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    South West, United Kingdom
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    I really enjoy peeing outside, both doing it myself and watching others doing it. I film it when possible and upload it to https://www.erome.com/Hamster245
    I would like to meet a UK based person to share this with.

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    Peeing outside, having my cock held whilst I pee and watching ladies pee too.
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    Peeing for the fetish series Bizarre Fetish Handbook.

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  1. Welcome back, I love a good outdoor piss. I have plenty of mine saved to Erome Hamsters Erome vids
  2. A better video today, and a lovely spray from my foreskin. Messy foreskin piss by the road
  3. Had a lovely summer evening pee on a busy road this evening. Sadly my t-shirt obscures my pistol for a lot of the video but here goes. Roadside piss
  4. Another weekend spray in the barn Piss in the barn
  5. I was approached by a TV researcher on a fetish site, not the host who interviewed me. I had no problem being watched by the host, but the section at the end summary I felt was negative to the fetish.
  6. I was interviewed 6 years ago for the Channel 4 short series Bizarre Fetish handbook. I was less than impressed with the ending to be fair. The show is on YouTube. Bizarre Fetish
  7. Flacid I'm not huge, but it definitely grows when erect. 6.5 to 7 inches in length and very thick in girth. My last partner called him Goliath and pretty much reached orgasm on penetration each time.
  8. Troughs are much harder to find, modern toilets are usually the bowl urinals with dividers for a bit of privacy. Older toilets still have troughs, those with a gutter at the bottom and the metal wall hung type. I do enjoy spraying around a wall trough
  9. As the owner of an uncut penis with a large foreskin, I sometimes pull back for neatness in the stream. However when peeing free I go for it without retracting.
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