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  1. Thank you. M and I are way for the weekend to celebrate, back Sunday.
  2. This concert was held in Melbourne over 3 consecutive days, 100k people per show, you can imagine the Swifties that overrun the city. Anyway, with that many people in one place, toilets were inadequate to say the least. A reddit post (yeah yeah, I know) posted the girls were using the men’s toilets, some obviously underage, while males were using the urinals. The point of the post was that these girls were body shaming the guys, things like fat, old, little dick, openly laughing at them. When the original poster confronted some of these girls, they turned on him, apparently things got
  3. Settle Petal, lol. He has been shown the door, thanks for the report.
  4. Ah, yes. I wasn’t that cut and dried. There were a couple of attempts to get a usable result, Australian accents don’t seem to match Microsoft’s interpretation. I won’t tell you what it did with M’s accent, lol. Do you think a software house would allow this A.I. assistance into their business? I used to run a small programming / internet service back in the late 80’s early 90’s basically using HTML type of reporting software, that just dumped all info into a database, same kind of thing is still used. One of my programmers was a tiny little Russian girl, she could code using Window
  5. All good points. The code I ran resulted in the form of a module, you could just copy it into a program and link to / call however you wanted. It was a rather simple exercise, the resulting code was well indented, easy to read. I wouldn't use it as such as a final product, it would need documenting to suit my style, but the bones were there.
  6. G’day all. I’m programming (putzing around with it more like it) using VS Code on a Windows 11 pc. This also runs CoPilot, Microsoft/Bing implementation of A.I. A recent update incorporates Copilot into VS Code, and you can now ask it to write code for you. I tested this with 3 questions, ‘show me the code to obtain MAC addresses, show me the code to obtain ip address of MAC addresses and show me the code to import into Excel’ It did this easily, with options to use Python, C+ and C#. Is this still programming? Are the advances in A.I taking away our artisti
  7. Sure? You're a gold member, been here for a while.
  8. I had some medication once, Valium based, that caused some pretty intense dreams. The one that stuck with me the most involved Taylor Swift, backstage before a show. I was there to ‘condition’ her throat so she could get through the next 3 hours, think about it, rofl. Other dreams were not so good, dark and gloomy, not something dear old grandma would want to hear about. M was glad when the pills were done, advised me not to go there again.
  9. Gary Larson was way ahead of his time, lol.
  10. Yep, I cant get anything to work, snuggled up in this 5 star hotel, listening to the city wake up around us. Phone, and new Android Tablet.
  11. We have a massage slide, looks like this. Mail order into Australia, you should be able to find one easily.
  12. M (my wife) reads this with me, she doesn't want to be a member, and for obvious reasons, my password is private. Make it something fun to share, and don't make it sound awful and degrading. I mean, if you find something that rubs you the wrong way, keep it to yourself, people are different and see things differently for that reason. Above all, enjoy teaching, and bringing this girl to life.
  13. Oh, do tell, lol. I'll tell you my secrets if you'll tell me yours 😛
  14. Jeans definitely, blue if you want it seen, black to be more subtle. I've answered the door for a package with wet black stretch jeans, the girl never knew, lol. I have a massage slide, throw it on the bed and have fun. More than jeans get wet in this thing, three or four pees its practically awash, if both of us are in it, the tide is well and truly in. The hardest part is cleaning it up, need several towels on hand. And no, I'm not about to wet a $1200 mattress.
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