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  1. do you have a vid from it??
  2. wow wow wow, great pics, love to meet some opf thew girls :wink::biggrin:
  3. :rolleyes::rolleyes:wow, is there a vid of that or more pics?? really powerfull that jet :):):):):):)
  4. wow :cool::cool::cool: i really like power streams, wow wow, i like to recive a stream like that, does anyone have already recieved a powerful stream like that?? :O_o:
  5. poops, yeah, i like it:O_o:
  6. the first would be nice :biggrin:, but the second one :confused::speechless:
  7. my girlfriend has also a device for peeing like that, and i like it, she sometimes tries to make crazzy things with it.:cool:
  8. cool pics, great, thanks a lot :):)

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