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  1. Hi Bjorn. Thank you very much for reading and appreciating my experiences. Yes, I really exist! But I am just a normal woman, not a goddess :-) Speak to me when you want. Good night :-*
  2. Well, when I will have the time I will report a couple of these happenings. I have a couple that could sound a bit interesting for somebody.
  3. Well, right because it is not surprising I was thinking it could be boring, but if it is of some interest for somebody I can report a couple of these experiences writing a post.
  4. Usually I didn't pee right on the floor. I have always searched for an alternative that was safe, comfortable and not very visible. Usually a potted plant was a good solution for me and my friends.
  5. Thank you very much for your support and for worrying about me. I took the risk to upset somebody, it is true, but I didn't care, I was ready to respond and to defend myself. And be sure that if they had left anything there, like jackets, clothes or any tool, I would not have missed the chance to soak their things with my yellow urine ;-)
  6. I totally support your idea. If you will buy a plant to make tests it will be very interesting. I am looking forward to reading your post and I thank you in advance if you will tag me. According to the kind of plant it will be interesting to evaluate how it will be able to stand your pee. ;-)
  7. Thank you very much for your appreciation. I am very glad that you have my same point of view about killing animals. Well done!
  8. How could I remember... many! Let's say, 50 times each summer/fall period. When I could pee there many days in a row, the smell was very strong to me, almost unbearable. I could stand only because I knew it was mine, otherwise I would not have entered in such piss stinky place. Of course, as you said, the smell was lower after some days without a new add.
  9. Maybe you are right, I didn't consider this situation... now I understand why nobody complained! ;-)
  10. It came in my mind this memory from times ago that could be of some interest for somebody, but it could make upset the ones who are passionate for hunting. Years ago, I decided to rent a house in the countryside in order to have some times of relax out the big city during the summer and autumn period. It was a place with beautiful meadows, woods and paths to take long and relaxing walks around the area. When I started to do the first walks around in order to know better the place, once I noticed that at the edge of the big meadow there was a little hut (entirely made of wood with the base ab
  11. Thank you, I am very proud of the "power" of my pee ;-) I find nice that you have the intention to make some tests. If you don't mind, update me about the results please, it would be interesting for me. :-)
  12. It is me thanking you for your appreciation. Yes, my pee is usually very strong and it harms the plants very much. I don't know if it is normal and if it is like this for everybody, but for me it is. I can confirm that the geranium didn't appreciate my shower ;-)
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