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    South West, United Kingdom
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    I really enjoy peeing outside, both doing it myself and watching others doing it. I film it when possible and upload it to my xtube channel https://www.xtube.com/profile/hamster245-33365921

    I would like to meet a UK based person to share this with.

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    Peeing outside, having my cock held whilst I pee and watching ladies pee too.
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    Peeing for the fetish series Bizarre Fetish Handbook.

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  1. My first go at a squat pee, I really enjoyed it. Squat pee in the dirt
  2. Bristol has its famous street urinals plus many quiet side streets and parks.
  3. I find a morning wood pee the most similar sensation to ejaculating, even when desperate. The relief of a desperate pee for me is the relief as my bladder contracts in size again rather than stimulation to the head of my penis. Ejaculation and orgasm is a much stronger pressure, when you feel it about to happen my prostrate throbs as I pulses fluid to my balls, my penis goes rock hard and pressure builds up as it passes up the shaft. At that point the head really throbs until the pressure is too much and then it pulses causing the semen to pulse out. For a second or two I almost totally b
  4. Havent posted for a while, difficult to host since Xtube deleted all my videos. Barn Piss
  5. Bristol's best for peeing when the Harbourside festival is on, the temporary toilets come out all weekend including open sided urinal troughs. As the booze flows, so does the pissing.
  6. Welcome to the site, nice to see somebody into outside peeing too.
  7. Welcome to the site
  8. Hamster245


    I'm gutted that xtube has deleted all sixty of my videos from my profile with no warning whatsoever. These were not backed up at all, so have now been lost.
  9. Great to see you joining in Louise, after me convincing you to join up here.
  10. I don't know about the city centre, but I do enjoy a squat pee, I don't know why the but the unaimed willy and balls just hanging out whilst I go is fun. I've been meaning to find a nice quiet spot where I could explore it outside. I quite like the idea of having a tissue to dab it dry and drop in the puddle too, so it looks like a womans left it behind rather than a guy.
  11. I was amused at this sign in some toilets I used recently. Ladies at the urinal keep a 2m distance....
  12. I think a lot more people are peeing outside, as some local authorities have used the Corona virus as an excuse to close public toilets in so many places; and I suspect many will never reopen as cash strapped councils look to save money in future.
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