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    I’m a young male who injoys watching woman pee

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    Watching woman in any place any were
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    Watching my next door neighbour pee right in front of me

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  1. Loving the Disney sexy
  2. Love it dose your friend mind u doing it is n car
  3. Loving the pics where else do u piss have u done the couch
  4. Great pics love them they are sooo hot wish I was there thanks for sharing love to c more
  5. Verry hot and sexy love great as always puddyls and love how u also got some of your other underwear hanging up in the background
  6. Adoogy


    @puddyls very nice and sexy hot
  7. I was hanging out with my friend we just hanging out in her drive way talking and then she was like I need a pee I was like ok I’ll wait here y u go to the toilet she like nah I’m lazy I’ll wait I was ok we carried on talking and just for a laught stared saying water water running down the leg any thing really to make her desprite she didn’t like that low and then was like I really need a pee then she pulled her underwear down threw them to the side and then sat down next thing I see all the pee going past her leg that’s when I started liking watching woman pee hope u like my story.
  8. My morning pee from holding from last night
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