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    I’ve been into watching girls pee since the 5th grade and I’m 29 now

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    Intimacy of a girl trusting you to watch her
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    Nothing crazy. Just a girl who let me watch her on the toilet once since we were really close friends.

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  1. Even though she had that nasty wholly mammoth pussy I really enjoyed Pandora. She could piss forever and was in to some nasty shit. I also enjoy Licky Lex quite a bit. Vanda from LoveWetting never disappoints, always pumping out strong rivers. Victoria and Luca Bella from LW are also very pretty. Holly Kiss and Vickie Powell from SneakyPee.
  2. Hi Dave, First of all, thank you for creating Bound2Burst. The desperation of girls is my favorite part of this fetish. My question to you is in the toilet peeing videos, how come we don’t often see the actual pussy peeing and just hear the sound? Is that on purpose or just by design? Those videos are some of the hottest I’ve seen, but I’d really love to see the piss coming out. Thinking about it, it might be a bit hard to pull off a closeup of the pussy with the way the girls sit. Or not. Either way I love your videos and I hope you continue making them for years to come. Thank you for your time!
  3. Yes perhaps that’s it. And hey I’d never make her hold it longer than she wanted to, so maybe I’m not so bad off after all!
  4. So does getting turned on by a girls desperation to pee make me sadistic in any sense? It can be a way of torture if you break it down. Holding your pee can be very uncomfortable. But it turns me on to see a girl wanting to relieve herself so badly. I’d never hurt a woman in my life nor make her do anything she doesn’t wanna do. I was raised to treat women with the utmost respect, and I do. Am I okay here?
  5. BUMP! Come on y’all there has to be something I don’t know about!
  6. I am not interested in wetting sites but thank you. I am into solo pissing primarily. Any more suggestions are very much welcome.
  7. Hi everyone. I’m really into watching girls pee solo on the ground on the toilet etc. I am looking for a quality site to subscribe to that specializes in solo peeing that I don’t already know about. I already know about Got2Pee, LoveWetting, SneakyPee, PissJapanTV, WDGirls, Rebekah Dee, Wet And Pissy I subcribed to all of those listed at some point or another except the last two, but each of the site’s the decline in quality caused me to unsubscribe. What I look for in a peeing website is lengthy peeing, video resolution, and if the cameraman/woman is spending too much time up close or vice versa. I would appreciate any sites I already don’t know about as I’m bored with my solo collection. Also love to see girls peeing into others girls mouths. I appreciate any feedback. It’s good to know I’m not alone in my fetish. Have a great day all.
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