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  1. Just now on the side of one of the port-a-potties even though they were all vacant. >:)
  2. The other day I went to a local park after dark and peed on (and in) a trash barrel. The big sort of plasticky ones with the flap you push on top. Anyways, as I was pissing on the side of the barrel and some nearby plants I thought "I wonder if I could get it in the actual trash barrel." It took a little effort but I aimed my dick up high, pushed, and it went in through the little gap!
  3. These two channels exist solely for these guys to show videos of them pissing in strange places. Because it's YouTube you can only see the streams but I still think it's pretty good. deNATURE views (this guy sometimes has another friend pee with him) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVszUXIN6zNuzvhNP_pPpMw Pee World https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC147F1v7TQ0KmhCwKWXA9_g
  4. One time I did it in the middle of my family's garage and it smelled awful for a really long time, even after I opened the single window. I'm never doing it again.
  5. Ooh I like this one a lot. Just a nice open area where you can piss all over and not worry about getting in trouble.
  6. When you said you "reassured him you did not have a penis," for a second I thought you meant you flashed him haha
  7. Just the other day I went behind my house and peed right next to our air conditioning unit. Earlier that day, in addition to the water I usually drink throughout the day, I had drank at 28 oz (828 ml) bottle of Gatorade. So, standing a short distance from the wall, I peed on the ground for felt like forever. There was so much it actually started to pool around in the pebbles on the ground there. It was great. I so rarely get opportunities to pee outside these days since people are usually home due to coronavirus.
  8. God I'd be so afraid to pee in such an open location like that.
  9. God, these audio clips are the fucking hottest. You are far and away my favorite user on this forum.
  10. I think that's what it is for me, too. Liquid coming out of genitalia subconsciously reminds me of sex.
  11. Did any of the other guys notice you looking? If so, how did they react?
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