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  2. This topic was inspired by the "Yummy" post that Greedyneedygirl started. I think it would be great to get a long thread of personal cumshot pics from the men and women on this forum. Nothing found on the internet please, just amateur pics from your own sexual adventures with others - meaning specifically your cumshot(s) on other people, or other people's cumshot(s) on you. I posted one of my own in the "Yummy" topic already - I'll post it again here with an additional pic to start off with.
  3. Peefun

    Small boobs....

    There was a study I read not long ago that found that the more intelligent a person is, the more likely they are to find smaller breasts attractive. Personally I enjoy most all sizes but find B- and C-cups to be most attractive, and very rarely appreciate anything larger than D-cups. I'm also far more attracted to natural breasts, as my experience has been that most women with fake boobs tend to have unattractive psychological issues as well.
  4. Peefun


    He definitely has some serious cumshot skills - enough to make an average guy jealous. I always thought mine were decent but his capabilities put me to shame.
  5. Peefun

    Personal Pee Pics

    Having fun peeing on the hotel balcony within full view of the freeway.
  6. Peefun

    Personal Pee Pics

    Peeing on myself, series of pics.
  7. Peefun

    Post number 666

    I think it's generally agreed on that religion began as an attempt to explain what man did not have the scientific knowledge to understand at the time. For example: when man didn't know why the sun rose and set, he explained it by ascribing it's motion to a god named Apollo driving a fiery chariot across the sky every day. As science has explained more and more of our world to us throughout history, thousands of religions have become extinct because their theology was no longer necessary to explain the natural world. Doubtless someday the current religions of the world will be seen as extinct mythologies, much as the Norse, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian religions are now.