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  1. Thank you all your all are amazing. I’m touched and moved by your comments
  2. I know my title sounds like a YouTuber video title. I wanted to write for the people in our beautiful community who have been asking why left. But I’m writing this to be completely open and honest with you guys, gals, and LGBTQ+ friends. I’m also not writing this for sympathy from anyone but to spread awareness to depression and anxiety which can lead suicidal thoughts. A couple months before I left pee fans originally I wrote a topic call “Depression But Growth.” Which was erased with all my other experiences that topic was my experiences with depression an
  3. My mother has always encouraged me to pee in public she has partake as she was raised like that as well the toilet was taboo for peeing for while. So for the soccer practice our school rent out a old campsite that had a grassy field perfectly enough for soccer so I went behind the cabins to pee while a break during are practice and this boy join me nonchalantly didn’t ask questions or peek he just went on his business
  4. I like Exhibition, I started to develop a thing for bushes or public hair I stopped waxing or shaving a week ago so I’m going to see how long I can go with out shaving my bush
  5. Like my stream lasted longer then theirs and we started at the same time I was trying to prove a point since my mom and uncle didn’t believe I could pee longer
  6. I only had fucked one time and during the one I was bored and needed to pee so I faked a squirt and started pee on my ex boyfriend
  7. Yesterday I beat my record of 15 ft so I can piss 16.3 ft
  8. I think when I turn 13 since I had played soccer since I was 5 I learned to forget about bladder urges since you get so trance in the game I think it also had to do with strong pelvic muscles and puberty. I guess I realize when I out peed my mom and Uncle
  9. My oldest pee memory I can remember was when I was five years old me and my mom where waiting on the bus stop I need to pee so my mom took me behind a dumpster had me squat and pee next to it My actual pee interest started when I was 16 before peeing hard and in public was normal every day things for me. So it started when I saw this boy who whip out his cock and began peeing next to me in a joint soccer practice between boys and girls
  10. I have a giant bladder I can hold up 2 liters when I’m really full
  11. I’m more of a standing type of girl since my strong pelvic floor muscles make my stream shoot forward so I stand to pee most the time
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