals between people, or see it, but don't do anything about it?
  12. Scot_Lover

    Could anybody be interested?

    Bull at a gate never works, lol. Just scares people away. What about a totally random meeting? Have you ever looked at someone across a room and just 'clicked'? Some internal fuse blows and you turn into a puppet with eyes only for her? This happened to me, her voice, her hair in the low light, her gorgeous blue eyes, everything about her turned me into mush. People say that love at first sight doesn't exist, I think it does, but you have to know it when it does happen to you. Don't let it walk away, grab on and go for it. Maigh was naked and in my bed the first night I met her. One thing that she said to me that night, after the first frantic hour, was that she finally found me, and was never letting me go. She still tells me 13 years later that she never let me get away. Amazing things can happen, just know it when it does.
  13. Scot_Lover

    Lessons in magick #2 The Gods

    Thanks @spywareonya You mentioned Him being called for an Exorcism, what other things may He be used for?
  14. January 13, 2014. I was invited to come in for a look, may have been steve28505, or Sophie, just not sure anymore. It was during the time PS was being a bit wierd, flame wars over the slightest comment, pressuring me to get the girls signed up, almost to the point of banning me. As soon as I saw this new place, I was hooked, and have never looked back. Yes there has been some sadness, losing Kevin so abruptly, people moving on, either by choice or forced to leave (thankfully, this hasn't happened for a while), and the sudden closure of the site left us all wondering. When I was offered a chance to help resurrect this forum, I never hesitated, just knowing what it meant to so many people was enough. Accepting a moderators position changed the way we were posting, Maigh and Mary just can't log on and post anymore (this was the bone that PS wouldn't let go, sharing an account was a no no, although couples could do it freely) for obvious reasons. They don't mind this happening, but there are 3 people here, so opinions may seem a bit strange. Thanks to Admin and Founder for keeping this amazing place going, I'm on here more than I'm on Facebook, lol. Just love it here with so many friendly people.