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  1. does anyone know of any onlyfans accounts that regularly post pee content? i dont mind subscribing if the content is good enough but I dont know any accounts that do it!
  2. spent the last week on vacation with my partner at a beach side hotel and we had lots and lots of fun! i think my favourite places we peed are on the carpet, off the public balcony, on the public beach, and in the jacuzzi occupied by a few other people. it was a really fun time! every time we go out of town we challenge each other to a game of pee fun, never using the loo, so we always find new places to relieve ourselves. he asked me to pee on the carpet for him, just sitting down, legs spread as wide as they could go, letting it flow. he loves looking at the big mess i leave afterwards! the next day we went down to the beach and, while still sitting in my beach chair, i pulled aside my bikini and pissed right there in the sand. a few people walked by but they definitely didnt seem bothered, if you know what i mean. then a bit later he did the same, right in the same spot. my favourite was when we had a few drinks and we were close to bursting. so when he was absolutely bursting with pee he walked out toward the balcony and i thought he was going to go for the plants that were out there, but instead he took his cock out and pissed right off the balcony. we were on the fifth floor.
  3. just seeing this now and wowwww these are all so naughty and so hot
  4. yup that’s me. i took it on snapchat, hence the weird filter
  5. i love having a messy wee and not wiping after, feeling my panties getting all wet and having them rub against me for the next hour. i honestly think i could cum from it one day
  6. not sure if ive posted about this on here before. i was in kindgergarden i think, maybe year one. i had to pee really bad one day during a pool party the school was having in the spring. i was standing right next to my mother, my friend, and my friends parents. i pointed up at the sky, saying there was a plane or something, and i just started peeing. right then and there, out on the open. it was exhilarating, and i remember getting in trouble after (which probably cemented the kink lol).
  7. that was so hot lisa! thanks for sharing and im glad you had such a fun experience!
  8. sounds soooo hot. maybe i should try it at work too
  9. i like hearing other peoples naughty piss stories! its a major turn on. ill go first: mine was during a loooong road trip. we stopped at a rest stop because I had to go so badly but the restrooms were absolutely disgusting. so i just stood beside the car, lifted up my skirt and pulled down my knickres, and peed right there. the funnest part was that it was actually a truck stop, and I could hear/see other people watching me go. a few even whistled or called out to me. the memory still turns me on ngl
  10. have to keep myself sane more like 😛
  11. my morning pee is definitely the strongest of the day after holding it for hours and hours. its quite a strong stream and i can practically feel my bladder shrinking as i go
  12. usually once a day at night before bed but since the quarantine its been upwards of two-three times a day lol

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