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  1. Here's ours. 11 tonne 4wd, Bushmaster, damn thing goes anywhere. They were talking about a civilian version of this bad boy, but their collective minds were changed.
  2. If reincarnation is real, where are all the people coming from? More people are being born in the world than the ones that die. It's getting close to 2 new bodies to every person that dies. It took over 200,000 years of human history for the world's population to reach 1 billion; and only 200 years more to reach 7 billion. There are expected to be 11 billion people on the planet by 2100 baring a new plague or cataclysmic event, the poor planet will never cope.
  3. I'll be your legionnaire too. In the words of Bilbo Baggins "Now, where to begin........"
  4. Lol, I know. We both know what the other is supposed to feel (as per the star sign) but we don't agree with not 'fitting' in with the scheme of things. There is something else working with us, something that made us 'click' on the first night we meet all those years ago. I can still remember seeing her for the first time, and my reaction at the time was 'holy shit', and we've been like that ever since.
  5. Hmmm. I'm a Pisces, and Maigh is Aquarius, technically, we are not supposed to get along, but we seem to buck that trend, lol. We were both born in February, just in different parts of the sky.
  6. Lol, my numbers keep winning, but just for piddly amounts. Think it's 15 times in a row now. I'm too frightened to miss a draw, Maigh said she would kill me slowly if my numbers came up and I didn't have a ticket.. Yes, I have a bucket list of things I would do, most of them of the damp variety, lol. Oh, and 6 months on the Queen Mary would ease a lot of my pain.
  7. Argh, I love a steak, and a full roast pork, but I couldn't kill anything to get it. If the world went to hell in a hand basket, then I'd have to change my mind. Maigh has tried most things, crocodile, kangaroo and snails, but that's it, just tried them, not rushing out to buy them from the supermarket. She feels the same way, killing animals senselessly, is bad. I hit a kangaroo with the car once, she was inconsolable, cried for an hour after it died in front of her, it's the way she is. And as for those so called hunters that proudly stand over a slain giraffe or an old elephant, that's just crazy. A harmless herbivore? Really? There is some arsehole shooting kangaroos with a crossbow north of Melbourne, pictures of kangaroos with arrows hanging out of them caused a bit of an uproar, one of the poor buggers died after how many days of pain. Police are looking for them, thinking they should find them first, before the RSPCA does.
  8. Happy Birthday Steve, hope you had a good day.
  9. You don't have to say sorry, one of your previous posts indicated you were busy, that was enough. We knew about it and just waited for you to return. I hope all goes well with your work and manage to make something of it, best of luck with it all.
  10. Do any of these people come from a computer/ networking back ground? Several hair brained schemes were dreamed up here, none of them worked, and although there is one in place, it relies on the general population to report 'offensive' sites. Nobody ever does , lol. There is now an ad campaign on Australian tv, targeting parents to educate their kids Internet / social media activities. (Primary school age, teenagers already know everything) This is how it should have done ages ago, instead of all the weird ideas that cropped up. At one point, they were talking about cutting the entire country off the internet, and making it a copy of the Chinese internal Internet. That one caused riots and was quickly dropped. The people in power are so clueless with the advances in technology. What would happen if the EU said 'no, you can't do that'?
  11. Both of us play video games (we have a PS4 each, lol) and we have no intention of running rampart all over the scenery. People did this way before video games were blamed, just think of the few prominent ones is the 80's. Maigh does cause me some concern when she's online, her Scot background kicks in, and you hear "die fuckers, die" in her sweet voice. She was known as Miss_Murder once, and someone politely asked her to change her name. Both of us are hanging out for Cyberpunk 2077, been following that for a while now. Looks impressive (if it makes it passed our nanny state censorship)
  12. Travel agencies have already made Dubai our European hub, Emirates is offering destinations to any European Capital for $99 AUD. Don't know if it's panic stations setting in, but travel options have already changed.
  13. Excuse me for living under a rock (or 25,000km away) but where does the Monachy stand in all this? There was a time where Kings and Queens led armies to fight for the country, are they just standing by bickering who is going to be next in line for a pretend throne? Your news has dried up here, nothing on tv since Teresa was ridden out of town on a rail, nothing on Brexit, bugger all about what's happening. Mrs gets online trying to read news (Gaurdian and what ever) but she leaves in disgust, bloody sites are infested with adds, according to her, lol. Whats the industry like, do you export anything? Is everything imported from the EU? Could you live independently from the EU like you did previously?
  14. I just used Google Earth Pro and quartered the area in question. Not a lot to see, quite a few cars on the grounds tho, people are still working there. No obvious spacecraft construction going on, lol. You would think that if this is so secret, it wouldn't be available to Google Earth, right?
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