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    South West, United Kingdom
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    I really enjoy peeing outside, both doing it myself and watching others doing it. I film it when possible and upload it to my xtube channel https://www.xtube.com/profile/hamster245-33365921

    I would like to meet a UK based person to share this with.

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    Peeing outside, having my cock held whilst I pee and watching ladies pee too.
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    Peeing for the fetish series Bizarre Fetish Handbook.

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  1. Hamster245


    I'm gutted that xtube has deleted all sixty of my videos from my profile with no warning whatsoever. These were not backed up at all, so have now been lost.
  2. Great to see you joining in Louise, after me convincing you to join up here.
  3. I don't know about the city centre, but I do enjoy a squat pee, I don't know why the but the unaimed willy and balls just hanging out whilst I go is fun. I've been meaning to find a nice quiet spot where I could explore it outside. I quite like the idea of having a tissue to dab it dry and drop in the puddle too, so it looks like a womans left it behind rather than a guy.
  4. I was amused at this sign in some toilets I used recently. Ladies at the urinal keep a 2m distance....
  5. I think most intoxicated men are unlikely to be outraged, I suppose a parent might be if they took a child in and saw you; but night times in pubs are not usual spots for kids. I certainly think the outcry would be less than a man in the ladies toilets peeing. Only once have I come across a lady in the gents, that was at Tower Bridge in London; where a lady had decided she didn't want to queue for the ladies and gone into the gents leaving a young boy on lookout, however he never said anything as she flushed and made her way out of the cubicle. I admit I had second guessed the situation. The Urinals faced away from the cubicles so I had my back to her, but a full length mirror on the opposite side above the sinks showed me side on and I made damn sure my cock wasn't shielding by my hand. She caught a glimpse in the mirror and hurried out of the toilet whilst telling off the young boy.
  6. I think a lot more people are peeing outside, as some local authorities have used the Corona virus as an excuse to close public toilets in so many places; and I suspect many will never reopen as cash strapped councils look to save money in future.
  7. I can't believe there is anybody not getting satisfaction from this... No no no.... 😂😂 I have to say, as you said on my interview video - I would love this scenario to happen to me!
  8. Pissed outside with guys, but still seeking a partner who shares the kink.
  9. I love the sink, I rest my cock on the bowl and let go hands free.
  10. Not at all, it's really very hot! I like a squatter, don't get me wrong if it's outside but to posess the ability to wee like you do, and without an aid is super sexy.
  11. Of course, the videos I mention can be found here Hamster245 on Xtube

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