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    i love pee and i can't get enough of it

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    it is good tasting
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    my ex gf pee on me all the time she made me get pee on by her i do drink my own pee too

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  1. I love to pee in a shot glass and drink all of it then sometimes I drink all my pee like that .then there's a lot of times I like to pee in a big glass cup and pour it over my head as I'm looking up so it goes in my mouth it all depends what I drink mostly I drink is water and lots of pineapple juice and oj to make it taste better . When my ex gf was going on me she always drink apple juice and water the juice is to make it taste better 😋 I love it when she was really full where she was going to go every where. That was the best of my time with her sadly it ended after 6 Ye
  2. That would be great if I was under them as they release it on me
  3. Well I did my fantasy tonight I always wanted to take a glass of half of liquid and fill it up with my or someone else pee and drink it all. So I had a little less of pop in my cup and I had to go. I was in the kitchen so I finished filling up my 32oz cup and I drink it all. I really enjoyed it
  4. I love watching piss movies and clips my favorite is with girl on girls I do love piss bukkuns.I want that to happen to me it doesn't matter girl or guy I would love it to be both and yes I watch a lot of pee movies and clips.
  5. Yes I love it when the wife let's me clean her up after she has gone I too love looking at the pee in the toilet . I used to work at food places and I had to clean the woman's room up I'm always hoping they would not flush it so I can see others pee.i have done that for years.
  6. I love how I take a bath and sitting in it as the warmth of the water start hitting me. Then I have to release my self and watch how I hold it so it can hit my stomach. No I don't take a shower afterwards I wash up in the pissy water.
  7. I love doing it in a public pool knowing that every one takes a mouth full and spits it out I knowing I just release my self there.
  8. Hello there I love the taste of it. The color of it and the smell of it. I love how it goes down. I was with a woman that was in to it. She would make me drink it from her every time she had to go so I was under her all the time like 7 to 8 times a day. My wife knows that I'm hooked on it. But she not.she has asked me why I'm all ways in there with her I love the sound of her going and she knows that I want to clean up. So for me I just love it.
  9. After 8 years with my wife she found out that I was in to it I always tease her about it. How she found out was I was watching 👀 pee porn sites and she was looking at my PC and said that you wasn't just joking about it . I told her that I wasn't and I'm really into it she not into it but. I tried to have her release herself. One day she will
  10. i was just looking at some site's and this site come up and i just had to look at it because i enjoy this stuff
  11. hello my name is crazypornman1971. got involved with this and i been hook on it now 24 years.my ex wife used to squirt. on me and i love it after her i was with a lady that got me hook on golden showers she would make me lay down every time she had to pee. i love it and i want more of it.
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