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  1. Some teachers have a sense of humour, this was on a whiteboard in the staffroom
  2. Cars that are scared of corners, you can be bopping along, following someone doing the legal limit, then, at the smallest kink in a road, hit the brakes, and drop 30kph. After the kink, they speed up to legal limit again. In most cases, these kinks are in a double line section, no overtaking permitted. The other pet peeve is overtaking lanes, people drive at 80kph (50mph) then on an overtaking lane, speed up to 100kph (60mph) then slow back down to 80kph on the open road. 65 tonne lawn mowers (silage equipment) also hog the country roads, these have a max speed of about 30mph, 65kmh, and happily putt along with no regard to the 2km long traffic jam behind them.
  3. Please don’t post the same content in multiple threads.
  4. Please note that this site has a no scat policy. There was a report made for this post, if there is another, the thread may be deleted.
  5. Not exactly someone peeing on someone else, but Mrs And Mary did their own thing while walking about the public gallery during a visit to The Melbourne Cup. Long flowing dresses, spider web knickers, holding thighs together and letting it go. They kind of got hot and bothered, lol. Just the thought of casually peeing in a crowd of 100000 people turned them into a hot wet mess. I don’t know how, but they managed to find a private place to ..... err ‘sort themselves out’
  6. My Mrs sleeps in a middy tee and knickers. This tee shirt is brief, if she puts her arms up, it covers nothing. Anyway, while she was sleeping, I was restless, and in my thrashing about, managed to pinch one of her nipples with my elbow as I sat up. Apparently, this is quite painful, she let out a shriek and berated me severely causing some angst. I didn't feel anything, lol. She got up and went to the bathroom, shirt pulled up, massaging the injured part when I heard a shocked 'Mo'dia' and she was back in the bedroom quicker than she went out. One of our Colombian friends was sitting at the kitchen table in the dark. The sight of Maigh in tiny knickers with her shirt pulled up must have been impressive, there was some Spanish mutterings and laughing as Maigh burrowed under the blankets. I had to attend to the injury and found more things to work on, the night passed in a mutually agreeable fashion. I found out later that he barely saw a thing, he was just as shocked as she was. I left it for a day or two, then told her not to worry about it, nothing was seen. It was funny at the time.
  7. Ooo k. I've gone with Dashlane, lol.
  8. Does anyone use one? I'm finding that I'm using similar passwords on various sites, need to get a bit more secure.
  9. My wife and I still do, for over 15 years now. We met by complete accident, in a little pub in Gretna of all places, and from that dizzy day back in 2005 it has been almost non stop. She tells me that she is the horniest when she has pee on her, mine or hers. Peeing in each others mouths and faces ranges from no taste at all through to what she calls ”battery acid”. She is truly more depraved than I am, and I love every minute with her.
  10. Please read the forum rules, and the chat rules while you're at it. This is not a hook up site, it is a community of like minded people. Look around, get to know people, share your info, join in. Barging in, asking for ’trades’ in your first post is not a good way to start.
  11. There was a time in my shady past, when I rebuilt manual transmissions, big tough Aussie V8 ones. It gradually disappeared though when automatics became more common (and the were able to handle it). Automatics are almost bullet proof now, practically all cars sold here are auto, you get odd looks when you ask about a manual, or you get talked into the dual clutch "automatic manual" option like my old A45. It worked well, paddle shifting in manual mode was fun, but the car did it for you. My current drive has a CVT, and at 100,000km, still doesn't need a service, its due at 150,000km and I'm not looking forward to it, lol.
  12. This is a 6 year old thread, rules have been updated since then. Your report has been noted, no action will be taken on such an old thread.
  13. Hmmm. We have given over two rooms of our house, to two couples that had lost houses/rentals due to the virus affecting their work. This has obviously impacted on our home life, but it was a small price to pay. Both of us couldn't entertain the thought of them on the street. We had an interesting weekend away, it made up for a few things that were missing.
  14. Thank you for joining our site. I've followed you both for a long time too, You do incredible things, all of which will find a place in here. Welcome, what you will bring will be delightful. Thank you again.
  15. Maigh loves this movie too, watches it in the original French. She explains the juicy bits to me, lol. Baise-moi is another but it's a bit dark and moody for me.

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