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    When I was born I was born with a defect in my urethra first it was shorter than usual, it reached it’s normal length when I was 2 but the first couple of years I struggle UTI’s. Now second and most importantly my urethra has an issue that’s facing up and forward which is not normal in human female. So it’s impossible sit and pee normal since my pee will shoot forward and arc like I had a penis without any of the aiming abilities. I either have two options squat and my stream will arc up and go forward or stand and not worry about wetting myself while pee

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    Power peeing, Nonchalant pee, peeing wherever
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  1. I think public peeing laws are there just to keep people from peeing in public everyday. It’s the most lenient law most cops don’t bat an eye in my experience. In New York where I’m originally from most cops could careless about public urination they have more important things to worry about. NYC is overcrowded with homeless people cops literally can’t fine or arrested them all.
  2. The public place I pee was in Las Vegas strip alleyway in new years celebration since the gas station restroom I was next to was closed
  3. I was really early to school once since my mom dropped me off early so their was virtually no one there expect a couple staff members so I walk around campus I get the urge to release my morning pee so I walk to restroom 🚻 there locked and close so I do the next best think I piss next to the slide and sandbox
  4. Yes he later explained to me since I didn’t have the best aiming he did not want me making a giant mess so he would have me practice outside
  5. He threw out the liquid fishing line (I heard pee attracts fish not sure how true that is.)
  6. So my vaginal anatomy is different from other females (Explained in previous post) but I still have advice for you @sunny.puppy Im practically an expert on this since I can’t pee sitting down unless I bend my upper body downwards but that’s to much work for a simple pee. And plus if I sit normally the front wall or stall door will get a golden shower curiosity of me. So as a little girl my dad would train me to pee standing outside in our backyard. Our backyard was fenced so no one could see us not sure if yours is. Or you can use your bathtub. **So first strong Kegel musc
  7. This story is so good I hope you write more
  8. I don’t need thanks to my messed up urethra that make me have to pee standing
  9. I am fully fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian. I Can speak Mandarin, Chinese and a little bit of Japanese.
  10. I would stand next to it and piss standing
  11. I used to game for long sessions as a kid and teen (I longer do that I get bored now I focus on soccer and keeping my body in check.) I would usually piss on the floor below me or use an abandoned table as my toilet since the basement double as my Game Center and storage room
  12. Luckily if where hiking together I don’t pee much.
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