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    I'm Nancy!!! Just turned 29, Aquarius, nice to meet you!!!

    So, about me? I'm a Witch. Don't think you know what it means because I don't recite lullabies walking in the forest. Read my stuff and understand (the pic high up in the profile is an example of a true altar, not mine anyway but it DOES convey the message)

    On the sexual level, I'm slutty to the extreme. Sub to my man (though not overtly apparent... it would be classless and a turn off), dominant with other girls

    I'm in a 10-years relationship but Alex is utterly gentle and discreet and I'm having a lot of sex with girls beside my official couple; sometimes I share them with him, sometimes they are all for myself.

    Much stuff from me can be found in the club Finding Nancy, check it! And for any questions, PM me!!!

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    The freedom of pissing literally EVERYWHERE. If you think you know what I mean by that word then check my posts... you could discover you imagined just the 1% of the kinkiness I actually exert!!!
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    Really too many. I pissed places I could have been arrested. And indoor, well, I had so many lesbian piss orgies!!! Girls like that are RARE but they DO exist… and if you search and search and search sooner or later you find them!!! Though it usually isn't forever… eh eh eh!!!

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  1. The Final game will be a single match, not a two-legs mini-tournament, and will be played in the 1st of June in Madrid
  2. After some Amazing games and heartbeat, the last phase of the European Champions League 2019 will go as follow: Tottenham will face Ajax on the 30th of April for the first leg, and on the 7th of May as the second one Barcelona will meet Liverpool on the 1st of May for the first leg, and on the 8th of May for the second one Stay tuned, and let me know what you all think and hope!!! I personally support Tottenham against Ajax and Liverpool against Barcelona, let me know your thoughts!!!
  3. I just hope I made your heart lighter A kiss
  4. As stated in the very story Steve hinted about, I love to believe it's real, but proofs are against My personal belief (but it's not Witch Lore so I have no certainties) is that it is real, but doesn't live there I am convinced there are, like many hypothized, deep-crust tunnels linking the Loch to the sea, and the monster uses the Loch just like a lagoon where to lay eggs I also do not believe in any way that it can get out of the water, since the description given by the first man that saw it in the 16th Century was EXACTLY that of an Elasmosaurus, a water dinosaur with a long neck, yet unable to lift it high like many child-like illustrations wrongly describe Its relatively small body (10 feet) needed little food, and the long neck was used to lay on the sea bottom, and move it around like you swing a scythe, cathing fishes in the murky waters, it allowed mobility of the head to catch fishes without moving the body, it could NOT get up high like you see in many hoax images Complexively, it could reach up to 40 feet from tail to nose, but it was very light compared to the size, and able to reach great depths My personal belief is that some dinosaurs just survived. Latimaera Caelumnaei is a proto-fish that was considered extinct almost half a BILLION years ago, and was fished in the Pacific Ocean some years ago The Yucatan Impact that destroyed dinosaurs had worse effects on water creatures than earth ones, for a long list of reasons: if something that was considered already extinct BEFORE THE DINOSAURS APPEARED managed to survive their demise, then anything could have had, if its feeding standards met not impossibility and Elasmosaurus could be perfectly at ease in the North Atlantic
  5. Fanny, this needs clarification I speak as a feminist, and of the most angry and nasty kind You cannot understand the bitch I can be at somebody looking at me like an inviting and tasty piece of meat, and believe me you wouldn't like to know But what you describe is NOT objectification Ok? Objectification is when you subtly, even unconsciously yet intensely state, with your attitude, and non-verbal behaviour, that a woman is ONLYa sexual object. We ALL ARE ALSO the goal of people's desires, and when somebody is turned on by us, it's obvious that they are not interested in our character and individuality, they just want to get off It's up to us women to politely turn them down and demonstrate that knowing and respecting a girl does NOT impair your self-serenity at the fantasy of waking up in the morning, finding her chained to the ground near your bed, use her as toilet, and then went in the kitchen for a good breakfast Fantasies of abuse are like training muscles, they are a way to get in touch with your masculine side, you are ALL BRED TO KILL, never forget that, a woman asking a man to be a teddybear got some unsolved parent issues But while you play those fantasies (if you knew ALL the kind of fetish videos I watch you would puke) you ARE A HUMAN OF FIRM ETHIC, your SOUL is not that of a rapist, and upon knowing your favourite pornstar you would immediately look in her EYES to communicate with her, you would NEVER be that kind of man that treated women like those who beat hookers because "They chose that life, they are objects to be used&abused" What you got INSIDE does or does NOT objectify woman, not the fact that you spy our secrets to get horny That is simply NATURAL You are embarassed just because you are SO HONOURABLE that you can empathize with your desire to be loved and respected, but you just get too worried (that's why I love you so much) about the MEANINGS implied in behaviour: I have shunned boys who were all good manners and offering drinks because their eyes glowed with that insane light of those men that thinks that buying women drinks is like buying them in the market, you offer them alcohol you offer them good words you offer them flowers and then you fuck them, like it's a medical prescription... That is rape, Fanny. Not in the obvious meaning, but is rape. But if a man looks at me in worshipful love, and hopes that we can communicate at the level of his deepest urges, and then I welcome him, and he grab my hair, slap me hard in my face, put me down and stick his cock in my ass without even moisturing it a bit, and cum inside me without even caring that my screams are not of pleasure, but pain, I would drag that man in front of a Court… to marry him with civil rite. I am not on the forum looking for similar experiences since I already have a husband, but I welcome those energies and mindsets Hope this clarifies not only for you, but for everybody, what women thinks about objectification And now let me tell something REALLY NASTY: a woman that hates men for their urges, is not a woman, and then deserves no respect. Maybe a chance of changing her mind through therapy, but beside that, we need to stop Sexes War: whichever woman doesn't fight by this ideal is a traitor, and on the warfield, traitors are to be executed
  6. @pop-a-squat Delightful...
  8. Gwen is more shy than that I am not saying it won't happen, but won't be that easy I have no control on this story, I had completely different plans for the chapter I just wrote, but I was ordered to craft it the way you are reading…
  9. Amazing, such a puddle Wish I was that floor ihihihihihi
  10. Thank you for advising this to me It is important to digest and defecate sadness and delusions out of my mind
  11. @nopjans @mickymoist @polecat @Paulypeeps I am mentioning you here, sorry for this bother, because I just decided to post new chapters in this very thread instead of opening a new one, and since you were the ones who read it until now, I thought to advice you, since when you read it, I hadn't decided yet to make it multi-chapter, so I feared you could have missed new chapters, believing new posts would have just been comments by people, and instead they are also new chapters indeed #2 is just up this post, from now on I won't bother you mentioning, check it from time to time if you want as I will keep going for many chapters onward after this one, but at least new Readers will know it is a multi-chapter story from the start as I edited the very first post and added it in the very beginning, I summoned you here just because you did not know!!! Kisses, and thanks for appreciating!!!
  12. Nancy burped loud and happily, making Gwen to blush a bit. From her side, the local girl was amazed at the beauty and the boldness of her friend, temporarily sleeping at her house… “Tomorrow we may try again” she suggested, while the red haired lady was calling the waitress for another pint of beer. “Uh?” Nancy got her face out of the big tankard, and replied, with that lovely, bothering high pitch the voice reaches when the speaker is completely drunk: “But this time I want the Scath na deithe once again, the Gazer is ridiculous… ouch…!!!” and she burped again. This time it was really loud, and a couple of tourists turned their heads to look at her with a bad glance. She got up, making the table to tremble, muttering “Gotta piss” and heading for the main door. Along the stride, she crossed path with the waitress, that smiled at her with a bit of embarass and then pointed eyes at the very glass of beer she was bringing to the table, like asking for Nancy’s intentions as she seemed to be leaving, just after ordering another pint. “Eh?” she did not caught it immeditaly, then all of a sudden she realized, and laughed cheerfully yet a bit histerically: “Just need to get empty, then I’ll drink it, take it to the table…” “Toilets are right th… ouh… got it…” The waitress did not even completed her words, as Gwen reached her: “Take it to the table, I’m getting her back… she’s a bit drunk” The other laughed: “The only human I ever saw drinking that much was my granpa, and he killed nazis barehanded”. Gwen blushed once again, and headed for the door. She needed not to look so much once outside: in the lightless main street of the little lovely village, Nancy was squatting on the other side of the road, facing a flight of stairs leading from the path down to a trail alongside a little river, its water bubbling and fumbling heading down to the Loch Gwen took courage and walked toward the figure crouching in the dark… Nancy was laughing like a silly little girl, moaning and cheering while a peculiarly strong pattering noise was spreading all around: looking at her from behind, Gwen could see the arc of urine catching reflexes of light from the very pub, sprinkling with a marvellous precision, not messy and squandered, but thick and neat, exploding from between her legs, shamelessly spread, and flying in the air until landing on the steps much below. Noticing a movement in the utter darkness of the trail, Gwen could focus to notice a couple in the shadows, who stopped kissing to witness in dismay the obscene liberation of her guest… Nancy farted, all of a sudden and very loud, and her friend, caught guard down, couldn’t help but laughing, and thus the red haired lady turned her head and saw her, and exploded in laughter herself: “Gweeeeeeeeeeen” cheered, still completely drunk, “Help me out here, lift me up” Shaking her head with a gleeful smile, Gwyneth grabbed the other around her chest and lifted her the best she could, Nancy at least was collaborative and wasn’t playing the dead-body part, so it wasn’t impossible to make her stand up: “Darling… maybe that last pint could be left where it is…” “What?! No way, we paid for that…!” the slutty red was perentory, and started to walk toward the pub once again. “Well, to be honest, we’re not paying…” the tall one whispered. Nancy stopped all of a sudden and turned her head toward her. How the fuck did she heard? Yet she did, and was throwing and inquisitive glance her way, so she explained: “You remember my ex? Well, he’s the one who provides the beer… and I had a free account here when we were together…” “Why didn’t he cancel it when you broke up?” asked the other one, and Gwen confessed, blushing yet made brave by the power of alcohol: “He is lazy in bed… always wanted his cock sucked and stuff like that… but he is not that good at giving women some pleasure… I promised him I would have kept this to myself if he left the beer-deal on…” Nancy laughed hard, almost cruelly: “So I’m drinking HIS beer… for FREE?!”, and Gwen nodded. “Ahahaha now more than ever I wanna drink it all! Let’s go!” When they entered again, the pint was at the table, waiting for them. They sit and the red haired one immediately began to drink again. “Feel better?” asked smiling the waitress, almost popping out of thin air, to which the two girls almost scare-jumped on their own seat; Nancy was playfully drunk, and replied as best as she could: “Oh, yes, that’s amazing, so empty by now…” Embarassed at that degree of openess by another girl, likely used to those eveniences yet not that brazenly, the waitress blushed and lowered her eyes, and walked away… When the glass was completely empty, the two of them stood up, and headed for the door, leaving the lovely chaos of the pub behind their backs…
  13. I am not from UK so if you manage to find a way to keep logging in, you'll find me here And anyway, I trust Admin, I am sure he will find a way to protect the forum
  14. They can be peculiarly erotic exactly because they are technical I prefer to be a bit more lewd igiihihiihihihi
  15. Does pissing out of the window from inside my bedroom count?
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