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    I'm just an average looking male, who happened to find not one, but two pee girls. I've married one of them and the other one lives with us both. We are all very happy together.

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    Golden Showers, the sheer sexiness of it.
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    The day I met my wife, lol. She showed me everything and we have never stopped since.

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  1. Mmm, outstanding. M said she could snuggle them all day, lol.
  2. Hmmm. Not weird at all, ours could be even more weird. Wetting, either what I'm wearing or what M is wearing, makes no difference, we will happily pee our jeans, or pee on each other. Did you know that drinking a coffee cup of water every 15 minutes will make you pee every 15 minutes? Don't go overboard if you try this, drinking more than a litre per hour for a couple of hours can be toxic. From there, golden showers. M has a medical problem, used to be called nymphomania, now know as a sexual dysfunction. She gets a little crazy if she cant have an orgasm, definitely an interesting
  3. I think Shirley Manson from Garbage is definitely ‘one of us’
  4. E5, as loudly as possible. M will yell at me from the lounge room that she can hear me, lol. I’m quieter at night tho, just sit and tinkle in the dark.
  5. It's practically engraved in granite, if you make a splash, you wipe it up, lol
  6. Rofl. C’mon, just because I don’t need to hold it doesn’t mean it’s not aimed well, but I’ll sit down if you like.
  7. Excellently described, glad you took the leap. Don't over think when prepping food, lol. I know you’ll be thinking ‘if they only knew’ M has been there, felt a little guilty, but laughed it off.
  8. I …. Err, just let it do it’s thing, it’s kind of big enough not to be a problem. If it does need to be held, I have a willing helper, lol. At home though, I just sit on potty, that way I don’t get brain damage because I left the seat up.
  9. I’m pretty sloppy regarding internet history, though I do have a couple of apps that clean the pc. Because I’m interested in security, I use a vpn, pc is password protected, there is also a Unix firewall between the modem and my computer room. The firewall allows me to lock down the entire home network, phones, iPads and local wifi. I can also run with this on the dark web. Ipads and phones are not used for porn, by either of us (I use the iPad on this site, but only at home) M rarely uses my pc, rarely goes in there at all, but I do have a lappie that she can work on. Nothi
  10. @Chrissy89 This was excellently written and explained, M enjoyed reading it too (umm, maybe a little too much ☺️) We are happy you had a great time, especially with your ‘captive audience’, lol.
  11. Excellent story, loved it. Everyone is right, you have a great story telling ability, your dad sounds like a great guy.
  12. 1. Do you feel, act, and look your age? Can people guess your age? Unfortunately, the Australian sun hasn’t been kind to me, I look older than 55, and because of a couple of health issues, I’m like a Fairbanks Morse diesel starting up in the mornings. I still have a full head of hair, baldness will not be an issue. I have a tee shirt that says ‘I never thought I’d be the same age as old people’. As for acting my age, I feel like a kid, the internet, a gaming pc, a PS5 and a crazy wife that accommodates my every desire. 2. What was your favourite age? I think it w
  13. I have a couple preferences too. Love giving and receiving, and I’m in the envious position of having someone who will do both. We have done everything you can think of, anything you’ve seen in a porno, we have done it. As we have gotten older, we are no longer the bendy persons we used to be, so some things are a bit more difficult, but with some experimenting, we can improvise.
  14. We had a couple of good days, fine and sunny, 32c (today was 12c, what a difference a day makes, lol) and M was in a mood. She hinted a couple of times, I chose to let it slide, but eventually I gave in. I had to pee, so she followed me into the bathroom, knelt down on a towel, and started undoing my jeans. I was pretty full, and let go pretty hard, soaking her tee shirt, bringing her dark red bra into sight. She tasted a little, made a couple of strained 'gah' noises, then just held me as I hosed her down. She was in a state when I finished, tee shirt was soaked to transparency, her
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