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  1. Thank you very much for your good words. About your question, the two pics were taken in about 3 days far apart.
  2. The most probable reason is that the wind moved my used tissue a bit away. After all it was just a tissue made of paper, so it is very light.
  3. I would be glad to help you my friend. if you let me pee in your lawn ;-)
  4. Thank you for your appreciation Oleg. If I write my experiences. it is for the enthusiast kind people like you. And yes, my used tissue cannot be missing. I hate to remain wet. I am glad that you would pick it up. You make me smile ;-)
  5. Dear friends, I have been missing here for over one year for personal problems. Now I am back and maybe somebody still remembers about me and my experiences that I gladly shared with the friends here. I start again my participation here sharing a very simple experience occurred in the last weeks. One day I had to pee on the way home, so I stopped the car in a parking lot. No relevant plants were at hand, but there was a little bush about to bloom some small pink flowers. I thought this plant was cute, so I decided to reward it with my goldenshower. So, I did, with a middle squ
  6. Hi Bjorn. Thank you very much for reading and appreciating my experiences. Yes, I really exist! But I am just a normal woman, not a goddess :-) Speak to me when you want. Good night :-*
  7. Well, when I will have the time I will report a couple of these happenings. I have a couple that could sound a bit interesting for somebody.
  8. Well, right because it is not surprising I was thinking it could be boring, but if it is of some interest for somebody I can report a couple of these experiences writing a post.
  9. Usually I didn't pee right on the floor. I have always searched for an alternative that was safe, comfortable and not very visible. Usually a potted plant was a good solution for me and my friends.
  10. Thank you very much for your support and for worrying about me. I took the risk to upset somebody, it is true, but I didn't care, I was ready to respond and to defend myself. And be sure that if they had left anything there, like jackets, clothes or any tool, I would not have missed the chance to soak their things with my yellow urine ;-)
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