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    26, female, bisexual, chubby, long time pee fan from Scotland! 🐤🚽🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    I’ve been into pee since I was tiny! Most of my childhood memories revolve around peeing one way or another, from sneakily peeing into another child’s potty to long days playing with the neighbours and peeing wherever we needed to!

    Nowadays I’m looking for people to share my fetish with, to hear and share experiences and hopefully help me experience the joys of pee play one time at last :)

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    Holding my pee - getting desperate and squirmy and fidgety! Also I love peeing in naughty places :P
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    I haven’t had many - but a particular favourite of mine was seeing a flatmate pee on a pillow right next to another flatmate who was fast asleep at the time! :)

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  1. Wonderful as always, darling! Also, apologies for not being there. Crazy work stuff. Roll on summer holidays where I can be here all the time!
  2. Too lazy to get up and pee makes one desperate birb!

    1. pee01


      Keep holding it legs crossed no leaks. I took a long pee at work today. I was hurting need to pee bad.

    2. glad1


      As long as there's a towel or container close by, there's no reason not to be lazy.. 

    3. Chicklover99


      Keep holding on as long as you can 

  3. I just pissed myself, in just undies, standing in the bath. So embarrassed xP 

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    2. chubbybirb999


      He knows I have a terribly unpredictable bladder and I have had accidents before lol xP but it’s still not fun to wet yourself when you don’t want to 🙂

    3. gldenwetgoose


      I can't disagree with that - my mistake of the weekend is written up as a comment on @Riley's Confessions thread - I managed to avoid getting caught somehow....  God knows how.

      Anyway - you never know, you could unwittingly trigger your flatmate into joining our elite club.

    4. Rewdna


      I hope they were old ones.Wouldn't want you ruining a nice pair of knickers.

  4. I would love to say yes it does exist! Simply because I’m Scottish and I always remember visiting Loch Ness on long drives when my family and I got away on holiday. I always insisted I wanted to see Nessie and would get quite upset when she didn’t show for me! Bear in mind, I was about 7 at the time!
  5. Lovely story! As someone who grew up visiting Loch Ness on the very few family holidays I had, I appreciated this massively! Love the Gaelic language too! :) Keep writing!
  6. I haven’t been bothered to get up to pee in hours and now I am desperate you know it’s bad when you feel all the pressure in your slit!
  7. I actually swear so so much in my everyday life lol. I just get used to not swearing cos of my work
  8. Hot as fuck, if you pardon the language!
  9. Aggravated an old ankle injury. Bedbound for the next couple of days as I can’t walk 😧

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    2. Chicklover99


      Oh sorry to hear that hope you’re better soon 

    3. gldenwetgoose


      Hope you're not suffering too much... take it easy over the holidays.   Bedpan exploits are always welcome of course.


    4. Rich7


      Oh dear, hope soon much better

  10. If you ever make it, come and visit me for a real life holding session! Rewdna, I didn’t know you were from Scotland too?
  11. I can do 7 any time. 2 may require an empty house though lol
  12. So I can cross off “pee in sink”. Which one now...?
  13. I did a wee in a sink today! Although I couldnt photograph myself going, I did manage a shot of what I produced!
  14. Why is it approximately 800% harder to hold a morning pee than literally anything else? Major squirms and thigh squeezes!

    1. Rewdna


      I guess it's basically because your bladder naturally wants to empty first thing.You're fighting against your body's natural rhythm.How long did you manage to hold for and how was it when you let go?

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