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    I am a Witch. I'm no Wikka. My Path is extremely darker: scientifical exploration of psychic powers, and civil disobedience, to foster freedom and chaos.I risked arrest, death, and insanity, and met the most dangerous people in existence. I am not turned on by danger, but I need effective tools to change the world a bit

    I am also the forum main commercial partner as I shoot copyrighted videos of myself pissing in public places, and I'm in marvellous terms with everybody here, both Staff and people… so for ANY tip, feel free to Pm me!!


    *Hierarchical people who are proud and yet are able to bow to somebody who did more than them
    *Heartful people, full of sensibility
    *Getting likes for the things I post, as I put all of myself into them
    *People who send PMs
    *Lesbian chitchat


    *People who think that the supernatural is impossible (they never studied quantum physic)
    *People who miss to understand that showing appreciation is the only way to favourably impress somebody like me as it proves you got HONOUR and you do NOT ONLY take but also give
    *People who send too many PMs

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    The freedom of pissing literally EVERYWHERE
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    Pissing in actual public places in full daylight, risking arrest, people around. Indoor, lesbian piss orgies. They happen also outside porn videos. Sometimes.

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  1. Not strange that you are among the biggest fishes here, as your heart is just as much gargantuan... thank you... I can be the pumping heart of this place, but a heart needs to receive blood in order to give it back empowered...
  2. Guys I am sad I have been away, but really, really life got in the way About taking me for granted, that thing is not dead, I really was sincere about it and it's not a temporarily rant: I react to everything, and will continue to do so, if people don't feel like doing it with everybody, at least do it FOR ME. When people see a pic or something heartouching I wrote, even if they are not in for a tight chitchat, click a reaction takes ONE SECOND. People have feelings and we should always ask ourselves how others could take our behaviours. Beside this, I am happy as hell that you are still here, and love you as hell
  3. I adore wearing clothes, nudism is an attitude
  4. @Admin I am happy to the core that you fully understand me now. No vanity, just a way to crack the shell which isolates every human unto his own. Visibility and gratitude have this meaning. They are tools. Tools to oppose love to squandering. Our lives are often squandered: love gives us a compass. It must be steel hard. And honestly, I think I can rock things about showing gratitude. Not blackamiling the forum but being open&clear about it. @Sweets You cannot lose sexyness, my love, for your sexyness never came from attitude, it was exhudated from you like a delicate perfume, the one of a quick and receptive soul. In the beginning I needed time to understand you fully. Then I simply fell in love with your sensibility. @UnabashedUser I missed your mighty and crude manliness. Even when you are kind you are cocky. I adore you and really missed you and your tales about your wife. I really look forward to reconnect with you, who always had been of solid support to me for whatever reason. @durianfury A fucking impressive stock of posts from you, pal. I felt your love, thank you immensely. For the future, I will add your ideas to some of the things I am preparing, in the meanwhile, you can really get from my past posts more than you can imagine. Sometimes old posts contains incredible things... @HitEmAll My friend THANK YOUUUUUUU!!! Your words always touch my.. ehm... heart!!! AHAHAHAH!!! And they make it soooo wet and aching... uhuhuhu!!! Glad to be back, really wanna restart our friendship!!! @peeingone The loyalty you demonstrated unto me always impressed me. I am grateful for our each exchange and about @Riley I must admit I miss her enormously, we had PMs and she shared her dark aching soul with me, and believe me she was deep as fuck, a great human being. The forum lost something without her and I sincerely hope for her return. In the beginning I felt her as a competitor but soon I understood she only wanted love, and fuck she deserved it. Thus we became BFF. I noticed she is gone, but hope never dies @Alfresco Hi friend!!! Thank you for being here, and yes, most people miss to look for previous things, but this must change, NOW!!! Some of the hottest written contents of this forum are in the past!!! People are here for sex and fun, right? 95% of it is in old posts!!! Not only those of mine!!! @conklin1 Hi pal, yes I dedicated my soul to this forum and I am a commercial partner of it, shooting copyrighted videos and porn photobooks for it and it alone. The videos, which are also on custom request when I can, are accessible to the Gold Members, a prize Admin awards unto those who help the forum survive through making a donation which ends up in the common moneypot of the forum so to pay for its existence. But my galleries are available to everyone and will soon be brought to the public attention. I am anyway more than anything proud of my written posts, both of extremely kinky actions and about philosphy, spirituality, politic, and the reasons why I make porn. My profile says a lot about me, check it whenever you want
  5. I want to add mine to this subject I want to be completely sincere with you all: in the beginning I HEAVILY DISLIKED gold membership because I am psychotically against 1) capitalism 2) sly bastards who get rich pretending they are offering services when they are just trying to find a way to make money 3) lurkers feeling superior to important members just because they opened their wallet 4) divisions of any kind 5) misperceived elitism 6) paying for porn and I could go on for a day. I quite quickly understood, as Admin entrusted me with a bit of his personal knowledge, that this thing is REALLY a way for him to fund the forum, he is a young human being that cannot spend all he got to fix a forum which gets bigger EVERY DAY And after all, if a small percentage of what he earns ends up in his wallet, people please help me understand, WHY THE FUCK SHOULD IT BE A PROBLEM??? Doesn't he deserve something out of everything he does??? Why people are so convinced that ALL must be there for them, FOR FREE, even maybe with an excusation for not being perfect enough or similar enough to their wants? People who put themselves into something, and most guys ignore how much Admin does, should have something BACK And anyway, he really puts 95% of the earnings into the forum maintenence, believe me Whoever read this and still has doubts, get your head out of your ass and realize that this forum And start show some gratitude. We are not a platform for serial handjobbers, we are a family, and we need you, or NOT need you, according to your personal maturity!!! Face yourself and realize we exist only to grow up, and this can be a marvellous place to do it!!!
  6. I prefer to add rather than to edit because posts of such an emotional intensity should not be edited because maybe somebody is preparing an answer to them and should not be puzzled if the posts suddenly changes. So I add instead of editing: I do not wanna accuse the people of this forum. The thing is much subtler and more delicate. But really, click a reaction, knowing that feedback is my fuel, is the least people can do if they really do not wanna write anything that could potentially start a fascinating chat Completely ignoring this after I stated it so clearly, is a clear statement in itself: show my your pussy, you bitch, I'm here to jack off and not to feel grateful for the pics I see As a woman, I cannot stand this. I want gratitude for what I share. And I am openly asking people to reply or at least click a reaction. Ignoring this cannot be anything else than a political statement. It is a very serious and deep thing, about which we should reflect
  7. The quality of things I posted, and the fact that unless I got more likes and replies I'll leave forever and all my contents will be removed, will have to make people less superficial and selfish Just see, I put a like to you, even if I did not appreciated part of the contents of your post, it is obvious that you put heart, brain, and time into writing it So I just clicked It isn't so hard to do the same with me, and with the countless very sexy and arousing things I posted It's enough to go to my profile and start scrolling I do with a lot of people in order to be sure I don't miss anything Is that hard and/or absurd to expect for people to do the same with me? Anyway, they will, or I will leave, and they will be proved so avaricious that they preferred to lose one of the forum main members rather than click a fucking reaction It is a war of wills: my will is for people to stop taking contents for granted. Other people will side with my claim or side against it, but then they will be described by their choice I spent nameless emotions and whole days for creating my galleries or writing important things A click is not that much to ask in return, it just proves you are not here only to take The world doesn't need people who only take: and surely I don't need a forum which in itself is great but would, in that hypothesys, proved to be overrun with people of that kind
  8. Hi people of the forum I have been absent for a while, struggling with personal problems of such a size that they prevented me from logging in When I finally solved them, Pandemia broke out forcing me to 12 hours-per-day shifts, turning me into a trashed and exhausted thing. I finally got my work back and here I am again But there is one thing I also need to make you understand I am here on this forum for a very precise reason I am convinced that lack of emotional flow is the reason which turned the world into a cold place where people only have materialism to comfort themselves with I hate all of this I love piss but more than anything I love my own philosophical struggle against human indifference In the last weeks of my presence here last year, people were ignoring me, and this is something I cannot accept Nobody, beside my loyalists, were checking my contributions, and during my absence, almost nobody checked my previous stuff I have posted more 12000 posts and ONE HUNDRED pics of me on this forum, and I sincerely cannot accept for them to be forgotten in a week after it took three days to shoot said photobook, just because new threads about absolutely less-personal things pop up This has nothing to do with vanity and if I fail to make you all understand this, I will leave again and this time forever. What I gave to the forum, was something I poured my very soul into. I want for people to interact with it. Reply and give likes. It is so easy, that doing elsewhere demonstrates either uninterest or atrocious avarice of gratitude. This wasn't the reason why I left. I left for much darker reasons. But it can be important about me being back. Something so personal makes people emotionally vulnerable. I need more feedback. More love. Soon I will find a way to make my galleries more visible but I do not wanna bash them into your faces, the point is that I want people to understand that I consider what I posted worthy of being looked for, even if they aren't that visible Prove me you love me. And I will give you more than I ever did. I love you all. Check some of my 12000+ posts to understand me and understand also that I am absolutely sincere in telling you all that I really love you. I love you so much that I cannot ignore wether you act toward me in a way that makes me happy, or you don't I want my life to become part of you through sharing pics, videos, and personal reflections I need what is inside of you, your light, make me bathe in it, I live to make people understand the power of their love, but really, this is no silly game, I need what you can give me, I want your love actually expressed through likes and replies, in a tangible way I can't put days and days intro creating things and then seeing them fall into oblivion in a week. I have ZERO spare time so it takes me a lot to create what I give... and I want for it to become an ACTUAL starting platform for endless chats full of horniness and attentions Reflect on my words I am here, for now Give me reasons to stay
  9. It's an attempt of being back I will soon tell more
  10. Me Sorry for the absence, son... shitty moment. Never stopped loving you If it isn't impossible for me in this moment, let's try Tell me what you want
  11. Fuck, missed to mention you with the @ function I tought I mentioned you first 'cause your post was just above mine, but I didn't Well, chapter 7 posted just above
  12. @steve25805 Thank you, thank you a thousand times for your heart-touching analisys It proves why you have such a spot in my heart Alex is cute but also mysterious, and I LOVEEEEEEE it!!! The Butterflight Flowerduck!!! While the Prinsex is not a positive character She was part of my purge, never forget this book was written as a therapy book She will be the chance for Nancy to display her darkest side The crystal is gonna be a problem… it will be the pivot of the book...
  13. @steve25805 @Peefreak99 @speedy3471 @nopjans @Alfresco @Sweets @Alfresco @will64 @Brutus @HitEmAll @hyde07 @Paulypeeps @wetguy321 @PissingBlonde CHAPTER SEVEN Always check if you missed the previous one!!! Ps. This chapter will introduce the Oracle, whose features means a lot to me. A LOT. Such features won't be explained, but I invite you all to have fun with me! The room was filled with light. A huge rich pool of tortuous shape was sorrounded by plantpots with flowers and a lot of completely naked nymphs tanning at the splendour of the Oracle. Some of them were in the very pool, playing with each other and spraying with their hands, giggling and laughing. Two of them were massaging the Oracle’s wings, while one was busy offering her personal God a devotion-filled serie of chocolates. Nancy waited in a corner to be summoned, she perfectly knew that she wasn’t the big fish there. But he told her to come forth. She performed a small bow in front of him, and he QUAAAACKed of pleasure while swallowing another biscuit, this time orange flavoured. She raised her eyes and looked at him. Not many creatures could glance at him directly. “Welcome, Eagle-eye” he cuddled her. Eagle-eye, that’s how he used to call her. It came from an old legend, that eagles can look at the Sun directly without getting blinded, thus becoming the symbol of Zeus. And since she could stare at him without being disturbed by his light emanation, he crafted that nick-name. “Good day, Oracle”. He hid his huge cock beneath the red cloth embroided in gold which draped his feathered body, and hinting at the orgasm he just had, nodded: “Quite good until now. But call me Alex”. She looked at him carefully. He was a Kimaera, but none were as mighty. Nobody ever heard of kimaeras getting that powerful. He outmatched a vampire, for fuck’s sake! He had the body of a duck, and the cock of a horse, but he also had the petals of a huge flower all around his head, like a lion’s mane. And his wings, they were not feathered duck wings. He had those of an enormous, beautiful butterfly, all shining with the colours of the rainbow and everchanging, emanating so much light that he could illuminate the night. He was a ButterfLight FlowerDuck, but went by the name of Alexander the even Greater, Alex for friends. All others called him the Oracle. He dismissed the nymphs which were playing with him, but asked them to let the chocolates box by his side, just in case. He loved candies. He loved more or less everything, indeed. The Dark Lords appreciated his steel-hard characterial feature of stying true to his gold-hearted nature, a feature he never lost regardless his perfect understanding (and utilization) of seldom deadly violence. The Lords appreciated those who were so wise, for this was a great proof that Their teachings were not about evil, but about such a degree of freedom that could be perceived as pushy, bully, immoral, yet in the end was simply the truth of the universe, violence and love in balance. Life was a place where you can do everything you can imagine, and then just suffer the consequences of it, if others didn’t like it. Thus, They blessed him with the power to see the best future possibile for a creature which asked him advice. He helped the petitioner to focus on one, or another, potential destiny course. That’s why they called him the Oracle. He didn’t necessarily pointed people toward something actually fate-related, most of the times he just told them where to find the next piece of the puzzle of their souls, like throwing dices to pick an adventure or a different one. She kissed him on a cheek. “I know why you are here” he said gently, and she sat near the base of his throne, tickling his duck feet: “I’m sure you do, elsewhere you’d be quite a shitty oracle, isn’t it?”. He laughed, and quacked. His quack was strangely gentle, almost the sound of crystals: “You must reach for the heavens”. She didn’t got it: “You mean you have some great quest for me to complete? What will I do? I can conquer Candyland, the valley of the living gummybear… or I can become an actress in Whollygood, the place where they shoot only cute movies… but I think this last one is destroyed… or I can…”. He delicately closed her mouth with a luminous wing: “I actually mean it”. She frowned heavily: “You’re talking about SPACE?!”. He nodded: “The human spacestations outside of Earth had been erased by the power of the Dark Lords, but there is a crystal on the Moon, which remained there after the catastrophe. It’s enormously powerful. It can grant a certain number of desires, and many creatures want it. You must make sure it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands”. She looked at his ducky face in disbelief: “You mean I must…?”. He smiled with a solemn attitude: “Yes, baby. Save the world”. Nancy used all her remaining fuel to reach for the facility Alex instructed her about. When she got there, she noticed an enormous space-rocket prepared for traversing the unfathomable abysses of space. A lot of creatures were working on it. She recognized a wolfman doing heavy works, she greeted him and asked who the Foreman was. He smiled, trying to hide his fangs, a gentlewolfman he was: “You mean the Forewoman” he was dead serious, “You can find her there” he said, pointing at a tent much bigger than the other ones around, coloured in an opaque dark green. Strange noises were coming from inside of it, Nancy noticed as she approached. Neighs and sighs… she could distinctly hear a female, human voice coming from within… “Oh yes, yes don’t stop it, don’t stop it now, oh fuck shit oh I’m cummin’, oh shit I’m so fuckin’ cummin’ so right fuckin’ now, oh yeah keep going you motherfucker son a bitch you cunt-pounder, pound my fuckin’ cunt, oh shit, oooooohh shiiiiit, oh fuck…” then a completely nude woman, of mind-bending beauty, wearing only a golden crown on her head, rushed out from the tent, stopped a few feet from it, and popped a squat in the desert dirt, starting to piss vigorously and messily. She sighed in satisfaction and relief, uttering a great degree of additional profanities to those already shouted while getting off. Her piss was spraying no less than three feet onward, hissing heavily altough the sound was covered by her lewd proclaims, she even shook her clit while pissing, making the stream to disperse everywhere, then licked her fingers, and eventually her very lips. “AAAAAARRGGHH!!!” she screamt all of a sudden, “Somebody come wash my feeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!”. The wolfman and a group of creatures similar to zombies rushed onward with a bowl of clean water. While the werewolf knelt down so to offer his back as a seat for the strange woman, the zombies delicately cleaned her legs and feet from piss-splashes and sand. When they were done, they put soft slippers on her tiny lovely feet, then she got up, finally satisfied. She walked back to the tent, and Nancy could hear her talking to her lover: “You’ve been just great”, she lasciviously commented. But the voice which answered to her puzzled Nancy enormously: “Tha-ha-ha-ha-hank you sweet angel…” somebody NEIGHED with the voice-tone between the one of an offended gentleman and that of a hyper-homosexual mountain-sized bodybuilder, “…but there was no need for all that lewdness. You should talk more properly. Ah…!”. And then, a white talking horse with a huge COCK on his head trotted out from the tent. Nancy was shocked, she never tought she could have managed to see one: a UNIPORN!!! She tought they were legend… He saw Nancy staring at him and got uncomfortable: “I’m expensive, my lady. So if you don’t wanna have a RIDE, just find somebody else to look at”. She got embarassed and instinctively averted her gaze. “Speaking of getting paid…” he kept on, “…remember our deal” he said toward the tent, then trotted away, smiling satisfied. The naked, beautiful lady looked at Nancy. The vampire was slightly insulted, nobody could be sluttier than she was, and this new character wasn’t, indeed, but she was just as much as her. And she couldn’t accept competitors. She knew she could have killed her quite easily. But she hadn’t ever seen one in her life. The crown she had on her head wasn’t a garment, it was part of her skull, protruding outside the golden curls. Even the make-up was part of the natural tones of her skin. She knew about them but never met one. They were called “PrinSEXes”, nymphomaniac commands-shouting megalomaniacs with an ego as big as their debauched need for sex. Her first tought was to rape her and teach her who was in charge. But she was also curious. And also quite horny to be honest. So she chose to wait and see. Stealth mode activated. “What are you looking at?” she asked, rudely. Nancy shrugged and stepped ahead: “I’m looking foward to be part of this trip”. The other one laughed in the most un-ladylike and un-polite way possibile: “I have plenty of servants already! I have no need nor room for another one! But wait, maybe I can make good use of you… as my personal toilet! If you dutifully drink my piss, I’m not gonna need everytime to be cleaned from splashes on my legs and feet!”. Nancy frowned, reflecting: she looked at that bitch who clearly did not know who she was talking to. The Prinsex hadn’t got she was a vampire. Apex predator. Ironheart. The instinct to drain her of her blood, then piss in her mouth while she desperately gasped for hypovolemic shock, and feel her die under her pussy, became unrestrainable. Nancy felt the need to punish that slut in front of her. But then something else got her: Alex talked about avoiding for the wishes-granting-crystal to end up in the wrong hands… was he talking about her? This time, she needed to be more subtle… it costed her enormously, but she forced herself to it. She knelt down and manipulated the bitch: “My lady” she said, faking submission, “I’m a proud creature, but I recognize a superior when I meet one. Altough I would never allow anybody to treat me like that, you are a clear exception… and I would be nothing short from honoured to become the container where you relocate your bodily wastes, whenever your body tells you that it wants to focus on more important things than holding, and you’ll need some inferior to dutifully digest your discharges throught the hours of the day, allowing you on the contrary to forget about them as soon as you placed them in my stomach”. The PrinSex was satisfied for Nancy’s apparent absolute submission, so she stepped toward her: “I do not know what kind of creature you are, you look human… I don’t know your racial habits, but we PrinSexes don’t talk to toilets while we use them, nor while we don’t use them. Nor we expect toilets to talk to us, it would be unnatural! So you’ll wait in the closet until I need you”. Nancy nodded: “But first I need to know one thing”. The other was insulted by the vampire talking back, but decided to be merciful on that idiot creature which clearly hadn’t yet understood the elegance of total subjugation… and gave Nancy license to speak, so she asked: “What do you want to do, after you find the crystal?”. The PrinSex became serious and rigid: “This is no business of a toilet! Get in the fucking rocket and shut your fucking mouth until this taco I just ate would have completed its transformation within my bowels!!!”. Nancy had to exert all of her control to avoid butchering that creature there and then… but she managed to remain silent. She looked up at the huge spaceship… she knew she should have been careful about her feeding habits… she wanted to hide her vampiric nature… after the Madas genocide, she had enough fresh DNA within her she could have serenely waited for the following days necessary to get to the Moon… but after that moment… she should have drank again. And she foretasted the moment when she would have punished that hysterical bitch… The things she would have performed on her would have brought God on His knees begging for mercy.
  14. The Oracle will be stunning in many ways, but from a different angle than people expect... ihihihih... Terry Pratchett weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Yes, Nancy the silly vampire is the person I would be in a world where violence is not forbidden. The Powers That Be sanctioned that currently Humanity cannot cope with violence and it's wiser to hug humans rather than to shock them, and since I love hugs just as much as I love violence (even more, to be honest) I perfectly fit with Their orders, which I would have followed anyway even if I did not enjoyed them, as a Witch has sworn never ending loyalty But sometimes I feel crippled, like my hugs are worthy half of their original essence because only half of them are spontaneous. Others are a truce-offering, a way to induce enemies to settle down. Those hugs are sincere because I understand their metaphysical reason of being, but sincere and spontaneous are not one and the same. Sincere means that you understand why theyr are fitting and partecipate in such contextualization, willingly. All hugs I give within the forum are actually spontaneous, but in my real life, I tend to also give sincere-yet-not-actually-spontaneous hugs, when my first choice would have been brutal elimination. I respect the Gods' plan about saving everybody through a very long-sighted strategy. I'm much less patient, more elitist, and in need for a better world. In a free world I would be just as silly and playful as I currently am, but would also be free to butcher criminals and heartless politicians. The world we live in reeks so much of "I'd like but I can't". I'm fed up of "can't". I need to feel I can. But won't revert to a vigilante life. It's a closed chapter. I'm just bored with lack of results. But I trust the Gods and more than anything, a violent life ends up producing undesired side effects and consequential destructions. I don't wan't that anymore. In the story, the Dark Lords presence on Earth empowers soul to be able to cope with violence, thus making violence fitting. In our current real world, souls are too sad and exhausted by life to endure even more violence. The Gods are powerful but you know, They are living beings and not allmighty. They cannot empower 8 billions soul to the level where violence could be fitting once again. They are not the Dark Lords eheheheheheh Hugs are currently more fitting.

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