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    South east england
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    Iv been into peeing for quite a few years. Just being able to see and watch a girl pee makes me crazy but my favourite is watching them make a mess in naughty places and over things.

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    Watching girls pee, girls wetting panties, licking piss pussy whilst she pees, girl piss on my cock, my fav is to watch a girl pee over things
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    Me andy ex experienced alot. But the hottest would be when she used to pee over my old Xbox and video it esp when she was desperate and pointing her pussy at things to make a big mess on. And also peeing in naughty places such as outside, over the carpets, in a public toilet shoot it of the toilet over the floor, walls and door.

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  1. Wow that's hot. My ex use to pee over my Xbox she use to love it. I would enjoy watching then she kept it outside so she can use it as a toilet anytime she wanted and noone will know.
  2. https://sharesome.com/get-started Is quite a good site maybe to use. And you can also search and find some nice content on there. Not sure if anyone else has a better place
  3. Wow that is so hot I bet that was an amazing view
  4. That's a shame I would love to see it bet it looked amazing
  5. Wow that's impressive would love to have seen a video of you being able to aim it in there 😘
  6. Wow that's naughty did you make a.mess also or did you get it all in the bottle?
  7. Hi Layla, Nice message I'm sure you will enjoy the forum 😁 xx
  8. An ex had an old Xbox which broke and she put it in the garden and use to pee over it and leave it there I use to love watching her pee over it by squating down esp in the daylight letting other people maybe see. One day I did get my cock out and pee over it and we use to send each other naughty videos. She would send me vids of her pissing in naughty places and I use to cum over things for her. Worked quite well but just didn't work out but still have the vids 😁 to watch and enjoy
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