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  1. I can't see how this could work either, the logistics of recording every user would bring the net down. Thousands of people log on every waking minute of the day, think of the server that would be required. Im not saying that it couldn't be done, Google and Facebook work, but they require buildings the size of city blocks to operate. We already have ISP blocked sites in Australia, 4chan.org has disappeared from Telstra's DNS, no amount of hissing and booing is going to bring it back. Several other 'politically incorrect' sites have also been blocked, LiveLeak was down for a while, but has since made a 'cleaned up' return. Every torrent site that is out there is now replaced with a nice little 4 line Gubermint message basically saying that you're a bad boy for trying to access illegal material. This is a bummer when you require a Linux or FreeBSD iso that's made available as a torrent. I would not be surprised if the gubermint was recording the I. P. addresses of people who did try. Is there any word on wether international visitors logging into a UK hosted site is subject to the same requirements? Check out VPN's people, my VPN equates to $2.79 AUD per month (billed yearly) and it definitely takes censorship pain away.
  2. The trouble is, as much as I hate the phone permanately attached to me, I seem to rely on it more than ever. My servers in the garage are available to me anywhere, the Microsoft Azure account is available anywhere, if any of my 6 clients have a problem, I'm onto it in minutes. If I ever lost my phone, I'd be in a world of hurt, because of the weird logon requirements of Azure, I can access it via Powershell with no administrator password, it's horrible. Everything at home is available on my phone, it's scary what I can do, even more scary that I allowed it, lol. Would I give it up? No, because it's so handy, so helpful, so useful.
  3. There was one guy here a while ago who had worked a camera into the top of his shoe, he was having a happy time looking up girls dresses on public transport. He only got caught when he showed some video and images to the wrong person. The police set him up and nabbed him, frog marched him from a peak hour train. His set up was pretty elaborate, had an ankle cuff thing with a battery pack and wifi with a small cable down to the high def camera. The wifi transmitted live images to his phone, making him look like any commuter sitting back engrossed in his hand held. The pics and videos the police found when his place was raided earned him a 10 year holiday in a small country prison farm, he had pics of girls and women of every age, from state school to pensioners. The public outcry was justifiable, especially to the people on the train line he frequented. This stuff can get scary, and not just with the things you can buy, it's also a worry about the things you can build, as this guy learned the hard way.
  4. I know, no malice intended. Just noticed that this was a thread from last year too. Lol, she said thank you (I think).
  5. How can you 'measure' something so good? If you know what to do to someone, the feeling is all that matters, no need to label it with a 'measurement' Maigh will tell me when things aren't working, and we'll change positions, sometimes a couple of times until 'I get it right' then proceed to a mutually satisfying conclusion. You can lay bets that we are not thinking about how big it is, or how long it is, lol. I know that ladies come in different sizes, with Mary, some positions I could touch bottom, bumping the cervix must be uncomfortable judging on the expressions I remember. Maigh appears to be bottomless, and no, I don't mean walking about with just a tee shirt on. Just enjoy being with the person you're with, don't complicate things by creating self conscious body images that get in the way.
  6. We attend the Melbourne Cup almost every year,, and it's a sight to behold, upwards of 100,000 people getting into it just for the hell of it. Maigh (and Mary, when she was here) both walked about the lawn areas and tinkled where they went, long ball gown type dresses work well for this. Trying to get into a toilet was a joke, for anyone, I'm truly surprised that the grass and several kilometres of rose bushes haven't died because of too much salt content. There isn't a lot of drunken brawling inside the course, you can find that in the carpark. People are usually behaved, probably too drunk to start anything, lol. Public transport also gets into the news, the state of train carriages has to be seen to be believed. People stand for the 20 minute ride to the city, and just splatter where they stand, guys just kind of face the door, pull things out and just go for it. The floor of these things is awash with pee (and other bodily fluids), it's horrible, they get hosed out after every trip, then put back into service again. Experiencing this entire carnival is impressive, the people, the music, the party atmosphere, it's something to witness live, but you can also see the bad side of some people. Something that people don't want to remember.
  7. The beer in this country is going downhill, we used to have beer at 6%, now the most popular ones are all 3.5%. Our favorite lately is a drop called Great Northern, kind of dry, but not bitter, and it tastes fine either going in or coming out If we need to give it a little kick, then a shot of vodka is added, has the desired effect. Pricing doesn't change a great deal, 700 ml spirits are $35 - $40, beer is the odd one. 1 six pack is $20, but if you buy a slab (case) then it's $45. Guess how I buy mine, lol. We don't drink a lot either, maybe once per week, on the weekend mainly. There are all kinds of specialty beers available, but the price of these imports is eye watering, we just haven't gone there.
  8. I sit down at home, then there is no issue with someone yelling that I left the seat up, lol.
  9. Ok, the techno nerd is coming out. I'm currently running: Windows 10, FreeBSD 12 and Linuxmint 19.1. There is an Android pc here too. What Operating Systems are you people running? Just a question, no nefarious schemes will be attempted, want to get a feel on what other people are using.
  10. Ok, I'm probably using a U.S. Based source, we have watched the entire 'Outer Limits' the original 'Lost in Space' and a few other tv things from the 50's and 60's that we didn't know existed. Some would have looked far fetched when first on air, and although dated, has some relevant points.
  11. I kind of like the Cyberpunk era, Bladerunner, Judge Dredd, The 5th Element kind of settings. I could really be at home there, lol. No idea that society will end up this way, of course, the nuclear war boffins are now saying that we live in a worse time than what happened during 'The Cold War', and that someone will do something stupid within the next 20 years.
  12. You do know that almost every TV show that has ever aired anywhere is available on an Internet tv system? We have an andriod Kodi box that never ceases to amaze us, it's the best thing since torrents, lol.
  13. Google is far worse.
  14. Rofl, thank you, I can be the next Stephen King. Its tragic though, Mc Chucks has an app on the phone so you can order and pay without any human contact at all, apart from the minion who delivers your order. People will soon be wearing a welding mask to hide totally from the world.
  15. Maigh and I use Facebook, for fairly different reasons though. I use mine to keep in contact with my strange sister. She works for the WHO in Geneva, it's it's so much easier than her worrying about an international phone service. She'll just message where she is currently working: be it Bangladesh, Rio de Janeiro, Chicago or Johanesburg. I know she's safe, and doing ok, it's just easy. Maigh has a few people in the UK that she keeps up with, but that's pretty much it. We are not even on each other's contact list, lol. I can understand the way people get hooked on it, see them all the time, McDonalds is full of people wrapped in their own little technological bubble. We have some amazing forests and beaches near us, it doesn't take a lot of time to just sit and listen, we do it every time we can, the peacefulness grows on you in a nice way.
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