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    Female Bisexual - Leaning Lesbian
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    New England
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    Hi! I'm new to the community here but I've been interested in pee for about 6 years now! Exited to share my pee experiences and try new ones. Profile picture is really me so please don't doxx.

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    Being completely open with someone.
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    I had an experience with my first girlfriend that was really meaningful to me and was also a huge turn on.

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  1. So as you may know from my other story I'm from New England and during the summers I would go camping, hiking, kayaking, and other fun outdoor activities. Whenever we would go camping it was pretty deep in the woods and there was usually about 12 of us in total 9 or 10 girls and 2 or 3 of the moms. It was a really fun group and everyone was really...just cool and chill. Nothing ever wild happen and we had lots of fun around the lake. One of the rules we had was that if we had to go to the bathroom in like the middle of the night we had to always go with someone we couldn't like go alone
  2. Thanks @Maclir, I'm excited to meet everyone!
  3. My sister and I are aware of each others interest in Pee. That's All the details I'm willing to share publicly for now.
  4. During and After. I love peeing while being fingered.
  5. Hi! I realized that I hadn't made an introduction message here so I figured that would be a good thing to do. My name is Madelyn, I'm a bisexual female, leaning lesbian, currently a student in New Hampshire studying Nuclear Engineering with a minors in Chemistry. I've been into pee for about 6 years now, I recently posted my first experience so please feel free to check that out. Pee for me is very meaningful and stretches beyond arousal - for me pee is about being fully open with someone about your body. Sure, pee also turns me on, but there's a deeper emotional connection there.
  6. Thanks for your reply! I will definitely be posting more.
  7. Please let me know if there's any details I should add or anything I should change in my post!
  8. Hello! I'm completely new to this site and I didn't even realize it existed until someone mentioned it in a comment on reddit. I've never been comfortable posting about my experiences on Reddit or other sites and after lurking on this site anonymously for a while I now feel comfortable to have a real account and share my real stories. I might not be good at writing them at first but I have a lot of them, so please comment on how I could tell them better - if there are any details I'm missing out, etc. My first time happened about it 6 years ago now - and prior to this experience I had ne
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