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    South West, United Kingdom
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    I really enjoy peeing outside, both doing it myself and watching others doing it. I film it when possible and upload it to https://www.erome.com/Hamster245
    I would like to meet a UK based person to share this with.

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    Peeing outside, having my cock held whilst I pee and watching ladies pee too.
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    Peeing for the fetish series Bizarre Fetish Handbook.

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  1. I used to drive buses, and desperation pisses were a regular sight 😉 Lovely lips too 😍
  2. Welcome to the site Layla, you've made a good start already 😊
  3. Welcome both to the site, from the other side of the bridge.
  4. Welcome to the forum, nice to see public pissers here
  5. Pee on carpets or furniture. Faked peeing, and as others mentioned girls flashing etc, it's very unnatural and spoils the moment. Pee in mouth or pee drinking.
  6. 13 female partners of which 5 were relationships, the rest more casual things. Have explored with oral / mutual play with maybe another 5-6 girls and 3 men.
  7. It has only happened once to me where one split open. It was one of the rare occasions of me using one with a long term partner who was between contraceptive methods.
  8. You want to party over the death of a 96 year old lady, a mother, grandmother and great grandmother to her family, who on a personal level are all distraught with grief at the moment.
  9. I love mine, always wanted one. Been offered a lot to part with it, but I won't sell it.
  10. Inherited through a family member who owned it from new. Sadly I found it very difficult to find a comfortable driving position so it was sold on.
  11. I love my cars, have been obsessed with them since I was a kid. Car history reads as below: MK2 Fiesta, mk3 Fiesta, Mk1 Mondeo, MK2 Mondeo 2.0, MK2 Mondeo ST, mk3 Golf GTi, Fiat Coupe 20v, Seat Leon Cupra, Alfa Romeo 159x 2, Escort XR3i, Alfa Romeo 147, Subaru Forester Turbo and currently daily driver Volvo C30 coupe. In my classic fleet is a 1985 Fiesta XR2 and a LHD Renault Twingo 1 (never officially sold in the UK. I also have shares in some old buses 🫣 In the past I've had short term ownership of a Vauxhall Nova, Mk4 Escort (first car I ever had sex in!), Citroen ZX, Morr
  12. During a normal working day, I'll drink a few cups of coffee to keep me going, plus I enjoy the taste. I tend to drink tea on a hot day because I find it's better for thirst. I'll mix that with fruit juices or water if I'm out, but I find plain water boring at home. Like @Eliminature I do like a 'real ale' and living around Bristol I'm fortunate to enjoy good beers and ciders from independent brewers. Nothing disheartens me more than entering a pub to see Timmy Taylor's landlord or Old Speckled Hen as guest beers. I try to actively avoid Greene King pubs as I dislike what they have done t
  13. Woke up happy chatting to one of my favourite site members 😂
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