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    So... about me? I'm a Witch. Don't think you know what it means because I don't recite lullabies walking in the forest. Read my stuff and understand. On the sexual level, I'm slutty to the extreme. Sub to my man (though not exceedingly apparent... it would be classless and a turn off), dominant with other girls

    ps I'm in a 9-years relationship but Alex is utterly gentle and discreet and I'm having a lot of sex with girls beside my official couple; sometimes I share them with him, sometimes they are all for myself.

    Much stuff from me can be found in the club Finding Nancy in the main page, check it! And for any questions, PM me!!!

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    Retaliating the overpower of Sex against anything else by freely pissing wherever and whenever I feel the need, even without exceedingly-intentional naughtines, but simply because I need and I want!!!

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  1. spywareonya

    A SERIOUS ritual for Halloween

    This ritual was to harness the terrible powers manifesting on Earth on these days, but I really acknoledged that it had been better to let them just pass… I channeled them in my life and it was turned upside down to a point that is really hard to remain skeptical about the existence of the supernatural after this...
  2. spywareonya


    A sincere advice? Never believe ANYTHING said publicly, as anybody with a bit of real occult knowledge, craft his own words when speaking publicly, so to have the vast majority understanding only the non-Dangerous portions of what he personally knows But I am not forcing you on this subject. a kiss...
  3. spywareonya


    @Riley The equation you quoted was an adfirmation about quality, not epochs But your post was excellent anyway
  4. spywareonya

    A SERIOUS ritual for Halloween

    I was skeptical since the beginning about this ritual Not because I think you guys are beginners, but because there was too little time actually I am almost glad nobody answered: at this point, I officially declare that I won't go any further in detailing it, this actual thread remains open for questions but I won't go on with the ritual explainations A kiss to you all
  5. spywareonya

    Hey Im Straight 29m from Canada

    Hi boy Tell us more about you, so that we will be able to know you better!
  6. spywareonya


    What do you think is more accurate? Books written for non buddhists, or first hand twenty years experience? What I wrote upthere is the only truth buddhists really believe. Other are just self-(believe-to-be-)taught humans who know nothing Please, don't be that headlong when talking with people who explored these things from within for decades EDIT If for non-theist you mean that they consider the Gods only embettered versions of themselves and thus refuse to "adore" them on a metaphysical stance, then in that case you are right. The Gods are just the biggest fish in the lake, not its creator. Or better said, they are (secret knowledge) but they want to be treated in a non-theist way
  7. spywareonya


    Allow me a little clarification Buddhism isn't really atheist In true Buddhism, they perfectly know that when a living being attains buddhahood, he develops psychic powers and the ability to live in the Quantum, like a ghost or a god, and they know entities started this evolutive road thousands of universes ago, and by now they are one million times more powerful than the god imagined by christians For us, for Science, they are nothing stranger than aliens made of energy, able to influence reality, they only are REALLY BIG These entities did not created existence but had the time to rise to a level of power such that they can modify and destroy it at will, and mastered all implicit behavioural guidelines inscribed in existence itself, so their "opinions" are the Ultimate Truth and their will is absolutely allmighty Thus, they are Gods, there and then, believe me true buddhists believe in this, it's just that they don't tell The Gods Witchcraft worships are quantistic living beings created/engineered by some of this hypercosmical races and left on Earth as guides for us humans
  8. spywareonya

    A SERIOUS ritual for Halloween

    Reciting "By the Power of Satan" will produce roughly 1,4 times the amount of energy released by reciting the the "Ancient Ones version", but can also backfire, in which case it will disperse part of its strenght and thus unleashe only half of that, so 70% of the "Ancient Ones version" Because of this you must make your pick wisely Satan here must not be a reminder of satanism or pop culture, it must be considered as something ominous and terrifying, detached from anything you think you know The hungry spirits are all entities residing in the astral that are predatorial in nature, some of them are borderline with Good, some of them are definitely grey in nature. No evil entities can answer a summoning performed in the name of the Gods, but grey entities can, and crafting this pentagram will open so big portal around the night of the 31, but also in the previous days something could pass through... note for Steve: Incubi and Succubi are borderline evil and they will not be helped to come through, unless they are particularly honourable specimen of their race, so feel serene
  9. spywareonya


    Have you ever seen "Contact"? Is a marvellous movie that uses the plot-excusation of a transmission received from aliens to shape e 3-hours story about the emotions of people that are dragged to that situation In the end, a scientist must be chosen to be sent to meet them and the female protagonist is shunned because she is an atheist. She protests, and the co-protagonist (who's also in love with her) makes a life-changeing explaination that really modified forever my opinion on religion The Whole script is too long and too touching, I will simply shrink it here in a few lines (by no means as poetic) that sum it up: "Somebody meeting a race which knows nothing of us should represent everything we are, good or bad that it may be, elsewhere he would be just an individual, not a real ambassador. 96% of human beings believe in the existence of a god, and this, correct or not, is an anthropological trademark of humans, and our ambassador must be chosen accordingly" Though religion had Always persecuted us Witches and people labels us as Satanist (which we could also say we are -though we are not by the way- as Satan is a pagan word which also denotes the name of our main god), I came to understand religion in an anthropological way, as a middle-step toward enlightment, a cousin of atheism, as both fails to realize the scientifical existence of quantum living beings, and which chose different facets of the ONE TRUTH, atheism chose self-responsibility and refusal of moral handcuffing (that's why usually atheists are held in higher consideration by Witches), while believers chose to manifest their longing for a divine world, a different plane of existence, which DO exist (95% of scientifical knowledge is obtained by scientists paid by Governments and Armies and is kept hidden, believe me on that, first hand infos) but which is very different than they imagine. An atheist is a useful servant of the Gods much more than a mislead believer. BUT religion is a humanity-trademark and we should thus shape our tolerance and our moral-reproaches accordingly
  10. spywareonya

    My Cunt

    @greedyneedygirl Thank you for sharing, darling You are so hot I consider anybody that touched you to be lucky I long for you so much and intensely, cunts are cunts, what matters is the person they are attached to, their character And yours, is the one of the hottest and most visceral woman I ever had knowledge of
  11. spywareonya

    A SERIOUS ritual for Halloween

    The first part is a preparation and as it is very complicated, it will make you understand how fucking serious this is. People have to take (printing it from the web or picking a paper one) a map of the area where they live. Then, they have to imagine their house as the core point, signed with "M" in the image above. Its segments (A-B, B-C and so on but also F-M and M-C and on) can be the lenght of a Block, or be actually miles in lenght. The longer the better, but it's not only a matter of lenght. The point is that the segments must intersect, on the map, with places you consider filled with sexual or stern energies (nightclubs, pubs, but also hospitals or cemeteries). It doesn't matter where exactly, not they have to be exactly on the line, but not too far. For example, let's imagine somewhere between F and M there is an hospital, it doesn't matter if it's near F or near M, it only matters that it lays on the line. Also, compass degrees are not important. If the pentagram fitting for you is all turned what do I know 40 degrees on its side toward left or right, it doesn't matter The only thing that matters is that the figure is built and is regular, not with some sides longer and other shorter. You can ROTATE it but not deform it At this point, take notice, on the map, to which places on your town corresponds the A, B, C, D and E points, and find places near those spots (for example, if point A is an impenetrable apartment block, find a nearby alley) Go to those places AND PISS THERE. It must be a well-held piss, not a dribble. Very likely the place will be very public. It doesn't matter. You have to go there and take a huge piss. If there are city surveillances cameras, re-draft the pentagram. The point is not to pee near places of power (like the pubs or graveyards I talked about), the point is to use those 5 urinations to build a pentagram whose LINES intersects with those places. They can (it's almost mandatory as a matter of realism!!!) even be performed in different days, and if it rains it matters not. The point is the emission of urine, it makrs the places as your own If you live away from the town and there are no nightclubs, cemeteries or hospitals or war museums or anything else related to the most visceral and holy sides of Mankind, then simply shape the pentagram so that it intersects places of great natural power you are particularly fond of. Again, the point is NOT to pee near those places: the LINES must pass near those places, the urinations are used to craft the figure, and will very likely be emitted elsewhere. Check the figure: if near the F point there is a place fitting for the ritual, you must NOT piss nearby, and indeed piss in the A and B points, so that the F spot will be intersected by the LINE passing from A to B It doesn't matter if many lines don't intersect with anything: the more places the better, but if only (example, C-M) one single line intersect with some places (maybe simply a pub) then fine again A little note, places know for being hideout for people to fuck and piss like big parking lots can work too, what is important is that many people got emotioned there, either by pain, respect, or happiness (that's why war museum, hospitals, graveyards and nightclubs all fits, and your sensibility and imagination can add anything else) Also, remember that the lines can be miles long if it allows you to find better places. I, for example, will piss in various spots around the town in the next days, my pentagram will be something of the like of many miles wide. When you hold the piss in, take a second from time to time to remember why you are saving it up, toward which end, and when you finally release it (for those who have partners, if you are in "good company" even better) you have to do a thing I wouldn't normally explain to you as it's advanced stuff, ridiculous unless people knows EXACTLY what they're doing (in which case "ridiculous" shifts to "terrifying"), but that I do sometimes and in this case MUST be done You have to focus on your actual capability to forge a miles wide pentagram, and as you pee (if it has to be stealthy and messy no problem, but it must be pissing, not wetting, and it must be at least a bit serene and fierce) you have to mentally recite "By the Power of the Ancient Ones (if you got the guts to think a 2.0 version of it and it doesn't bother your mind with negative implications, then actually recite "by the power of SATAN") I open the Gates to make the hungry spirits come to life" and you have to REALLY believe in what you're doing. This time is NO meditation or psychic powers, this is a fucking RITUAL. The Gods will be watching. AFTER you do this, there is the second phase, but I'll write it Tomorrow...
  12. spywareonya

    A SERIOUS ritual for Halloween

    Ok, then. Ritual coming.
  13. spywareonya


    @WantonLee Now is much better said. I agree
  14. spywareonya

    A SERIOUS ritual for Halloween

    Yes Steve I must say sorry. Two weeks ago I had been moved to a different spot at work (FINALLY!!!!) and this doesn't impair my chances to log in, but swamped me with work. While last week absence was not planned, I just got really sick with a bad flu. I am now better, and indeed I am really facing inner fights, positive uh but hard But for you Steve, I'll forever be there. Write me a PM and I'll reply as I can. I have no time for skrying or complicated things, but I would never leave you behind. A limitless kiss. For the ritual let's see, I don't know if it fits for a stressed person, maybe you need focus and relax
  15. spywareonya

    Any musicians?

    Alex was a singer before his band disbanded. They played at many concerts and even were up to record an album with a big company, but something happened and in the end the group crumbled down. Exceeding details about WHAT happened exactly could lead to identifying me and him so I will keep it private. Music is the main passion of us both