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  1. Need absolute anonymacy But will continue to write fictional stories for the forum Love you Admin
  2. Fully fictional Too many details could lead to been exposed so I cannot risk It is a thriller book with some supernatural hints, small things, according to the experiments I tool part into which explains 1% of the supernatural as scientifical (and 99% as bullshit), and since my Path is about the dignity of Humanity (altough I can dig something bigger potentially overrun us, but dignity is inside, it doesn't end with defeat), all that is human is explored and mangnified, including piss fetishism... Translation in english will require big sales in my mother country… and we have absolutely no certanties… but this time we will try really hard Alex crafted a perfect book, short but not too much, with short chapters, fascinating characters, easy to be read, and capable to give shivers, both with sex and fear. It's our chance...
  3. I so desperately hope to see this list enlarged: Title Author Genre Character Tags -still untitled- My boyfriend!!! Horror/thriller Girls, boys public pissing, Golden shower
  4. Celebrities are very busy. Busy to levels that 99% of what they write on social medias is instead written by ghostwriters, who also post pics shot weeks before and held in store pretending they are just took I do not think celebrities could be here, as they really never spend much time online, their life is obscenely complicated But it's not impossible and it would be sexy!!! @Sophieyou would not be sexier by being anybody else than you… you are the one and only celebrity of our hearts!!! @speedy3471 ok Lewis, no problem, we will keep your secret, don't worry @Peefreak99 a piss nuke is a great idea… we need to make ballons filled with piss and then throw them onto people HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  5. Riley and I recently bonded deeply, united by respect for our painful path, Riley ain't occultist but her sensibility scrapes those levels and sensitive people ALWAYS suffer We started to pm heavily and talking to her is a breath of fresh air, but I have been missin just as much so I hadn't heard of her… I'll try to PM her
  6. Boys I have no words to thank you… oh Goddess, friends are hard to find...
  7. Indeed, yet some actually are natural born bad-mooders who complain of everything! Ahahahah! Thank you very much I love you being here, as your lifestyle is heavily linked to the Dragon You live isolated, farming, with a lovely family, and you live piss and weapons, and altough you get advantage of technology in order to make your life better, you shun consumism and materialism There are many ways to live by His name but this is definitely one
  8. Ok I finally had confirmations on a definitive stance!!! Nature - Female Health - Male Sex - Female Science - Male Technology - Male Love - Female Art - Male Relationships - Female Power - Male Magick - Male More infos about the Ten Rulers will come as soon as I will be able to explore them with full relaxation!
  9. To me too, and I reacted EXACTLY like you, hahahahhahahahahahahah great story!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. This is embarassingly fitting to describe Him I am afraid no pics will be more fitting than this, ever Enjoy it...
  11. My favourite The Dragon in all its might and imposing presence, not simply over you but over Earth's Destiny...
  12. This pic was took in Norway, in a point where the echoes of Northern Aurora manifests as red and not as blue-green Impossibly beautiful Eerie and fascinating It helps us understand why the Vikings first understood the Dragon (Runes were called Dragon Signs), and described it as both beneficial and demonic, both powerful and invisible/sly, to be respected and petitioned but not to be considered as openly "friendly" and called it Draugar, which doesn't mean exactly "Dragon" yet much "a human possessed by a sinister spirit", or "werewolf" Rituals involving the Draugar were heavily piss related...
  13. This is among the most important to me The Dragon IS user-friendly because He is born from us, but we must remember that there is also a "NOT user-friendly" face of us too, and He is born mainly from THAT one!!! We must Always remember that He is also our capability to mayhem and murder, and the fact that maybe Fate one day will ask you to kill or to sacrifice yourself... He is the formless darkness which sorrounds the known mind… primal oneiric space, living void, manifold nothingness, flowering darkness
  14. A sinister and fascinating creepy old house, so mysterious and adventurous!!! These gothic atmosphere are perfect for gloomy reflections and adventures!!!
  15. I train at home, one hour per day, and apply some lotions home-brewed (I still am a Witch!!!) I have to admit that keeping in tone with life I do (12 hours office per day) isn't easy… plus that I adore to eat!!!
  16. I love this image This has a very deep meaning The "human" in this pic is all linked to that strange and eerie figure, and you cannot undertand if he is controlling it or the reversal, or if the creature is giving superpowers to the human or is feeding of him All you see is a connection And THIS is the core of what our Path aims at reaching Voodoo priests call it "Two headed possession" implying the perfect cohexistence of the human soul and the conjured entity in the human body Warlocks (and Primal Christians alike, fascinating) call this "Holy Death" which means the complete exitinguishment of the Ego structure to become one with the portion of us which wants from us (and from Others) only what the Dragon wants, the deep needs of Humanity The human become both a servant of other humans, helping them without any interest for himself, and also their master, as he is the only one who is whispered what the stupids should do, and to transgress him would be like ignoring a doctor's advice It also multiply by ten our psychic powers, and imbue us with a different characterial pull, different from humans who feel nothing bigger than themselves as their core We worship this self-extinction (we call it like Primal Christians did, they were Death Worshippers) we call Kenosis, which means "Emptying" or "self-removal" We thus become imbued with the sinister but helpful Will of the Dragon
  17. This too is not correct in shape, but as the Dragon is from the Collective Unconscious, people can imagine Him how the fuck they prefer This image is so scary!!!
  18. The Dragon is an actual Dragon, for how silly this can be Altough His TRUE form is not exactly the one like here, which is a Dragoon (four legs + two wings) It is more like a wyvern, whose front legs are one with wings, and with a slightly longer neck It is embarassingly similar to Smaug of The Hobbit franchise It is also of terrifying size, and this quite terrorized me His etherical body (how it would appear if manifesting as a slick black magma made of cocnentrated quantistic mist) extends up to 250 feet, and his aura is an energetic hurrican swirling around Him, half a mile in diameter It is IMPOSSIBLE to conjure Him in his entirety, but indeed it is abazing His head could be around ten feet in size, imagine it in front of you, with fangs as long as your arm, roaring full of power!!!
  19. Thank you for being here!!! And here I am in all my summer happiness, pics were so cool to be taken!!! Hugs sweetie
  20. Ouch Steve I wrote don't quote this until I fix it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH I am afraid I mistook some sex HAHAHAHAHAH I will make a ritual either tonight or Tomorrow, as tonight I really feel exhausted Yes yes absolutely, smaller entities (anyway enormous) A human etheric body (his magickal double) is roughly identical to his physical body, and his aura extends between 1 feet to 10 feet (according to activity and evolution of the soul) in all directions around his body, well a Ruler has an etheric body (so his manifestation in both dreams and reality) around 8 feet (females slightly smaller, males slightly bigger), but their aura is of humbling proportions as it can extend up to 300 feet or more around him, making him the core of a 600 feet diameter "star" manifesting on Earth Altough nobody will ever be able to summon them at full strenght… but when you actually call one of them, the Whole city block is influenced Dogs can bark, children can either be fascinated or start crying, and to me it happened that power-system flickered They are absolutely conscious and possess a certain degree of Free Will, the difference between THEIR freewill and the one of true entities is that true entities have the destiny to evolve onward and onward until they will become multidimensional Gods Eggregores (entities born as personifications of facets of existence) are not destined to evolve, but only to be trip-guides until the race they lead (us Humans, in this case) will become so evolved to not need anymore any guide If Collective Unconscious one day will be eliminated (likely, after the great catastrophe at the end times, centuries and centuries in the future) they too will be reabsorbed in the Dragon and disperse among humans themselves
  21. Thank you sweetie!!! You made me to blush… weeeee!!! In the australian outback, nobody can hear you piss... I thank you all for the partecipation… have fun!!!
  22. @PissFanOmega I must state, before disagreeing with you, that I ABSOLUTELY understand and even ENDORSE what you say I AGREE with what you wrote, I really share many of things you said The highest peak of your treatise is This is so true that Science even crafted a name for this flawed psychology, called a "Bias" But I am forced, by my personal experience, to disagree with this other line I believe only in what I see with my eyes, and my eyes witnessed many things which led me to believe that many things so called "spiritual" DO exist Karma, souls foreseeing a bit of what they will face in life and chosing that incarnation willingly, or forced to undergo a sad life because they did something wrong in the last life or, on the complete opposite, are preparing to be heroes through a life of hardships, or they simply, once already born, did some very subtle mistake who doomed their chance for a better fate The only thing I am sure, gun to the head, is that Life NEVER simply happens Causes and consequences are Always the strings which pull our existence BUT I enormously respect the braveness of your vision and attitude, I respect much more people like you than Others who HIDE behind all the things I listed Another thing I am sure of, is that our pal @speedy3471, with which I PM daily and who I know on a personal level, meant not what you you are afraid he meant, he did not want to accuse you, only stating that he (and I, knowing him, can confirm) would have won over life even with just one arm, one eyes, and no legs, because willpower is more important than many can understand, and his is of morbid magnitude
  23. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL It's good to see you again!!!
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