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    Love pissing in public and anywhere I shouldn't 😈
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  1. It was on the side of their lorry (up a wheel I guess) on the side of a road
  2. Around about 5 years old, in a deliberately 'naughty' place...my dad (and his workmates) taught me to do it 😇
  3. I've done exactly that at Center Parcs many times 😉
  4. Amazing, that's so hot... I haven't done that for a long time
  5. This is me pissing behind Halfords (a car parts store in the UK). I'm pissing up their delivery 😈
  6. I pissed in a DIY store once... between some timber at the back of the store. Oh and I had a very naughty piss in IKEA once too 😉
  7. My friends used to take me along to their university bar... They had another mate who drank with them there... after a few beers he would edge closer to the table we were all sitting around, then announce "mind ya feet boys" and flop his cock out and piss right there under the table!
  8. So I went to the show at my old high school and I went to what used to be the 'junior boys' toilets... I was disappointed to see that the urinals had been removed and replaced with individual toilet cubicles... So I just had to piss all over the floor 😈
  9. That's hot 🔥 I'm going to a show at my old high (secondary) school next Saturday... I intend to leave a puddle somewhere too.
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