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    26, female, bisexual, chubby, long time pee fan from Scotland! 🐤🚽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    I’ve been into pee since I was tiny! Most of my childhood memories revolve around peeing one way or another, from sneakily peeing into another child’s potty to long days playing with the neighbours and peeing wherever we needed to!

    Nowadays I’m looking for people to share my fetish with, to hear and share experiences and hopefully help me experience the joys of pee play one time at last :)

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    Holding my pee - getting desperate and squirmy and fidgety! Also I love peeing in naughty places :P
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    I haven’t had many - but a particular favourite of mine was seeing a flatmate pee on a pillow right next to another flatmate who was fast asleep at the time! :)

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  1. I’m not sure where I might happen across a white surface though rest assured, if I come across one I’ll try it!
  2. It would be absolutely my pleasure!
  3. chubbybirb999

    A question for all.

    I was on a late night snack run, lol! There’s a wee forest-y bit next to the big Tesco in my town so I snuck in there!
  4. I also once peed in the bath while HE was on the toilet lol! He was taking too long to finish and I really needed a pee so I came in, pulled my things down, hovered my bum over the bathtub and let it rip! He was quite shocked at how much came out of me xP
  5. chubbybirb999

    A question for all.

    Been way too long since I could! A combination of laziness and fear of being caught sort of compounds it! I peed in a forest part a few years ago when I had the chance as it was pitch black and late and had no chance of being caught. I keep telling myself to try again but I always chicken out!
  6. I am here! Not really lol! He needed a wee and didn’t want to wait so that was really the only option!
  7. Thank you all for your amazing stories so far!
  8. You don’t have to say anything, don’t worry you are just loved and appreciated!
  9. This is incredibly hot you are both so very lucky to have that kind of relationship. I crave it so much - whether with man or woman I could care less
  10. Like, side by side. When both me and my then boyfriend needed to pee at once, I made him have a wee in the bath while I used the toilet. But never anything more than that.
  11. Well, the first time I saw a boy pee was much much later, at the age of 19-20 odd when I would follow my then-boyfriend in to the toilet and carry on our conversation while he was casually weeing. I was in the vicinity of boys peeing a lot when I was younger though. I remember hanging out with a boy who had a small bladder when we were in primary school and he grabbed himself and said he needed a wee. I thought he meant he would need to go inside but we were quite far from the school doors but he just disappeared behind a bush and had a noisy wee onto the ground!
  12. chubbybirb999

    Girls Watching or Helping Guys Pee

    I can although, even though this is girls helping guys, I can’t deny it would be equally as hot to help you have a pee too!
  13. This is something that totally turns me on, the idea of someone peeing in front of you/peeing with someone. So I really want to hear your experiences! My first time was when I was super young. Myself and another girl would wee in front of each other all the time and I loved it. I vividly remember the first time she weed in front of me that wasn’t in a potty or a toilet, she simply announced she needed to go, said she wouldn’t get to the toilet in time, pulled her jeans down and weed all over my carpet. I was in love and we did it loads from then on.
  14. chubbybirb999

    Girls Watching or Helping Guys Pee

    I love love love this topic - it’s a massive turn on for me to watch guys having a wee! I would also love to try helping them out with one too!
  15. chubbybirb999

    The feeling of a full bladder

    I love the feeling of a full bladder when I’m in the mood for it! Everything feels more sensitive and orgasms feel much more exciting and pleasurable. I would love to hold with someone in person