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    I am a professional by day, and a pee fan by night. Love watching videos of large bladdered women peeing.

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    The moment one of my female friends was over at my house, went in to use my bathroom, and I heard a long and loud hissing noise hitting the toilet bowl. I still think of her every time I pee in that toilet.

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  1. Would you ever pee in a measuring cup to measure your bladder capacity?
  2. Like what do you think is the maximum volume you have ever peed out?
  3. Do you ever pee in a measuring cup to measure your bladder capacity then?
  4. Approximately what was the volume of how much you peed into the goldfish bowl?
  5. Maybe a male goldfish would have enjoyed the experience more....
  6. Do you ever pee in measuring cups?
  7. For all of you on here, how many sexual partners have you had throughout the course of your lives?
  8. Should bathrooms be gender neutral so anyone who can pee standing can use a urinal?
  9. That sounds so hot haha! Have you ever felt self-conscious about someone hearing you pee then? Is your pee stream longer than other women you hear?
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