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    South West, United Kingdom
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    I really enjoy peeing outside, both doing it myself and watching others doing it. I film it when possible and upload it to https://www.erome.com/Hamster245
    I would like to meet a UK based person to share this with.

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    Peeing outside, having my cock held whilst I pee and watching ladies pee too.
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    Peeing for the fetish series Bizarre Fetish Handbook.

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  1. Welcome from a fellow pisser in the Bristol area.
  2. Nope, to be fair I think unless you have a partner, it is weird to have a family member encouraging a fetish. I was only made to pee outside when younger by family out of convenience as I had a need to go, and no suitable facility available to go in.
  3. It's one of my favourite things to see happen. Years of driving around the UK lead to many situations where I saw women pissing at the side of vehicles. Last time I saw I was high up in a lorry on the A303 near Stonehenge, and I saw a women in a field lower down than the road pulling up her knickers after a pee.
  4. PH deleted all my pee videos last year, around the same time that xtube did.
  5. It's a really great video, I love how your stream sprays about.
  6. I wouldn't say encouraged, more out of necessity due to a lack of decent toilets. Once I was a bit older, it was discouraged. The red phone boxes also began to be replaced with fully glass ones or semi open booths. I last pissed in a phone box about 7 years ago, it was near a busy road. Sadly Xtube deleted that content. ☹️
  7. It would depend where we were, we lived in a very small town which had a lot of footpaths connecting parts of town. If we went out by train, I'd often need to wee once we'd got off the train and the house was a half mile walk from the station along one of these paths so she'd make me go into the bushes. When I was very young she'd have to supervise my clothing being undone but then I'd do the pee unsupervised. As I grew older I would simply go in the bush and do it all myself. I remember in one market town we would visit, that she would often take me into one of the old phone boxes and I
  8. Yes, I did give that as a main trigger for it being a fetish. Still unhappy with the outcome of that interview. It definitely remains my biggest kink, yet one I have struggled to explore with partners.
  9. Welcome to the site, and a lovely contribution from yourself.
  10. I have managed to find a selection of my videos that were lost when Xtube deleted all the content. Now uploaded to http://Erome.com/hamster245
  11. I'm not sure I'd say it was harsh, but it's certainly an act of gross misconduct. Filming yourself doing it isn't very clever either.
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