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    I'm just an average looking male, who happened to find not one, but two pee girls. I've married one of them and the other one lives with us both. We are all very happy together.

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    The day I met my wife, lol. She showed me everything and we have never stopped since.

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  1. The cost of living is affecting everyone, what are some of the things affecting your part of the world? A couple of things in The Land of Aus are: Beans - $60 per kg Coffee - $24 for 500 grams (this price has doubled) Lettuce - $12, up from $1.90 Petrol is $2.49 per liter, used to be $1.20 Interest Rates for home loans have jumped from 0.18% to 2.62%, adding to the woes of people with loans. According to 'the gubermint' these prices are set to increase more before things get better. What changes have you seen?
  2. So have I, and so has my wife, lol. I like the ‘Lie’ question, could that be pee related too? That pic is amazing, it’s been added to my collection.
  3. Approaching rain, taken on phone.
  4. We are not the bendy toys we used to be, lol. A self pee is a sight to behold, with or without some assistance.
  5. I’ve not posted a lot for a while, not written anything for even longer but I have to share this. M and I were out shopping, nothing special, just local stupidmarket, when M started to get a little stressed. One of her medications creates a far bit of pee, and the urge to go comes out of nowhere. We had to leave and make a dash for home. We made it inside, in a tangled fashion, and I expected M to make a beeline for the potty, but she dragged me in with her. She pushed me down to the floor, hitched up her long skirt, eased her barely there knickers aside and went a gusher. Her
  6. CCTV and ‘security cameras’ are not as safe as you might think. I use termux on a Samsung tablet, a linux app that I use for server management. I have a script that can scan networked cameras from supplied links. It works surprisingly well, pictures of airports, sea terminals, train stations and general public areas. The people who maintain this list of active links keep adding to it daily, and no, I don’t know how they get ip addresses and login information. Mostly pretty boring to flick through, but it is available and being used.
  7. I know, she is gorgeous. Now that I have a name, I’ll do some digging. Thank you for responding.
  8. G’day Jinx, welcome on board. I’ve seen you in chat too, good to see a new person in there. We hope you stay and have fun here.
  9. Our local mechanic gave M a couple of covers that she uses to protect client car seats. M still uses a couple of old towels though, these are stitched too, puddles may seep through. It really depends on how much you want to let go, lol.
  10. I’ve never received anything untoward either, maybe male/mod thing too. The only unexpected message received was a polite request for a video link, which I had no problem with. Looking at the poll results, it seem some people have had problems, please report any of these to the mod group. As stated, these will be dealt with.
  11. Thank you. I’ve not seen this at all. Another internet surprise.
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