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    When I was born I was born with a defect in my urethra first it was shorter than usual, it reached it’s normal length when I was 2 but the first couple of years I struggle UTI’s. Now second and most importantly my urethra has an issue that’s facing up and forward which is not normal in human female. So it’s impossible sit and pee normal since my pee will shoot forward and arc like I had a penis without any of the aiming abilities. I either have two options squat and my stream will arc up and go forward or stand and not worry about wetting myself while pee

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    Power peeing, Nonchalant pee, peeing wherever
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    To many to tell

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  1. Im not worried about me im more concerned for the midwives and doctor since my urethra situation. I don’t want them getting wet
  2. No my urethra does not effect my birth giving duties since my vaginal canal is the same as any other females. It’s just my urethra allows me to pee more discreetly than most of my fellow girls. Hopefully I don’t pee while giving birth.
  3. Puddle of tears 2 (Ruby pov/ Ruby mind) As I woke up today with a smile thinking about what I did last night to Melvin. Was it nice of course not but that fat ass nerd needs to learn when a girl gotta go she’s gotta go. Today is my rest day so no soccer or school I get the pleasure of lounging around. My stomach growls I wake up and put on a long T-shirt in my nude form, no panties are needed. As I walk downstairs to the kitchen I notice it's empty no one in sight. I find it weird since Melvin always wakes up around an hour earlier than I do and cooks break
  4. Same happened with me except mine came back positive lol 😂
  5. Very surreal it like my kid will have an Aunt/Uncle at the same age.
  6. Hello everyone, It feels wonderful to be back but let’s get down to business. As many of my friends on here know my mom is pregnant. What many don’t know is that a month or so after my mom got pregnant I had an oopsie to and now Im pregnant so on this section I will be sharing my pregnant pee adventures and answering any question you guys may have.
  7. Hey everyone I just wanted to let you know that I’m officially back full time and well be announcing some big news
  8. As the title says I am going to take a long break from the website see you all soon.
  9. Someone you have to appreciate your pool man hard work with a nice pee into the pool.
  10. How does that one rap song from the 90’s go?
  11. 10/10 car provides the perfect cover to pee and drives great
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