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  1. Peefun

    Personal Pee Pics

    Having fun peeing on the hotel balcony within full view of the freeway.
  2. Peefun

    Personal Pee Pics

    Peeing on myself, series of pics.
  3. Peefun

    Post number 666

    I think it's generally agreed on that religion began as an attempt to explain what man did not have the scientific knowledge to understand at the time. For example: when man didn't know why the sun rose and set, he explained it by ascribing it's motion to a god named Apollo driving a fiery chariot across the sky every day. As science has explained more and more of our world to us throughout history, thousands of religions have become extinct because their theology was no longer necessary to explain the natural world. Doubtless someday the current religions of the world will be seen as extinct mythologies, much as the Norse, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian religions are now.
  4. Here are a couple of my own personal favorites.
  5. Just been looking at personal pee pics section.  Great pics. Could do with some more on there

  6. Peefun

    Personal Pee Pics

    On a hike a few weeks ago.
  7. Peefun

    Personal Pee Pics

    Thought I'd get creative and pee into a wine glass: IMG_8964.MOV
  8. Peefun

    Personal Pee Pics

    A little fun from this weekend.
  9. Just thought I'd post some of my better pics here.
  10. Peefun


    Hi Julie! The taste of pee can either be attractive or really off-putting, depending on the person. I'd suggest that you start by tasting pee that's extremely diluted, by having the person who's pee you'll be tasting drink lots of water beforehand - the clearer the urine the less taste/flavor it will have. A person's pee early in the morning will be the strongest, as it's been stored in the bladder for quite a while and is usually fairly stale - avoid it if you're concerned about not liking the taste. It's been said that drinking pineapple juice or other similarly sweet beverages/juices can change the taste/flavor of urine, but I haven't heard any reliable confirmation of that. Let us know the outcome - there are plenty of people here who will support you with positive feedback.