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  1. @Lilipee Even Admin came to the party!!! Soooo many kisses of absolute love!!! Laaaa laa laaa laaaaaaa!!!!
  2. Thank you Scot!!!! You see Darling? So many friends!!! Happy birthday!!!
  3. You are a ray of light among petals in spring... Here is a friend saying hi!!! Darling, we all love you!!! You are an asset to this forum!!! (and to my feelings...)
  4. I wish you the happiest birthday so far… ad maiora!!!
  5. @Lilipee A marvellous birthday, Darling...
  6. @Lilipee Just reached her birthday!!!! This girl had been around since the down of History and everytime she posts something, it's sincere, stark and intimate, so real and erotic… and also romantic… Let's cheer up for her!!! And since no birthday is complete unless the baker MISPELLS the name on the cake, Happy birthday Leeleepee!!!! Happy birthday…
  7. Ok this is a marvellous question, the "problem" with it is that I usually mold my cuisine upon my guests preferences and indeed am very proud of this When I have people at home I stick to what I know they love most If they say that whatever goes, it then is picked according to the number of people But I mainly focus on meat, maybe seasoned or cooked in some other fat-less ways...
  8. Kebab indeed!!! And apple strudel ihihihihihi They know how to bake cakes… being NOT gluttonous is a cardinal sin!!!
  9. LOOOOOL I know too little of the 60s, but I would have loved 70s and 80s Not me either ahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!1 Ouh… I prefer responsibilities rather than my childhood... But I see your point...
  10. Hi!!! I would love to say which are your plans here If you would love assistance or encouragement in something, what do you plan to do, achieve Do you prefer to read, or you also love to post? Which kind of pics or videos do you find more attractive… and also your favourite non-pee topics This forum houses lots of non-pee things of world-class level
  11. Well Darling, the fictional stories section is only for erotic stories...
  12. Ok Darling first of all THANK YOU for being here, I ADORE your presence in the forum (and in this thread and you know why) Nobody pressures you but indeed, I breath when you are here Kisses...
  13. To be honest, I am still not gonna divulge if Nessie exists or not in the story People will have psychological room for their hopes and preferencies… but things will happen And not only among people I would love to ask all my friends here some comments about the characters introduce until now Their personal preferences and opinions Nothing serious, just for talking!!!
  14. I tried to make them realistic and cool, also because from now on the plot will begin to be manifest I promise you all next chapters things will start to get hot Let's never forget they are looking for a monster!!
  15. I personally do not miss them only because I was too Young to properly remember them, I was born in 1990!!! But I agree with all you guys say I even stated this myself many times, less items and more soul...
  16. WOW I will look for it soon, THANK YOU for these stories, I ADORE this thread
  17. Thank you!!! This one will be published here for free… my salary is the amusement of my friends!!! By now I introduced new characters, the story will unfold from now on...
  18. This is ABSURD Thank you for posting it here in my interview thread, this is EXACLTY the kind of stories which composes me, like a molecule made of other atoms WOW Thank you too, boy!!!
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