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  1. Thanks for appreciating my post and for the full understanding of my approach. :-)
  2. I doesn't sound strange to me. I can do it gladly if you like. I didn't know about you because I am not on the forum very often, but now I follow you and I am gonna read your other posts.
  3. I don't know, I should try. It is not easy to find them in the city. If I will have chance I will try and I will tell you.
  4. No, I haven't. I don't know if I would feel comfortable with that.
  5. I agree with you, the pee of a child is very "light", the pee of an adult is much different.
  6. I am sorry to make you sad, but it is not so pleasant for me to hold my pee, I prefer to go.
  7. By experience, there are plants that are stronger. From the other side a plant with big leaves could be weaker than another type of plant and it could be more sensitive to an aggressive urine. Just an opinion, I don't have any scientific basis to give a real explanation.
  8. Yes, it could be. I have to do this trip other times in this period, but unfortunately this plant will be not helpful anymore for my needs, because without leaves it will not prevent the annoying splash anymore. So, I would rather pee directly on the tarmac.
  9. I agree with your point. It is definitely due to my pee. Anyway, I knew this in advance, since I have experienced this effect many times in my life.
  10. I guess not everybody have the same type pee. Maybe mine is more aggressive. I don't know, maybe it depends by the life style.
  11. I am afraid it was right my pee... as Alfresco said, the leaves that suffered are only the ones wet by my pee. Anyway, thank you for your appreciation.
  12. Not really. I wouldn't pee on it except out of necessity.
  13. Ok, here I am. For those who asked, this morning I took a new picture of the plant in the lay-by, after six days I peed on it. Enjoy!
  14. Thank you for the clarification. I can confirm that the plant is in a public lay-by of a big street connecting two cities (I mean, not a property of a private person) and all the events you mentioned could easily happen. So tomorrow I will take a picture (if the plant is still there like it was yesterday) to add here for those who kindly asked me. Good night.
  15. More people asked me to show more pictures of the plant, but I don't know if it allowed by the policy of the forum to show the effects of my pee on a plant. I wonder if it is OK if I publish more pictures about this matter. I don't know.
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