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    Haven't had any yet :/ My one and only (now ex) GF isn't/wasn't into it, and I don't get much satisfaction from doing something naughty myself.

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  1. Very nice! Would be amazing if your partner would be ok with filming videos...
  2. For the longest time I only did pee videos. Strangely enough being in an actual relationship is what started my interest in other more "mainstream" porn, usually by Amateurs and really only for the foreplay and orgasms.
  3. I was out in my vintage Lincoln and came across this blue Silverado with "WETPANT" as the vanity plate.
  4. On 1959 Cadillac's the fuel filler is in the middle of the rear grille. Many other Cadillacs (I know 1948-1958 for sure) had it behind the left taillight, some Lincolns (Most notably 1956-1957 Continental Mark II) as well.
  5. Definitely a car fan here. Right now my Daily driver is a 90's Chevy Caprice wagon. Also have a 70's Lincoln and 90's Cadillac Allante for fun. My dream cars are all over the place. 1st and foremost is a 2004 SVT Cobra finished in Mystichrome. Next would be a 1958 Cadillac "Limo-style" (windows in place of Landau Irons on the side of the vehicle) Hearse, with coachwork by Miller Meteor, S&S, or Eureka. The other oddball one I would love to have is a Toyota Century!
  6. #1 would obviously be marrying a female that's also into peeing Following that I would love to have a spare bedroom just for naughty pissing. cheap resale shop furniture to use as toilets, cheap carpet etc... and maybe some generic hooptie car to use as a toilet whenever and wherever need be.
  7. Always have a large water bottle with me at work. At home it's usually Sprechers root beer/ cherry cola, arizona watermelon juice, and coca cola. Never had any alcohol.
  8. It'd be perfect if I could get two girls to completely soak a car. Seats, dashboard, door panels, heck even the trunk and engine bay!
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