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  1. Wonderful chapters, excellently written. You are crafting this story wonderfully and I love the interplay between the erotic and the unexplained mystery. I’m so looking forward to the next one! 🙂 well done!
  2. Congrats @speedy3471, you did really well! Enjoy your prize! 🙂
  3. Every night! At least once, sometimes twice if I've drunk a lot of water before settling down. One time I shared a bed with my flatmate. He and I had been up watching films late into the night and he couldn't be arsed to go to his own bed so he just crawled into bed with me. He woke up in the middle of the night peeing himself, just slightly, as he'd had a pee dream! It wasn't enough to soak anything, he had a wee wet patch on his underwear but none of it went on the bed or anything. It was really strange as he has NEVER had a problem with his bladder and will get up in the middle of the
  4. I’m still holding. Will be a while, I think!
  5. Gosh I haven’t moved from 4.5 since I first said about it
  6. I’m holding absolutely fine! Keep holding!
  7. Sometimes! Other times I can take one drink and be leaking in minutes! There’s no pattern to it. But you’re doing well!
  8. I’m maybe 4.5? Definite niggle and I could go if I forced it, but no urgency. Sorry, it looks like a tough bladder today!
  9. My bladder is usually pretty good but it can go one way or the other without warning! At the moment it seems to be going steady.
  10. That's cool! I've been trying to avoid drinking a lot at the moment but I do have some juice with me that I'll sip at to help my need!
  11. I'd love to! I'm not massively close to needing to go though, that's the only thing! Maybe a 4?
  12. Same, kind of! Avoiding bathroom though.
  13. I used to use the excuse of “they fell in the bath/shower” but it’s not one you could get away with often!
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