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    I'm just an average looking male, who happened to find not one, but two pee girls. I've married one of them and the other one lives with us both. We are all very happy together.

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    Golden Showers, the sheer sexiness of it.
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    The day I met my wife, lol. She showed me everything and we have never stopped since.

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  1. Scot_Lover

    Post your Xmas tree!!!

    Lol, so I'm guessing an outdoor Christmas Dinner under a carport will be hard to take too.
  2. Scot_Lover

    Post your Xmas tree!!!

    Here's ours.
  3. Scot_Lover

    Apologise from Spywareonya

    Welcome back, Nancy There is no need to apologise, everyone has a bad time every now and then, we missed you and we are so glad to see you back here.
  4. Scot_Lover

    ROOM 101

    I did see something funny on those lines, a massive anchor and 1ft thick chain links went away into the ocean. A guy was sawing away with a hacksaw with a quote of "This will take a while" Dont know if such a thing exists, of if it was an elaborate setup, but is was funny.
  5. Scot_Lover

    Changes in our Lives

    Thank you. Thing have gotten better already, lol.
  6. Scot_Lover

    Changes in our Lives

    Yeah, she hated it, went against all her family values ........ Alison was the hardest looking female I've ever met, she is married to a nondescript little man who is so beaten down by her, that he can do nothing but shuffle through the remainder of his life. I gave up going on the yearly visits to Scotland because of her, she hates me, hates Maigh and was forever berating Mary for leaving Scotland. Maigh and I were talking about it, there must have been something brewing for a while, mostly on Facebook which we all kept private from each other. Now we know why Mary instigated the last trip to the UK.
  7. Scot_Lover

    video stalls, then internet disconnects

    I've tried half a dozen at random, and they all work fine here in Aus, no buffering whatsoever. What is your Internet connection, wifi from router / modem? Network cable from router?
  8. Scot_Lover

    ROOM 101

    Treatment of girls in online video games. Ran into this the other night when Maigh was playing Destiny 2 online. She joined a random game that required online chat to be enabled, fair enough, easily done. When she announced herself to the team members, it immediately turned toxic with comments like: "You're a girl, what are you doing here", "Get your tits out", "Shouldn't you be washing dishes?" And other things in a similar vein. Maigh doesn't care, never bats as much as an eyelid, just gets on with it. When she beats someone, several times over it gets even worse, it's like it just doesn't fit in with these guys scheme of things. She stirs them up, and when done she will leave with something like "Thanks for the game, pussies" and sits back to listen the madness that unfolds. Why are ladies treated this way by online gamers?
  9. Scot_Lover

    Being a hobby writer

    Thanks for sharing this @Blackinksoul30, looks likes it's amazing work that really has your heart and soul in it. Not to put you off though, but I published one thing I wrote years ago, only to have it stolen, turned into an ebook that someone has claimed as their own work, even getting paid for it. I will never try to 'self publish' again, learnt the hard way.
  10. Scot_Lover

    Changes in our Lives

    We think something had been brewing for a while, there was a feeling that she was no longer happy with her place in life. She never said anything about it, just kept it to herself, saying she was fine. We are so sad that we didn't do anything about it, Maigh has been racked with 'what ifs' and going over and over things we might have done. As for having a child, don't know where that came from, she has never shown an interest in one, could barely tolerate screaming kids in a supermarket. She wanted something more, and we didn't know what to give probably sums it up the best, I just don't know.
  11. Scot_Lover

    Changes in our Lives

    Thank you, everyone. I don't think this will ever be fixed, Maigh thinks it started when the were both in Scotland a couple of months ago, Mary was on the phone a lot, whispered conversations she kept from Maigh. Mary even left Maigh one night, no explanations, just went out and never returned to the hotel until the next morning. We are pretty sure her sister has put her up to this. Maigh is getting a little better, nights still get her down, thinks about things we used to do. There is a rather large hole in our lives, but we are working on getting over it. Thank you all, again.
  12. You can usually get what you want if you throw enough money into the kitty. Trying to get someone outside of their comfort zone is a little more difficult. It is, after all, relatively easy to pretend to hold pee, a lot of girls do it so well on video. Keep looking, you may fall over someone who is willing to do what you need.
  13. Scot_Lover

    Changes in our Lives

    G'day all. We are no longer living in a 3some relationship. Mary, who we've loved and lived with for the last 13 years, has called it quits and has moved back to Scotland to live with her ailing sister. She is 39 and apparently wants a baby, something that Maigh and I had no interest in. This started a rather bitter fight that resulted in her parting, and leaving the country. She left her phone on the bed, blocked us from Facebook, the usual spiteful last word things. We are getting things sorted, both of us have been rather blown away over the entire thing. Maigh has been inconsolable, her state of mind frightened me for a while, been a difficult couple of weeks, but we'll get on with life. Not been here a great deal, will get back in the swing of things slowly. Sorry for the doom and gloom post, I'll fix my avatar and cover pic soon.
  14. Scot_Lover

    Is it just me?

    We have our share of water, a pack of 24 x 600ml (our town water is horrible) is around $5, we get a couple in our weekly shop. We have spoken to Dr's and made a few changes, no coffee after midday, no alcohol during the week, even taken the tv from the bedroom. We are doing all we can to preserve our (rapidly) aging bodies. Oh yeah, on your chart, we are all 1 to 3.
  15. Scot_Lover

    Holding Your Pee

    A humorous look at how your body works when you need to pee.