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    couple (straight male, bisex girl)
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    Nancy: secretary, wannabe-pornstar
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    We are a couple, but I (Nancy) am the one who post on this forum!
    So... about me? I'm a Witch. Don't think you know what it means because I don't recite lullabies walking in the forest. Read my stuff and understand. On the sexual level, I'm slutty to the extreme. Sub to my man (though not exceedingly apparent... it would be classless and a turn off), dominant with other girls

    ps I'm in a 9-years relationship but Alex is utterly gentle and discreet and I'm having a lot of sex with girls beside my official couple; sometimes I share them with him, sometimes they are all for myself.

    Much stuff from me can be found in the club Finding Nancy in the main page, check it! And for any questions, PM me!!!

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    Retaliating the overpower of Sex against anything else by freely pissing wherever and whenever I feel the need, even without exceedingly-intentional naughtines, but simply because I need and I want!!!

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  1. spywareonya

    Facial Expressions

    @fannywatcher Holy shit, hot pics!!!
  2. spywareonya

    Unusual objects?

    Ahahahahaha sounds funny!!!
  3. spywareonya

    Facial Expressions

    Ahahahahaha!!! Being naughty is indeed the key…!
  4. Sex is communication I have a vibrator, don't get me wrong, and I used it with the girls I had sex with, but only as an adding to the intimate girls play I sincerely love to feel it completely inside, also because we practice Tantra and it needs very deep stimulation But sometimes, a very quick in&out halfway is really pleasurable, sourging and exploding...
  5. spywareonya

    Facial Expressions

    Then you're in good company Completely agree!!!! I have Always loved that pic!!!!
  6. Sincerily… I do not prefer to use something made of plastic I want flesh on flesh
  7. Indeed I have 0 inches and I fucked a lot of girls, and they screamt my name as they cummed ahahaha
  8. Especially when you fuck a girl and you don't have a cock, being a girl yourself ahahahaah
  9. spywareonya

    Gunpowder club

    Machine guns are an item I particularly love I am fascinated by big cartridges, but indeed the shower of rounds delivered by rapid-fire weapons is effective and paramount
  10. spywareonya

    Small boobs....

    Well, mine are quite big ahahahahahaha Pics can't lie!!!
  11. It sounds silly, but those who are white on the inside produce an impact on the unconscious as… well... "fake"! Good luck!!!
  12. Try then Better to try than to miss entirely The ritual will obey you, not the overall tune hidden in the objects
  13. By fake you mean white inside or simply not true wax-100% ones? Because the former is bad, the latter is ok
  14. Maybe even a mall can have them